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The Chi Recap & Review Season 6 Episode 8 & Episode 9 “The Aftermath”

The Chi Recap & Review Season 6 Episode 8 & Episode 9 “The Aftermath”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

So, at the beginning of this episode, we have Trig busting up in Douda’s place with a gun to Douda’s head. Or so he thought. It was actually Bakari that he ran up on. Bakari tells him if he kills Douda he becomes him. Trig responds that if he kills Douda then all their problems go away. In response, Bakari says it ain’t that easy.

While Trig was contemplating his next move, Jake and

Papa were at the restaurant, getting shot up by Zay. If

it wasn’t for Emmett noticing the gunman, it could have

been all bad for Papa and Jake.

Later that night, Emmett was standing near his window peeping thru the curtains with a shotgun at his side. Him and Kiesha started arguing, once Kiesha said he needs to hurry up and settle things with Douda. Emmett was frustrated, feeling that Kiesha is always angry when he’s doing everything to provide for them. She wants him to pay Douda what he owes. The funny thing is though, that she didn’t refuse any of the money, clothes, cars, or house when it was given to them by Douda. Now Emmet seems to be the only one trying to get them out of this mess. And she’s still fussing at every turn.

Douda later finds out that Zay did send out warning shots like he wanted. But he didn’t want him to shoot up Emmett’s chicken spot. Which is actually owned by Douda. LOL Douda said now we are the chicken spot that got shot up. Douda ordered Zay, to sit his $5 ass down before he made change. But because of the hit on Douda he tells his crew that anybody else who tries to kill him and fails has to die immediately.

At that point Douda still didn’t exactly know who tried to kill him. Yet, after hearing that Nuck hit someone, he ordered them to search the hospitals and finish the job. Fortunately for Rob, his mother was able to have him moved before Nuck arrived.

Now Bakari is in an even tighter situation. Because Papa and them are his family. Although, Nuck was like didn’t I tell you that we are your family. Later Papa goes off Bakari, asking him doesn’t he feel guilty at all. Knowing that he could have died from a stray bullet. Even though Bakari didn’t have anything to do with it, Papa, being Papa, asked him doesn’t he think it’s time for him to change. Which Bakari has already been trying to do. Bakari, no longer wants to be down with Douda. But what can he do.

Emmett insists that Bakari helps them out of their situation. That is of course, if he really considers them family. Especially since Emmett used to feed him. And like Emmett said if, he gets killed, who’s to say that Douda won’t do the same to Bakari.

Following that interaction, Bakari explains to Nuck that he can’t do this anymore. Bakari questions Nuck, if he has ever wanted something else for himself. Answering him, Nuck, says “He I used to. But everybody’s dreams don’t come true.”

Then come to find out, that Douda has been paying Bakari’s sister, Brittney to spy on him. That’s where she got that money from to give Jemma that 10k advance. Douda doesn’t even want Brittney playing around with that “silly ass” music of hers, as he calls it. Her sole job is to keep tabs on her bro. Ain’t that some ish! Zay tells Douda that Britt understands her assignment. But Douda said to make sure she remembers.

And when Zay went to remind her, Britt started off saying she needed more money. Because besides paying for her own studio time, she had to get a new place, clothes, furniture, etc. Zay suggested to her, that if she can keep her brother close and get intel on him, then maybe he can sway Douda out of some more money.

At first Alicia, Rob’s mom, didn’t want Tiff anywhere near him. But now that her son needs to be moved to a safer place, Alicia claims that they are both working together now. LOL

Tiff in return said, “Well I hope you are a woman of your word. Because we don’t need anymore shit on her plate.”

Not only does Emmett know he messed up getting involved with Douda. But he messed up trying to kill him too. Or at least failed to kill him. His dad wasn’t happy about it either, calling him a dummy. His dad Darnell was wondering why would Emmett think that hiring security will keep Douda from killing him. LOL When it came to Douda, Darnell advised Emmett that he has to convince Douda that he is worth more to him alive than he is dead.

Down at Smokey’s restaurant while cleaning up with his dad Darnell, Emmett also had to inform his mother about what he and Rob did. Seeing his mother Jada cry and feeling her fears, Emmett told her not to worry because he got this. His mother continuing to cry was not too convinced.

Emmett, full of himself, and no longer scurrrred of Douda, approaches Douda saying, “I heard that you were looking for me.”

Not only was Douda looking for him, but he’s also looking for Rob. Emmett, knowing all this figured, it’s either now or never that he tries to save his life and his family.

I have to give it to Emmett that he was brave. Even sitting next to Douda, while Douda was tapping his gun on the table, Emmett stayed as calm as he could. For now, Emmett can stay above ground with air in his lungs. Don’t know how long that will last though. Since Douda gave him the chance to save his life, in return for another life. And who does Douda want Emmett to get rid of. None other than Alicia, Rob’s mother.

Now we saw in one scene, Alicia sitting down with Bianca, ole girl from “Girlfriends”.  The one who was partaking in some of Tiffany’s homegrown weed. Impressed with Tiff’s product, after offering to get her a spot at her Cigar lounge, Alicia asked Bianca how close are you and Douda.

        Once Tiffany left the room, Alicia turned to Bianca, saying, “It’s time.. For me to cash in that favor. How close are you to Douda?”

Getting a feel of Bianca and Douda’s relationship, Alicia learned that Bianca and Douda have gotten closer since Bianca’s return. So, Douda has a lot of trust in her. Which is just what Alicia was hoping for. I don’t know what Alicia has up her sleeves, but it better be good. Being that while she’s coming for Douda, Douda is also coming for her.

What seemed to be out of the blue, Zay stopped by Jakes to check out his fashion line. Can you believe that Zay was able to literally throw a couple of stacks at Jake, to so call “convince” Jake into hire more help. Talking about call it an investment. I mean does Jake even know Zay that well. Does he realize what he just did. While Emmett and his family are trying to get away from Douda, Jake is now accepting money from his crew. His brother Trig was livid. How could Jake do something like that knowing that taking money from Zay was no worse than accepting money from Douda.

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