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Power Book II: Ghost Review: Season 1 Episode 2 Exceeding Expectations

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book II: Ghost: Season 1 Episode 2 "Exceeding Expectations", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Sooo Tasha has been charged with being the Head of a criminal drug operation. Queenpin charges on Tasha? Now Saxe knows good and well that those are bogus charges. But since she now has been charged, how will they prove it? Tasha also found out that Tariq is hustling to pay her attorney fees. She was under the impression that Simon Stern was handling it. Regardless who’s paying for her representation, she’s sticking to her guns, that she was not running Ghost’s and Tommie’s organization. Finally, somebody on the inside is confessing to James St. Patrick being “Ghost”. Per Tasha, “my husband James St. Patrick is Ghost, a criminal Kingpin, drug dealing murdering, motherplucker and Tommie too”.

Everybody knows Ghost is Ghost but proving it they could not. So that confession from Tasha, would have been helpful a while back for authorities to bring Ghost down, but Tasha’s life certainly would have been at stake as well. But is Tasha playing dumb, by saying she didn’t know that that information would be beneficial to Davis Maclean, her attorney? Everything has got to come out, like accounts and business contracts that she was involved in. But still yet, running the drug organization are baseless claims. So again, how will they prove that? Why are they charging her so high? Before it seemed as if it was just a vendetta that Saxe still had against Ghost. But now after hearing Saxe and Special Agent Garza’s conversation, there appears to also be a vendetta against attorney’s who work hard to get criminals off.

But any who, the thought of her son Tariq using a eulogy for destroying whatever image his father Ghost had left, didn’t sit too well with Tasha, nor with Stern. Maclean thought it was a great idea for Riq to put a darker shadow on Ghost, so that Tasha will look much cleaner. I honestly don’t think any of that would have worked. Regardless of Sterns intentions, I believe that would have made them look at Tasha even harder as well. That would have them looking at her, like how could she stand by, with Ghost doing everything he’s done, including heinous crime? Was she really running the organization with them?

Tariq almost didn’t have to worry about whether he was going to destroy whatever image his father Ghost had left. Tasha showed up for the funeral to give the eulogy to spare Tariq from having that on his shoulders. But Saxe wasn’t about to let what Maclean wanted, play out. However, due to Tasha being forced to remain in handcuffs, not being a good luck for the public, Tariq decided to speak anyway. Before the service, Tariq probably would have went in on his father’s character, for the sake of his mother, but the presence of his father’s Uncle changed that. Instead, after speaking with his Uncle at the funeral, Tariq’s eulogy, although short, was still moving, even to Tariq. Full of emotions, he said, “He wanted to give me that life that he could never have. And I’m the manifestation of what he’ll never be”.

As a matter of fact, speaking of eulogy’s, what on earth made Milgram believe that holding a visual on the campus grounds, with a big pic of Ghost on that easel was a great idea? When Riq saw everybody crowded around his father’s picture, snapping photos, and whispering, he instantly had to get the hell out of there. And what the heck is up with Milgram and her ex? She told her sponsor, “what if he’s my person”? During the meeting with her sponsor, she was given the advice to start treating him as if they are now only coworkers, and never to be alone with him. We do not know the extent of their breakup, but it seems to involve a novel.

Riq is going thru a lot right now, trying to step up to the plate, to be the man that his family needs. His head is all over the place. Milgram is trying her best to get Tariq to open up to her, about whatever is on his mind. She might appear very concerned about him not processing his feelings or mourning his father’s death. But why do I have a feeling that she has ulterior motives? Nevertheless, while hustling to pay for his mom’s attorney, his enrollment at Stanfield, is dependent on how great of a tutor he is to that basketball player, Zeke. And on top all of that, he still has to focus on his own schoolwork, which he’s already falling behind on.

And speaking of Zeke, how do y’all feel about his Aunt Monet? Does Monet have her nephew running for her? He mentioned to Tariq how well his Aunt takes care of him, making sure he has everything he needs, and probably things he does not really need. Before taking off from the dorm, he told Tariq he had to make a run for his Aunt. And why is Monet screwing around with a cop, who she said can not protect her in the streets? Even knowing that, he doesn’t understand why she remains at her husband’s side, who is locked up for life. So, their little affair, has to stay just that, an affair, which nobody, including her family can know about.

Also, while her husband is still in prison, Uncle Frank has been released early. Monet didn’t believe for one minute that he was released on good time, let alone sent by her husband to collect some money. And the way he spoke to Diana, telling her, “You really filled out, huh”. How creepy, to say the least. Monet was pissed at him being in her presence. After demanding that everybody bounce, she instructed Cain to take Tariq back to the campus. But when Cain told Tariq to get out so they can talk, did he really think that he was intimidating Tariq? He had better check his profile. LOL Cain who is obviously street, surprised even me, by not realizing that their Uncle Frank might be a snitch. Why did it have to take Tariq to clue him in on that? Cain is fully capable of pulling the trigger on somebody over a female but can’t peep a rat right in front of him. Hmmm

Speaking of which, Cain might not have caught on, but Monet sure knew what was up with Frank. So now Monet is concerned if Tariq is now involved with their family for more reasons than one. She became highly suspicious after Cain told her that Tariq was on point about Frank. But now Monet is interested in how Tariq knew as well and wants all the 411 on Tariq and his family. But in the meantime, just like with Rel, Monet had Cain take care of Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank got dragged out of a bar, shot in the head, and dismembered for allegedly snitching.

After meeting with the Judge, Maclean, and Prosecutor Sullivan, Saxe still believes he can justify the Federal Queenpin charges against Tasha. Sullivan testified that she is convinced that she and Maclean was set up from the jump with that sweetheart of a deal for Tasha. For the rebuttal, Saxe brought in Sergeant Blanca Rodriquez who he worked with to investigate the St. Patrick’s. Blanca said enough for them to move forward with the charges, convincing them that Tasha had reasons to believe Silver might testify against her. Especially since she had knowledge of where Silver’s dead body was. Now while Saxe believes that his reasons for charging Tasha is warranted, he must have forgotten what roles he has played, in the past. He shouldn’t even have a job right now, let alone a promotion. LOL But Rodriquez hasn’t forgotten. When this goes to trial, you make sure I testify. Tasha is no Queenpin and Saxe is dirty as f***”, Rodriguez said to Maclean.


1. Will Tasha now be forever indebted to Monet for making sure she got those “morning after” pills for another inmate? Tasha most definitely needs a friend on the inside. But will Monet, be her friend on the outside? Do you foresee Monet and Tasha becoming ally’s or will this favor backfire on Tasha?

2. Do you think that Milgram has ulterior motives with Tariq?

3. Do you think Tommie will try to get at Tasha, after she tried to pin Ghost’s murder on him?

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