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The Chi Review Season 3 Finale Episode 10 A Couple, Two, Three

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Sooooo last episode we found out that Kiesha is pregnant and at first seemed like she wanted an abortion. But later in the show she was caught by her mother reading something titled “What to expect during your 1st week of pregnancy”. Kiesha is still reeling from the fact that she just killed the man who had kidnapped her and tortured and assaulted her for weeks. But now she’s also confused about to how to feel about the baby. We also found out that Trig’s girlfriend murdered her father when she was young. Her father tried to kill her when he found out that she was gay, but she got to him first. It was either going to be him or her, and it sure wasn’t going to be her! LOL. But we also saw how Douda’s wife Roselyn, played by Kandi Burress gave Jake the code to steal paperwork from Douda’s safe. Then also Emmett done went to the pawnshop to buy his baby momma Tiffany a wedding ring. And of course, we witnessed ole Ronnie getting a bullet right thru the back of his head for payback for murdering Coodie by mistake.

This episode started off with a funeral for Ronnie being held at Papa’s father’s Stanley Jackson's church. And while some people think he got what he deserved, there are those who are truly saddened about his demise. And mainly that would be his homeboys that he was hanging on the streets with, his ex Tracy (dead Jason’s mom) and of course Kiesha’s family. But immediately after the service was over the authorities came to arrest him Pastor Jackson. But do y’all feel like Papa deserves to know exactly what his father did? Papa is a very smart young man. He knew something was up when his father gave Camille Hallaway some money after he allowed her to speak at their church. I mean Papa was pissed because he knows that his father has been lying to him. Did y’all see Papa stand up to his father when his father returned from the precinct? I thought Papa was about to side swipe his father with that broom in his hand. LOL

But the money Camille gave to Papa’s dad Pastor Jackson nor the paperwork that Jake stole from Douda did much to sabotage Douda’s campaign. He still won! And now Pastor Jackson is locked up on money laundering charges and scared to go to prison. Therefore, Pastor Jackson is ready to spill the tea on others involved in the scandal.

Kiesha looked to Jada for some of what I believe was motherly advice. I think she didn’t go to her own mother with her concerns, because her mother and Kevin don’t want her to have that baby. But Jada didn’t really give her any advice per say. But Jada more of told her that whatever decision she made, will be the right decision, because it’s her decision. So after speaking with Kiesha, Jada suggested that Kiesha speak to Tiffany regarding her pregnancy. Come to find out Tiffany and Emmet had an abortion last year. So, they would have been on baby #3 instead of baby #2. Chiiiile if Emmett keeps this up and not strap up, he’ll have an entire football team in no time. LOL But Tiffany kind of reiterated what Jada said which is trust herself that she’ll make the right decision. But don’t wait too long to make that decision! Heck one day you’re 5 weeks and then in what seems like a blink of an eye, you are 3 months along. However, when Kiesha went to get the abortion procedure done, she couldn’t go thru with it at least for now.

But what did y’all think about Roselyn paying Camille a visit? Roselyn couldn’t believe that Camille didn’t use the file that Jake stole, to sabotage Douda’s campaign. Camille didn’t won’t to go that direction tho. She wanted to either win fair and square or not at all. She told Mrs. Roselyn Perry that she ain’t never been anybody’s pawn, and ain’t about to start being one now, so that Roselyn can get on over on Douda. LOL Now on the other side of town Douda did not win, or did he? He didn’t show up for the court hearing to determine if Trig would get custody of Jake. Jake, Trig and Roselyn didn’t understand why would Douda miss something as important as that? Can y’all believe he did it on purpose because he had another vendetta up his sleeve? And that was to have Trig owe him. But why do y’all think Trig agreed to running the street

s for Douda? Does Trig also have something up his sleeve?

Oh and did y’all see that female stripper doing all those tricks to and for Tiffany at her bachelorette party? Mannnnn that stripper came in there looking all serious with her police uniform on ready to put them handcuffs on somebody! Tiff was like what the hell is this, why did somebody call the police on us? LOL For the most part tho, Tiff had a wonderful evening while Emmett on the other hand had a bunk bachelor party. It wasn’t even a party. LOL I just knew that his sexy father Darnell, would have Emmett some honey’s all up and thru a hotel, motel or Holiday Inn somewhere. But nahhhh he took Emmett somewhere to get a massage. And not just a massage but a massage. Darnell’s cheap ass took him to a place that offered a discount to couples. LOL He know he was wrong for that one, up there pretending that him and his son was “together”. LOL

Emmett must have bounced out of there so fast, and not only because of his dad’s cheap plans, but Darnell was also trying to convince him to get Tiffany to sign a prenup or force her to at least get her tubes tied. Emmett wasn’t trying to hear that! In fact, he was trying to rush home to where he knew he could enjoy his evening, and that he and Tiffany did! And if Tiff wasn’t already pregnant, she might have been after that night. LOL

Lastly let’s discuss Kevin and his girlfriend Jemma. Did I hear that right, that Jemma’s therapist told her to make sure she really wants Kevin to be her first sexual partner? The child is in therapy because she used to have a problem holding things inside that was bothering her, leading to her trying to commit suicide. And then as soon as Kevin got pissed at her, Jemma invited Kevin over because she figured having sex with him would fix everything. But will it? I don’t know right now, but what we do know is that Kevin was a 2-minute man on the first round, and Jemma wasn’t at all surprised. LOL


1. Do you think Kiesha will keep her baby?

2. Will Trig regret agreeing to Douda’s “demands”?

3.Emmett and Tiffany’s wedding went off without a hitch or without somebody not holding their peace. But do you think that Dominique will forever hold her peace?

4. Papa’s father Pastor Stanley Jackson was arrested for money laundering and immediately released. Did he snitch on Douda to avoid prison time or will he snitch?

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