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Aunt Arrested After 2 Children Found Dead in Trunk of Car During Traffic Stop in Baltimore

A little over a week ago, on July 28, 2021, in Baltimore County, two children were found dead, in the trunk of a car. Shortly after 11p that evening, county police officers saw a car speeding. And so, they pulled the driver over at Eastern Boulevard near Wagners Lane in Essex. The name of the driver is Nicole Michelle Johnson. When they pulled her over, they also realized that she had fake tags and registration and no valid driver’s license. And so, they started issuing her traffic citations. They also told her that she will have to appear in court in five days. But to Johnson, it didn’t matter. Because according to police she said, “Y’all won’t find me around anyway because I won’t be here much longer. I’ll be gone in five days, and y’all will see me making a big debut on the news.”

Officers then noted that they smelled something really horrid, like a very strong, foul smell, as they approached the car. Next, Johnson started retrieving items and unloading items from the car. Because her car was about to be towed for all the citations. And that is when the police soon discovered what the smell was.

In the trunk of the car, Nicole Johnson had two decomposed bodies. Two children, siblings, a little girl, and a little boy. Her 7-year-old niece, Joshlyn Johnson and her 5-year-old nephew Larry O’Neill III, were found dead in the trunk of her car. Both children were severely malnourished. The little girl only weighed 18 pounds, and the little boy only weighed 20 pounds.

According to Johnson, in May of 2020, she had repeatedly hit her niece over the head, until her niece fell and hit the floor. Johnson, then allegedly, put the suitcase in the trunk of her car. She then also claimed that just a few short months ago, her nephew had fallen asleep, after feeling tired, and never woke up. She put his dead body in a tote and placed it in the trunk next to his sister’s decomposed body. So ever since May of 2020, Johnson has been driving around with the decomposed bodies of her niece and nephew in the trunk of her car.

As far as the actual mother of the children. Her name is Dachelle Johnson. Per Dachelle’s mother, Michelle, Dachelle has had some issues in the past. Dachelle had moved from Ohio, where she had been living with her Uncle James Phillips and his wife, Evelyn Phillips-Simon. But then after her Aunt Evelyn passed away, Dachelle moved to Baltimore County, where she moved in with her mother, Michelle Johnson. Michelle told authorities that her daughter Dachelle had moved in with her between late August to early September of 2019. After leaving his mother’s house, Dachelle moved into a motel with her sister, Nicole. But by November of 2019, Dachelle have moved out with a man to a nearby hotel, leaving her children with Nicole.

Back in Ohio, where they children once resided, they were attending public school. But per Baltimore County officials, there were no records found of the children being enrolled in any school district. Dachelle’s mother, Michelle Johnson claims that for a moment Dachelle moved back to Ohio, only to return to Baltimore County again. At that time, Dachelle was pregnant with a daughter who she gave birth to on November 16, 2020. But every time her mother Michelle would inquire about the other two children, Dachelle had no answers for her. Dachelle had no idea where they were, how they were doing or what condition the children were in. This obviously upset her mother, Michelle.

Now one of the children’s father, Larry, the father of little Larry, had said that he had attempted over the last few months to get custody of his son when he got released from jail. At this moment, he is locked up on drug charges. Larry D. O’Neill, Jr. said that despite a custody agreement allowing him to see his son every week, he always had issues getting visitations. 25-year-old Larry, complained about Dachelle being a bad mother, who refused to allow him to visit with his son. On top of that, she always left the children with family members, such as her Aunt Evelyn, to hang out with her friends. Over the past few months, while Larry and his girlfriend were figuring out how to get custody of his son, they had no idea that his son had been dead.

Speaking on Johnson’s behalf, her court-appointed attorney, Natalie Finegar, said Nicole, including having mental issues, suffered a difficult childhood, and is sorting through what all had happened. 33-year-old Nicole Johnson, was arrested and facing multiple criminal charges, including first degree child abuse, which resulted in the death of children under the age of 13. Again, according to autopsy results, both children were malnourished. 7-year-old Joshlyn weighed only 18 pounds, and her 5-year-old brother little Larry weighing only 20 pounds.

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