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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review Season 13 Episode 4 “From One Surprise to Another”

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 4 “From One Surprise to Another” , along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, Twitter and Stereo. Thank you.

Cynthia and Mike – This episode didn’t really focus a whole lot on Cynthia and Mike. In fact, I think the only scene that Mike was really mentioned in was at the yoga studio. Three of the ladies, Cynthia, her sister Mallory, and Kenya spent some time working out doing yoga. While during their break, Kenya could feel that something was troubling Cynthia. Cynthia was still feeling some type of way about possibly not being able to have the wedding of the year if there was a 2nd wave of covid. Then both her sister Mal and Kenya, were trying to get thru to her, that what she was doing to Mike was dead wrong.

To tell you the truth, Cynthia to me, was acting like a big ole baby. She was highly upset that everyone was not seeing things her way. Chiiile Cynthia was having a whole damn temper tantrum up in that yoga studio. Still yet, her sis and Kenya, although, like most people, were on Mike’s side. Kenya even suggested that Cynthia, was just trying to make the wedding for the show. Now I can believe that, because that is the date that her and Mike both agreed on, stamped, and sealed, and come hell or high water. LOL The entire world knew what was supposed to happen on that date, including Bravo.

So yeah, Cynthia wanted to have all the lights, flash, bling, the crowd, the audience, which would be us. She wanted all that for her wedding, on that specific date. And if there were still stipulations on big group gatherings on that date, then the entire wedding was off. As for Mike, I’m sure, because of his reactions from the last episode, he feels just like Kenya described. That being the case, I just have to say for the record, that if I’ve never ever agreed with anything Kenya has said before, I did on this episode. That was some strong advice from her friend, which was needed. And sometimes we have to give that type of advice to our friends, instead of coddling them. Or instead, of just telling them exactly what they want to here.

Kenya and Kandi – Kenya and Kandi had met up at the Nouveau Bar & Grill for food and drinks. And almost immediately after being seated, Kenya brought up Cynthia’s concerns regarding 10-10-20. Despite still believing that Cynthia might be making the wrong decisions to change the date, Kenya knew that she had struck a nerve with Cynthia. So, to get back on Cynthia’s good side, she has planned a surprise engagement party for Cyn. However, she wants Kandi to be the one to send out the invites. Kandi knows Kenya, all too well. Therefore, she knew that probably nobody would have shown up, had Kenya sent out the invites. LOL Ain’t that just sad. Kenya also hired a party planner. So, she was trying really hard to apologize and impress Cynthia, at the same time.

Another conversation that was had between Kandi and Kenya was Porsha’s public activism. More specifically how Porsha keeps finding herself behind bars. It seems as if Kenya not only thinks that Porsha is protesting for publicity, but also purposely putting herself in a position to be arrested. On top of that, Kenya was complaining how Porsha was out protesting without a mask on. Now I don’t know about every single time that Porsha was out fighting for social justice. But I have seen photos of her with a mask on. Nevertheless, Kandi knowing that Kenya and Porsha are not in the same place right now, feels like Kenya was just waiting for something to shade Porsha on. So how do y’all feel about that. I would like to believe, and I stated this before, that I believe Porsha is being sincere when she’s out there fighting in the name of Brianna Taylor.

But sincere or not, Kenya, even more so, feel that way, after being invited then uninvited to Porsha’s party. But the thing is, Porsha wasn’t the one who had invited her in the first place. It was Porsha’s sister Lauren, who said she could come. Either way, now Kenya also believes that the party to celebrate Porsha’s activism, is also for a photo opp. But I mean come on Kenya, since you don’t think that what Porsha is doing is sincere, why be mad.

Do y’all think Kenya was upset because of the retracted invite? Or was she just jealous and/or felt left out because everyone else was invited. I do believe it might be the latter. In either case, after Porsha found out what happened. Cynthia was like what had happened was. LOL Porsha agreed that even though it was short notice, it was probably best that Kenya was disinvited. Especially since her and Kenya aren’t really cool like that, at the moment.

But despite everything, I thought it was nice for Porsha to be recognized for doing something that could literally impact all our lives. In addition, Porsha was touched and very emotional at the display of recognition she was receiving by her friends and family. And when she stood up to speak, I was like you better goin head and preach Mrs. Porsha Luther the King. LOL

Drew and Ralph – Drew and Ralph for what seems to be the 50 – 11th time are trying to commit to couple’s therapy to fix their marital problems. LOL When the counselor arrived, she started with Drew, asking her what are some of your goals for your relationship? The first thing Drew mentioned was transparency. The second thing was for Ralph to show genuine love for her 9-year-old son Josiah, who is not Ralph’s biological child. In other words, she was a packaged deal. So, she does not want her son to feel any different from any man’s other kids, before of after their relationship started.

As far as transparency, for example, Ralph, maybe, giving her a heads up before he let’s say, drives across the country for some me time. LOL And yet and still, why the hell can’t he just go out for a couple of drinks with the fellas, with the homies, or play some pool. You know something like that, instead of driving to a whole nother state to put space in between him and his wife. LOL IONO y’all IONO.

Anyway, as for Ralph, he implied how they weren’t as sexually active, as he would like them to be. He also stated that he needs to receive more respect from Drew. (Side eye) And I’m thinking more respect for the man who runs away from his wife at every turn. LOL I suppose. LOL. Now he, also shared how he feels as if Drew likes to emasculate him, in the same way her mother treated her dad. Now, I’m no counselor but is it her mother and the reminders of his mother that is contributing to most of their issues. We done seen how Drew’s mother has no problems voicing her concerns, opinions, or anger towards Ralph, when she believes he is in the wrong.

To add to that, his mother making him feel underappreciated while growing up, caused him to move away. So that might be playing a part in why he just ups and leaves without even telling his family he’s leaving. But during the entire session, was it me or did it seem as if Ralph was not even taking the counseling session serious, but more like a joke. Also, it was almost as if he was smirking at her when she appeared on the verge of crying.

She did in fact, end up crying. And when she did start crying, the therapist had to prompt him to give Drew a hug. It was only after that, that he showed her some type of compassion. He then gave her this dry ass apology and promises to do better. Lawwwd hammerrcy Do y’all think these two even truly have a chance? LOL But I did love what the therapist had to say about living in the past. She said, “We can’t go back and relive the past. But if you can commit to believe in the future, then you won’t grieve the past so hard. But all in all, if it’s meant to be it will be. So, the best of luck to them two. LOL

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