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Jane Doe #5 claims R Kelly would have them write fake letters to their families to blackmail them

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Now as we all know, R. Kelly is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. And today we are going to go over what we have come to find out from Day 6 of the R. Kelly Trial. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Thank you.

So, on this 5th day of the R. Kelly Sex Trafficking trial, Jane Doe #5 was still on the stand. Jane Doe who is now 23 years old, had first met Kelly when she was 17, during a concert that she attended with her parents. On the stand today, she also confirmed what we already knew about R. Kelly and Aaliyah. And although, using a pseudonym name, I still believe that Jane Doe #5 is Azriel Clary, one of Kelly’s ex live-in girlfriends. She told the court of a time when Kelly had made a confession concerning Aaliyah and their marriage. It was said in court that Kelly had some of his girlfriend’s come together for an “ask R. Kelly anything” type of session. During that session, one of the girlfriends asked him why he had married Aaliyah, who passed away, in an untimely death in 2001. And let me just recognize that today is actually the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. Along with several other passengers, she passed away, 20 years ago, in a plane accident on August 25, 2001. So, at this time, let me just say R.I.P. to the beautiful Aaliyah. Now, in response to the question, Kelly said that since Aaliyah was underage, it was illegal for her to get an abortion without her parents’ consent. Which was why he and Aaliyah illegally got married.

The marriage and the alleged pregnancy were first introduced and confirmed in court on Monday which was Day 4 of the Trial. That was when Demetrius Smith, R. Kelly’s former tour manager went into details of Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah. Smith had testified that he knew Kelly and Aaliyah’s 1994 marriage was wrong. But like everyone else in Kelly’s circle, Smith was very loyal and protective of R. Kelly. This past Monday, Smith explained in court, how he was able to get Aaliyah a fake ID, since she was too young to get married. Smith took a chance on finding someone at the public aid welfare office that might make Aaliyah a fake welfare ID in exchange for $500. And again, Kelly was 27 years old, and Aaliyah was only 15 years old at that time.

Along with backing Smith’s story today, Jane Doe #5 also stated how R. Kelly would have his girlfriend’s write fake letters to their families. This is something that I remember being brought up on the “Surviving R. Kelly” series on Lifetime. A few years ago, on that show it was said how he would force the ladies to write letters full of lies in order to blackmail them. On the stand today, Jane Doe #5 read aloud one of her letters, addressed to her father, which said, “You decided to join in to get some money,” and “None of you gave interviews for free.” In a separate letter, she accused her mother of what she told Gayle King in an interview. Which was that her mother told Kelly, that since he was sleeping with her daughter, "you need to send $10,000 to this bank account each month.”

Her brother would also receive a letter from the accuser. Her brother, who we first saw on the “Surviving R. Kelly” series, received a letter listing steps that their parents allegedly instructed his sister to do. And that those measures were used, in order to extort money from Kelly. One of those steps, included lying to R. Kelly about her age. Remember Jane Doe #5 was 16 when she first had sex with the singer. Even though she told him that she was 18 years old. Her brother’s letter also said that her parents were trying to set the singer up. In a letter Jane Doe #5 also said, “Brother, I’m telling you the truth, I cannot make this up. “My own parents were using me and my vagina to get money. ...They were going to destroy R. Kelly’s career.” She even stated in a letter to her brother that her parents tried to get Kelly to sponsor crazy business ventures. Such as investing in Bluetooth dildos that people could play Kelly’s music on.

“They decided to bring dildos to his show,” Jane Doe #5 said in a letter written to her brother about their parents. And how at the end of the singers’ concerts, their parents would display sex toys including dildos to Kelly.

There were more letters written to her family. But none of the letters were ever received by any families of any of the accusers. Instead, Jane Doe #5 testified that those letters were handed directly to Kelly, who then gave them to his lawyers. Those letters Jane told prosecutors today, were given to Kelly’s lawyers specifically to protect him in a trial like the one we are seeing today.

Many things that Jane Doe #5 read aloud today, basically reiterated what she had told Gayle King, during an interview. So, of course when being cross examined by Kelly's defense attorney, Deveraux Cannick, the goal was to undermine Jane Doe #5’s credibility. Because she and other accusers had earlier claimed that R. Kelly would sometimes spank them if they didn’t adhere to his strict rules. But in one of Jane’s letters to her parents, she wrote, “I decided I would spank myself really hard until I had bruises”. And in another letter, she even read where she told the singer that if he tried to break up with her, “I’m going to tell everyone you raped me. If you don’t bring me back that d--k then I’m going to say you raped me. I’m going to say you raped me since I was a minor.” So far from several witnesses we’ve heard how Kelly was sexually abusive, even forcing them to have sex with other people. But after reading such a letter, Kelly’s defense team, is again using that to try to undermine the credibility of Jane Doe #5.

But to redirect the attention from Jane Doe’s parents back to the singer, prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes launched a series of questions to the accuser. For instance, below are some of the questions:

Who directed you to write those fake letters? Who gave you spankings every few days as chastisement for breaking their rules? Who forced you to have sex with a man that they referred to as “Nephew”? Who did you contact herpes from? Who pressured you into having sex with other females?

After each question, Geddes would ask Jane Doe #5, “Was it your parents or was it R. Kelly”? To which the dependent repeatedly answered, R. Kelly. By that time Jane Doe #5 had been broken down to tears, naming R. Kelly as her answer on each question.

The 54-year-old Kelly still has other pending criminal cases in Minnesota and Illinois. And has continued to plead not guilty to those charges. As well as pleading innocent to the charges that he is on trial for today. The current Federal trial will resume tomorrow on Thursday. But for Friday, per U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly, court will not be in session that day. After this weekend, prosecutors will continue to present their case to the courts on Monday.

Also, a little side note for you.....

R. Kelly’s Publishing Catalog Is for Sale.

In jail since July 2019, Kelly hasn’t been able to perform on any tours or create any new music. Because of being locked up he had to also cancel his 2019 tours. However, his existing recordings still garner a lot of revenue that is directed his former label RCA Records. This year alone Kelly’s music has brought in around $1.7 million so far, just in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately for Kelly he doesn’t receive any of those royalties. For one reason, others have already laid claim to the money. That would be his former recording studio landlord and a woman who won a $4 million judgment against him for allegedly sexually abusing her when she was 16.

Also, over the last few years, both RCA and Universal Music Publishing Group dropped Kelly. Even though they own all rights to his work. Since he hasn’t been able to make any money over the last few years, he’s been quietly shopping his publishing catalog, according to two music asset buyers who were approached about a possible purchase. No buyers have taken any offers yet, for the catalog that includes over a dozen top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits. Those recordings are by Kelly, himself, as well as songs for Aaliyah, Michael Jackson and other artists.

And as recently as six months, ago, Merck Mercuriadis, who is a Canadian–American music industry executive and entrepreneur, has even received an offer. “It has been offered to me a number of times by his team, and of course, I’ve said no for the obvious reasons,” the Hipgnosis Songs Fund founder and CEO of The Family (Music) Ltd.

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