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Grand Jury Issues Indictment against Jake Gardner for manslaughter in James Scurlock death

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin, made the announcement this evening of the grand jury results from the investigation of the death of James Scurlock, during the May "George Floyd" protests. Today the grand jury

returned with an indictment against Jake Gardner, for the death of Scurlock. As a result tension in our community is real high. High enough for Franklin to plead with the community to not go out into the city, to loot and/or vandalize, especially downtown in the Old Market where Scurlock was killed. Protest organizers had voiced that the city was preparing for the worst case scenario, depending on the outcome of the grand jury's decision. Thus the reason for many to believe that the City increased police presence in downtown, along with barricading the courthouse, despite what authorities say. Franklin reminded everyone of Scurlock's fathers statement, "that he did not condone it and did not want that type of behavior." More so, Franklin said, "that this behavior is dishonoring those who have died."

After speaking to around 60 people, investigating witness statements, evidence including Gardner's social media, cell phones, and security camera's at his downtown Bar "The Hive", the grand jury returned an indictment. The counts are manslaughter, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, attempted first-degree assault and terroristic threats. There are those who still believe that what Gardner did was self-defense, but per Franklin, the majority of the evidence came from Gardner himself.

Immediately after the death of Scurlock, a lot of Gardner's Facebook posts were shared and uploaded across social media, in an attempt to prove that he was a racist, and that the incident was premeditated. In one of his many Facebook posts, he stated, ""just when you think what else could 2020 throw at me? Then you have to pull 48 hours of military style firewatch". (See pic below). So much of the evidence that was reviewed, showed an intent to use a firearm for the purpose of killing someone, before he and James ever crossed paths.

Franklin also mentioned how Gardner had brandished his firearm to the crowd, which can be seen in the video footage from the night in question. But he wouldn't go into full detail of all the evidence that is said to have been "provided" by Gardner himself. That I assume is because that all will be considered for the upcoming trial. Following the grand jury's decision, Mayor Jean Stothert released a statement saying, "I ask everyone to accept the grand jury’s decision and respect the confidentiality of the grand jury process. The case against Jake Gardner will now move to trial. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all defendants, including Mr. Gardner, a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury. My priority now will be to keep our citizens and the city safe."


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