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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF Black Mafia Family: Season 3 Episode 5 “The Battle of Techwood”

Updated: Mar 31

Charles, still trying to mend his relationship with Lucille, came up with the idea of writing her a song. He then reached out to Sister Riley, a member of Pastor Swift’s aka Pastor Snoop Dogg’s church. Speaking of which, I had almost forgotten all about ole Pastor Snoop. LOL However, I do remember Sister Riley. Remember back in Season 2 Episode 6, when Lucille confessed over dinner, that because of the smut magazines she found in Charles’ guitar case she thought he was having an affair with Sister

Riley. Which I thought he would eventually.

On the contrary Charles told her that he wasn’t cheating on her with sister Riley. Furthermore, telling her that he was dedicated to her. So, it seems, unlike Mabel, the homewrecker, who wants Charles’ marriage to fall apart. Sister Riley on the other hand, is glad to play a part in hopefully restoring his marriage. Starting with getting the band back together to work on the instrumental for the song.

Meanwhile, Lucille might have landed her a new job at her church. After volunteering at the clinic and securing the largest donation, the church had ever received, Pastor Kiesha Flemming was impressed. So much, so, that she offered Lucille the position of Assistant Pastor. Even if it’s only part-time. Despite the unexpected offer, Lucille said she has to pray on it first.

But back to Sister Riley. Before Lucille could even utter a prayer, her friend Estelle had stormed up to her house, to tell her that Charles was cheating on her once again. This time with Sister Riley. See, that’s why they say you need to see things with your own eyes. Because had Charles not gotten that tape in that cassette player fast enough, Lucille was only seconds away from going upside his head with that baseball bat. LOL Then after seeing and hearing his musical expression of love for her, she gracefully pulled him upstairs to their bedroom. Where we see her in bed holding Dr. Maurice’s business card in one hand, and about to start pleasuring herself with the other hand. Almost getting caught by Charles, who was hoping that he was once again the only man on her mind. LOL It was definitely getting really warm for Lucille up in there.

Now let's discuss some other things that were really heating up as well.

At the beginning of the episode, it popped off up in the Platinum Palace strip club and once again outside of the club. Before Tee could barely say, “So that’s all y’all been doing out here, is clubbing and partying and shit”, Meech spotted ole boy, Remi across the club. And the fight was on, with them trying to dogwalk the Techwood crew. But it didn’t stop there. Outside of the club, while Meech and Tee were being amazed at the work done on Mac Attack, the boxer’s ride, gunshots rang out. Ending up with Diesel, one of the BMF crew being killed. Which is when it was decided that there was going to be a Battle of Techwood.

Conversely, Tee, wasn’t really feeling that idea. Citing, something that he learned in his history class. What Tee learned, was that the reason why we the American Army couldn’t defeat the Vietcong was because they had home-field advantage. Whereas Meech believes that Remi will not expect them to come straight at him. Giving them the opportunity to find Remi’s weakness and taking him out. Possibly taking out Claude as well. So, as usual, the little brother has to listen to the big brother.

Sometimes, though, it pays to listen to your younger sibling. In this case, soon after, Meech and Tee get word that Remi and the Tech Boys were not the ones who shot up the club and killed Diesel. Instead, it was the MK’s who did the drive-by. Meaning Stacks was going to walk them right into an ambush. Considering the new intel, Meech planned to hit up Techwood not after the club closes, but in the midst of daylight.

Mannn Remi was really thinking that they had rolled up on him to wave the white flag. Meech was like hell nah, they will always be enemies after what Remi did to Ty. Unbeknownst to Remi, they both have a bigger enemy to deal with. Since the MK’s are setting up their crews to be ambushed. At first Remi didn’t want to believe that Meech was there for a temporary treaty. Even after hearing that his entire hood was about to be torn to pieces.

But before Remi could even consider it, here comes the MK’s along with Stacks shooting up the entire neighborhood. During the midst of the shootout, even though Stacks was shot up, unfortunately, a lot of other lives were lost. Including some of the BMF guys, some of the PA crew, specifically Rip, and the little boy.

Afterwards, Meech promises to put Rip’s music out on the streets. So, people can remember his name forever. Even, in spite of their losses, Meech wasn’t ready to run back home to Detroit, like his brother Tee wanted him to.

Meech told his brother, “Listen, man, loyalty is not just a word. It’s a lifestyle. This my family out here. And I can’t leave them. Look, we lost the battle, but the war still continues. And I ain’t going nowhere.”

Tee, showing disappointment that Meech wasn’t coming home, still understood his brother’s stance. He didn’t agree with most of his brother’s decisions, this one included. However, he will always have his brother’s back, along with always looking out for his safety. But for now, Tee has to return home without Meech to face the war he still has to fight with Henri.

Speaking of Henri, Bryant who was eventually released from jail, was picked up by two on Henri’s guys. The driver told Charles that Henri felt like he owes her for Meech and his shipment getting away from him. Coupled with the fact the Henri’s cousin Tuan was killed in the process, Subsequently, after seeing the smirks on their faces, he knew he had to find a way to escape from them. And that he did.

Of course, Henri wasn’t too happy about taking another loss. Even started a fight with one of the guys who allowed Bryant to get away. The guy didn’t have any intentions of fighting a girl. Especially one who’s also his boss. Despite that, Henri after cutting her side open with a knife to illustrate the ole boy should be able to fight even with an injury, forced him to fight her. Resulting in Henri stabbing him to death. Not sure if the dude saw that coming. Even though I did. LOL

Speaking of seeing it coming. Bryant must not have seen his son’s protection being taken away by Henri. Not only did his son get darn near beaten to death, but he was also raped. His son Kevin, when describing the whole ordeal to his father, seemed to be also apologizing. As if he had let his father down. Kevin, who had been following his father’s advice, just couldn’t figure out what he had done to deserve what happened to him. And at the same time, he felt like he had let his father down, when he was telling his dad that he couldn’t fight back. I also saw somewhere where it said, “The sins of the father are paid by the son.”

On the other side of town, at Jin’s home, was her and Cobie having a great time, of singing, dancing and drinking. When suddenly, Bryant showed up beating down Jin’s door. In the middle of him begging Jin to help him out with his son Kevin, Jin’s house was being shot up by Henri and her crew. Resulting in Detective Cobie being killed.

Not only was Detective Cobie killed because of Henri. But I’m not going to lie y’all. I almost shed a tear after finding out that because of the beatings, the assault, and the shame, Kevin felt the need to take his own life. The note though, that Kevin left behind for his dad, literally had me shedding a few tears.

The note from Kevin said, “You’ll always be my hero. I’m just not like you. I love you.” To which, Bryant responded, after reading it, “I love you too.”

On another blog, I saw someone write, “That was really hard to watch. Henri definitely set that up. Kevin didn’t deserve that at all. I hope they take her out. I’m sick of her great value a pimp named Slickback looking ass anyway.” And I have to say that I agree that I hope they take Henri out soon.

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