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Our Kind of People Review Season 1 Episode 2 “My Mother, Myself”

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Here is my written review of Our Kind of People Review Season 1 Episode 2 “My Mother, Myself”, along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Sooo after returning home from church, Angela found out what she thought to be true. Which is that she and Leah are siblings. Meaning of course, Teddy Dupont is her father. With 99.999% certainty, you are the father, in my Maury Povich voice.

Now Angela doesn’t understand yet, why her mother kept secrets from her. Then throw in what she learned about the boarding house from Tyrique about some hidden room in the house. Come to find out,

after tearing down the wall, that is where her mother kept all of her belongings. Both excited and confused about her new findings, Angela is still looking for answers. But despite Angela, being full of questions, Piggy suggested that she at least follow through with her mother’s wishes. As far as her ashes go, that is.

Raymond wants to get Darmon back from Teddy. Darmon, is a 120-year-old company that Raymond’s partner Jack almost lost in one summer. The company is named after both Jack’s and Raymond’s great grandparent’ names, Dupont and Harmon. Raymond and Jack seem to have a lot of issues between the two of them, with Raymond blaming most of their failures on Jack. It actually sounds as if Raymond might be wanting to part ways with Jack. No matter if the both of their grandparents meant for both families to always run Darmon.

Jack reminded Raymond that, “It was our great grandfathers who so believed in their partnership that they took their names, Dupont and Harmon and made them one. The families are equals just like everyone else, just like every generation after.

But it definitely looks as if Raymond views Jack as a liability, even though they grew up as brothers, turned partners. Although their family being connected for well over 100 years. The differences between the two is that Jack has made some very bad decisions and mistakes over the years that has jeopardized their legacy. Therefore, the reason why it’s underneath Teddy now. And if everything works out the way Raymond wants it to, with his wife forcing Teddy to retire, Raymond might regain his company back.

But while Raymond and Jack are discussing business on the boat, Leah is trying to figure out what’s up with her daughter Lauren. Lauren’s been drinking, smoking, partying and not attending church, which is not like her. Attempting to bond with her daughter, Leah wants Lauren to feel free to open up to her. Even suggesting she join her for lunch after her Forbes photo shoot the next day.

“But I think that there’s gonna be some things that you don’t so much like about me”, Lauren said, before racing to the restroom, sick from a hangover.

After Lauren ran off, Leah noticed the video of Lauren and Taylor kissing on Lauren’s phone. Obviously, startled by what she saw, she was just swiping and swiping through pic after pic of Lauren and Taylor. Before being called up to the podium.

Still persevering, Angela is in attendance, even after the last event left her in tears. She was making some great suggestions to Leah for the Ball, which probably impressed her. But of course, she wouldn’t let it be known. Still, Angela took another one for the team. When Tracy said she couldn’t run the errands for Leah, Angela stepped up to the plate. Very confident in herself, Angela is set on convincing everyone that she is right where she needs to be.

In fact, she literally was right where she needed to be. From delivering those flowers to Leah’s mother, Rose, it became clear why Leah is now Chapter President of Graceties. Leah’s mother Rose has a severe case of dementia and had thought that she was actually speaking to Leah, instead of Angela.

“Oh, the little bitch came to visit. Hello Leah”, Rose said to Angela.

Did Angela set out to get that type of information from Rose. Perhaps. But if she didn’t, she definitely got what she needed. Before Angela dove in asking Rose questions, while braiding Rose’s hair, Rose mentioned that Leah never visits her. So, I believe that is what Angela used to her advantage.

Pretending to be Leah, Angela, gently braided Rose’s hair, while coming across as if she was bonding with Rose. In order to show interest in her past. Playing the part, Angela learned that her mother had sold her for $50,000. A woman by the name of Deborah, who had Angela for at least 6 months, paid $50,000 for her. Upon hearing that and from Rose disrespecting Eve, Angela went from gently to roughly pulling on Rose’s hair.

To make things even worse, Aunt Piggy knew all about the “sale”. According to her, in dire need for money, from being laid off, and no support from Raymond, Eve sold Angela. The lady only had her though for about 6 months, making Eve $50k in debt. At first it seemed possible that Eve’s mother must have invested in that boarding house. Until Aunt Piggy admitted that she herself spent all of the money, when she found herself in some trouble. What kind of trouble? Aunt Piggy never said.

Was it the worse thing ever for her mother to give her away for 6 months? Maybe. Maybe not. But Eve did work her fingers to the bone to pay that lady back, every dollar. That, plus the fact that she spent the rest of her life focused on leaving her daughter with more than just a memory of her. Uh huh.

Now about this Ball. The Black Diamond Ball was successfully put together, as we saw. Angela definitely came through, enough to even get a mention by Forbes. Raymond, who took notice, was really impressed by her drive and motivation.

“You wanted me to show you, that I’m on the map. There it is. My product is a feeling. It’s a vibe. It – it makes a woman wanna see herself and believe in her power. That’s what I do. And I really think that your program can help me do bigger”, she told Raymond.

Raymond’s approval is exactly what Angela needed. Telling her that he’s gonna have his office call her the next day for an interview. Because she is one step closer to the incubator program.

Also need I say that Angela was looking fierce and elegant at the same time, in that black number she had on. Her daughter Nikki was looking gorgeous as well. As a matter of fact, it seems like somebody has had a change of heart. Last week Nikki, didn’t feel like she even belonged in Oak Bluffs. This week after Lauren took a dig at her grandmother, and told her that she doesn’t belong there, Nikki checked her real quick.

Nikki told her, “I belong here just as much as you. And I have the receipts. My mother isn’t just some broke ass from Boston, and neither am I”.

Before Nikki could continue, or make a bigger scene, Angela snatched her away, right before her father Teddy took to the stage. It is then that we really got to see the reason why Teddy attended that Forbes photo shoot with his daughter Leah.

Teddy knew all along that Leah wouldn’t be able to force him to retire. Even with all the “evidence” she had on his shady dealings, her father had more of a hold on her husband’s company than she thought. Because of Teddy using Raymond’s company as a shell company, if she tries to take Teddy down, she’ll be destroying her husband at the same time. You see, with the power that he has over everyone, he has no desires of giving it up so easy. Which was why he said he played in the gray area, in order to sustain his power.

“Gray like how you cheated on my mother. I see daddy, I’ve been remembering things to, like tagging along with you on business trips when I was 8. I remember that we visited a small apartment in Boston”, Leah told her father at the Forbes shoot.

Leah continued to explain to her father, how she remembers him being visibly shaken at the sight of a little girl standing in the rain. A little girl that appeared to be a few years younger than her. At that time, Teddy just dismissed what he had just heard from his daughter.

So many mysteries, so many unanswered questions. Including what was the real reason why Angela’s mother wanted her to go to Oak Bluffs. After the heated discussion between Teddy and Leah, Angela attempted to approach her father. But before she could reach him, she started having a panic attack. Just like that, her anxiety had taken over.

But what do we see towards then end of the episode, between Jack and Leah? Has somebody been having an affair? Right when they started kissing, a startled, Lauren walked in on them. But did you catch the smirk on Jack’s face after being caught? That was crazy, but not crazier than what happened next.

After seeing her mom swapping spit with Jack, Lauren ran out, and right into some handcuffs. Taylor, who has woken up, is now pointing fingers at Lauren for purposedly pushing her overboard. Thinking quickly, Lauren tried to get Nikki to cover for her. Even though Nikki came upon the scene after Taylor went over. Nikki, and not because of the cruel ways Lauren has been treating her, stated that she didn’t see anything. Which was true. Nevertheless, looking like a momma bear, coming to her daughter’s rescue, Leah, tried to intimidate Nikki into cosigning for her daughter.

“I’d think again before you walk up on my baby girl,” Angela threatened Leah.

Did Lauren really try to kill Taylor, or was she being set up? Did Taylor threaten to expose her and Lauren’s relationship. I’m not too sure about that one. Since, Lauren basically confessed to being gay this episode to his mother.

Besides, that, another confession was made tonight. Teddy finally confessed to Leah, that Angela is his daughter. So, while he’s working on getting Lauren some proper representation, Leah’s job is to protect their legacy. Keeping their family skeletons in the closet, and away from Angela, is the new agenda.

So, right after running down the game plan to Leah, Teddy paid a visit to Aunt Piggy. And I might be mistaken. But it looked like she was in the process of burning a picture of her and Teddy. Or possibly, Eve and Teddy. But either way, Aunt Piggy must have pulled a gun out on Teddy so fast. Maybe she should have been his bodyguard, instead of Tyrique’s father.

Speaking of which, something doesn’t quite sit well we me, in regard to Tyrique’s father. I don’t feel like his father’s death, might have went down the way he thinks it did.

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