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Power Book II: Ghost Premiere Review Season 1 Episode 1 The Stranger

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Here is my written review of Power Book II: Ghost Premiere Season 1 Episode 1 The Stranger, along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, Tasha is still willing to take the murder charge for her son Tariq. But even that police officer who was escorting Tasha, knows that Tasha didn’t kill Ghost. But no matter what, Tasha is willing to go down for the murder. The officer even stated, “You don’t look like you could pull that off”. But we all know that’s not the case. Tasha is capable of murdering someone, but this one murder was not on her. Tameika Robinson has been hired to take Tasha’s case. Robinson, if you remember, is the former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of NY. She was fired as a scapegoat after the death of Angela Valdes, Ghost’s ex-girlfriend. Robinson thinks it would be a wise decision to plead self-defense.

However, even after her Robinson pleaded that Tasha is a battered woman, has children, and is not a flight risk, the judge ordered her to remain in custody due to the murder one charge. After court, Robinson and Tasha met with the Prosecutor Sullivan, to make a deal of criminally negligent homicide, E felony, probation. The prosecutor at first, wasn’t willing to make a deal but instead counter offered man two, five years. But while being provided photos of dead victims that authorities allege that Ghost killed, and Robinson’s threats to let Tasha off or risk her job, a deal was made. Later, Robinson relayed to Tasha that the DA is willing to offer 4 years of probation for criminally negligent homicide, with all the other charges included. That meant no jail time thanks to people in high places, like politicians, who might not want dirt brought up on them for their dealings with Ghost.

But why did I get the feeling that her attorney, was not truly there to help her. Her attorney kept insisting that Tasha admits who her accomplice was. Due to Robinson’s career possibly being in jeopardy, and Tasha potentially risking exposure, Robinson begged Tasha to give her a name. Of course, Tasha wouldn’t cave. But Robinson figured out that it was Tariq, and so Tasha had to fire her with the quickness.

Miles away on foot, Tariq was dashing to his meeting at Stanfield, which he was late for. The meeting was with Ida, a faculty member (the Dean, I believe) of the prestigious school, and with Simon Stern. You might remember that Simon was one of Ghost rival club owners, who also attempted to steal Truth from under Ghost. Being late for the meeting was not a good look for Ida, who was not even fully convinced that Tariq is Stanfield material. But thanks to Simon’s high praises of Tariq, she is giving him a chance, so long as he tutor’s one of their students. That student, Ezekiel Cross, is a basketball player, who needs help with not one subject in school, but all of them.

After hearing that his mother fired her attorney, Tariq sought out Attorney Davis Maclean (Method Man). Tariq asked Maclean to defend his mother for the murder of his father Ghost. Maclean, who was in a rush, and not wanting to waste anytime basically told Tariq to accept the fact that his mother will be in jail for a long time. That didn’t stop Tariq’s persistence. So, Maclean told him, if he took the case, he needs $500,000, liquid, up front, and then they can talk. Tasha eventually made a collect call to Tariq, claiming that she’s going to settle for a public defender. She also demanded that Tariq focuses on school, instead of trying to figure out how to “save” her. But settling for a public “pretender” led to prosecutors being able to come up with more charges, and a 15-year bid for aiding and abetting. So, she gives up the name Andre Coleman as the shooter, which even Saxe knows is not the truth.

Now her son Tariq, has other plans, which was to seek out one of Tasha’s old daycare clients, Epiphany Turner. If you recall, Epiphany is a stripper and sells drugs. Being that Epiphany owes Tasha a solid, she’s going to help Tariq make some money, so long as he finds his own products. To get some product, he hits up her ex Effie. Still in his feelings about how Effie did him dirty, after accepting the drugs, Tariq didn’t pay her for them. For those who might have forgotten, Effie submitted an anonymous tip that Tariq was distributing drugs throughout the school, even though she did as well. Effie claimed it wasn’t personal, it was just business. So, for a petty payback, Tariq told her that, “It’s nothing personal Effie, it’s just business”. And that “product” he later gives to Epiphany to get rid of.

After attending a meeting with Professor Milgram, which failed horribly, Tariq finally met Ezekiel, the basketball player that he’s supposed to tutor. Ezekiel takes him to his Aunt Monet’s (Mary J. Blige) home, where they are met with a crowded Congratulations party for Ezekiel. Tariq gets introduced to the family, and to Ezekiel’s beautiful cousin Diana (LaToya Tonedeo). A fight soon breaks out between another cousin, Cain and a guy named Rel over Rel’s girlfriend. At that time, Aunt Monet makes the men stop fighting, and kicks Rel out of the party. However, Rel came back with a gun, ready to put in work, until Cain walks up with his own gun at the same time the police arrive. Even though Tariq and Diana seem to have an interest in each other, he decides to call it a night after witnessing all that drama. Upon the next day, Cain puts a couple of bullets in Rel, with Aunt Monet waiting outside in her car for him.

That evening, Cooper Saxe pays a visit to Robinson needing information regarding the St. Patrick’s case. But even though, she’s no longer representing Tasha, she tells him it’s privileged information. Using hypothetically, Cooper asked, “what if you had a witness who saw your client, like a public official? Let’s say, at the scene of a murder, with a handgun”. The mere mention of that, now has Robinson wondering if Cooper was involved or had in fact killed Ghost. After them going back and forth, Robinson throws him out for fear that if subpoenaed, she would have to mention everything Saxe just told her.

Tariq later met up with Lauren who suggested that he, in his next meeting with Professor Milgram tell them how he really sees the book, and how he feels like killing is a choice. That advice did help them to see the real Tariq. Saxe also hunted down Tariq to ask him to convince his mother Tasha to tell the truth of who her real accomplice was. Knowing good and well that idea is not going to fly with Tasha, he instead made a Live IG video thanking Attorney Maclean for accepting to take his mother’s case, which he hadn’t. That bold move impressed Maclean, and he decided to meet with Tariq again. Upon meeting him again, Tariq gave him $50k for down payment to represent his mother. He also gave Maclean a message for his mother which was if she loves him, then tell the truth, because she doesn’t deserve to be in jail. She can basically get the same reduced sentence of probation, if she tells the truth.

But when it came time to appear in court, she lied again, but this time gave up Tommie Egan. I couldn’t believe what happened next!! Tasha claimed that, “Tommie Egan killed Ghost, because she asked him to”. That backfired though!! Now Tasha is being charged for the murder of Ghost, under the Federal Continuing Criminal Enterprise Kingpin Statue. They are trying to say that she’s a Kingpin, just as Ghost was. Obviously, Tariq is highly upset about what just transpired. But he manages to convince Maclean to stay on the case, which will make him the most powerful criminal attorney in New York. But what is Tariq up to now? In the end he is at the library looking up background information on Maria’s father who went to prison. Hmmm we shall see.

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