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LIVE REVIEW OF Power Book II: Ghost: Season 4 Episode 2 "To Thine Own Self"

LIVE REVIEW OF Power Book II: Ghost: Season 4 Episode 2 "To Thine Own Self". Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

The show starts off with the Feds being able to use the intel that Agent Young had discovered in his investigation to be able to seize a buttload of product from a major Tri-State provider to the Russians. And if nobody believes that the Agent was actually shot by Tariq instead of the headhunter, Detective Carter sure did.

Also, MacLean’s license is still suspended from practicing law, pending his disbarment hearing. When he returned to his office, none other than Detective Carter was there to offer him a proposition. Carter claims that he is able to pull some strings, which would allow MacLean to practice law again. To do that though, Carter needs MacLean to help him get some really dangerous people off the street. Specifically, people like MacLean’s clients. To which nobody would have to know, per Carter.

By now, both Tariq and Brayden wish that they would have made wiser decisions and money moves with some of the money they made from hustling. Since they didn’t, they are now unhappy with the gigs that they have landed. Mainly because, its literally chump change compared to the money that they’ve made in the past. Had it not been for Noma demanding that they not be caught selling not nan bit of product, they might be in a better place right now. That’s the arrangement though, for her cancelling the hit on their heads. Still yet, for Tariq not being in prison, or dead, and still allowed to attend school, is not enough to make him content. Not when he still has to look out for her mother Tasha.

Tariq, after receiving a visit from Detective Carter, made a phone call to MacLean, to inquire about Carter. According to MacLean, Carter might be somebody that Tariq should be concerned about. Carter is on a mission. His wife was gunned down outside of her job at the ER, when some dealers were finishing off some guy off on the gurney. It was pretty much, a wrong place, wrong time for Carters wife. Ever since then, he’s been out for blood. First thing first, was creating a narcotics task team, dedicated to removing every drug related MF in New York.

After hearing that, Tariq asked, “Is he dangerous?”

“He ain’t like the cops you been dealing with, so watch your fucking back”, MacLean answered.

Monet is at home recovering from being shot by Tariq. Again, thanks to Noma, Tariq couldn’t even be put down by either Dru, Diana, or Cane. Which is making matters worse for other people out in the streets, due to Dru and Diana pretending like they have no idea who the shooter is.

Noma is getting suspicious of Obi’s loyalty. We saw her questioning how he was really able to cop those fraudulent green cards for his family. Prior to him receiving them, Obi had been begging Noma to help get them for him. Being that he came across them behind her back, allegedly from the embassy, she suspects that his loyalty is no longer with her. At least not 100%. But he assures her that she has nothing to worry about.

Later, Effie calls herself approaching Noma with the request of a bigger cut, after Noma increased the weight that they have to move. Which she’ll have to offload a majority of the product by herself. She is then told by Noma, that if she no longer likes the terms, there is a way out. However, Effie might not like it very much.

“Now if you’re unhappy with your terms, there is a way out. But I don’t think you’d like it very much”, Noma said to Effie.

“What if I brought you more business”, Effie replied.

Noma, kind of paused for a moment, hearing Effie suggest getting her more business from the Russians. Wondering if Effie could pull it off, Noma offered to give her 24 hours to show and prove that she can reach places that Obi hasn’t been able to.

The Russian, Vadim, at first, wasn’t in any way, trying to accept Noma’s offer. That was until Effie, with her hacking skills, convinced him otherwise. So long as she’s able to hack her way into the swim records and change the time of his daughter Oksana’s backstroke and butterfly time. Which would make her eligible to be on Princeton’s swim team.

Thankfully, Effie was able to walk away alive, from a little chit chat with Vadim. In hopes of everything going according to plan once they meet up with Noma.

Monet, however, who just couldn’t sit still long enough, interrupted everyone’s plans, by pulling up on Noma, accusing her of sacrificing her kids for her gain.

        “Monet, you’re making a fucking scene”, said Noma. “You goddam right, I’m making a scene.

“You ready to sacrifice my kids, after they have been busting their ass for you”, Monet said in response.

Before Noma could barely tell Monet to get up outta there, Effie and Vadim pulled up. Of course, Vadim assumed that he was being set up. Threatening to shoot any of them onsite, if he ever sees them again, Vadim retreats. Moments later, Monet, deliriously seemed to float to the ground.

Once their mother Monet is back home and in bed, Cane and Diana sternly insist that she allows them to find out who the shooter is who shot her. Cane, realizing that Monet, as usual, was again, just trying to take over everything, told her that the game isn’t the same anymore.

        “Well, listen, Ma. The game ain’t what it used to be. All right. It’s different now. You out your league. It’s time for you to just accept that.”

        Looking at him crazy, Monet told him, “Get the fuck out of my room, Cane.”

Monet, then was under the impression that Cane might have been the shooter, being that he’s been taking a lot of interest in them bullets, taking her out. Neither Dru, nor Diana, could believe what they were hearing. Especially when they know for sure that it was Tariq who attempted to kill her. Because they were the ones who set it up for Tariq to do it in the first place. Except that, the plan was to then put a bullet in Tariq, to keep Monet from ever knowing the truth. Their plans backfired, once Noma and Tariq were able to make a truce, ruining the plans of Dru and Diana. But Diana assured Monet that not in a million years would Cane try to do something like that to her.

Cane, still not knowing of the conspiracy, paid a visit to Noma. What Monet did caused Noma to lose an enormous opportunity to expand. Aside from that, Monet could have also exposed Noma’s organization, as well as what Monet does. Therefore, Cane, now has the task of trying to bring the Russians back to the table. And by the end of the day.

Cane not having any other options, reached out to Effie for help. Although, she had an interview to get to for school, she would hate to see Cane put down by Noma. So, sacrificing her opportunities, she agreed to help bring the Russians back to Noma. Thanks to Effie, Vadim agreed to meet with Noma again but under one condition. That condition was for him to only talk to Effie, from now on. Effie was to be his sole contact between everyone.

Noma, who didn’t have any way of offloading her guns or her product, still wasn’t too fond of Cane and Effie, extending an offer to the Russians on her behalf. Reminding Cane, who is actually in charge, Obi hems Cane up by the throat, before allowing Cane to explain himself to Noma over some Scotch.

While Cane was out with Effie making plays, Diana had just realized she was in fact truly pregnant. She, at first, took a home pregnancy test which came out positive. That wasn’t enough though. So, she made an appointment at the clinic for a second opinion. With another test, the results were the same, positive. Speculating Diana’s situation, the doctor insinuates that Diana has not only no means to take care of a child. But she also has no idea who the baby of her father is. Angrily Diana tells her before storming out, that she had better watch her mouth. Since she doesn’t know a damn thing about her.

But back to Tariq. Tariq decided that it was due time that he met with his mother Tasha to find out if it’s true what Detective Carter said. When visiting Tariq, Carter, trying to put fear in him, told him his mother was being removed from witness protection. Tariq had to make sure his mother was safe. And evidently, WITSEC wasn’t too thrilled that they had to relocate Tasha and her daughter Jasmine, after Tas   ha went MIA. But if she tries to find her way to New York again, they will definitely be removed from witness protection.

But what was up with Tasha’s manager, putting his hands on her? Tasha making an attempt to calm Tariq down, made it seem like it wasn’t such a big deal. Disregarding his mother, Tariq who obviously didn’t like the gesture, met the man outside for a little “talk”. They talked alright. Well at least Tariq did, while crushing the manager’s right hand under his foot.

        Tariq warns Tasha’s manager, “Listen, you lay a fuckin’ finger on Rachel again, I promise, next time it’s gonna be your fucking throat, you hear me?.....Now report this shit, I’m sending people to your house to burn that shit down while you’re layin’ there. You hear me.”

On the way back home, Tariq’s car breaks down. Being that he’s too broke to even order an Uber, he reaches out to Brayden. Explaining to Brayden that washing jockstraps for $11 an hour, wasn’t gettin’ it. Tariq really wants to be able to provide for and protect his family. Brayden on the other hand, even though his family has likely disowned him, still wants to help his family out as well. But what can they do to make some real money, really fast, without Noma finding out. Hustling of course. It would not only be risky though, but also a death wish.

        “You’re serious about this”, asked Brayden.

        “Yes, I’m fucking serious, B. You think I like being broke? Worrying about what the fuck is going to happen to my mother next?”

Brayden believes he has come up with a plan. But before they make any moves, Tariq needed some wheels. Not only some wheels, but his original wheels. Catching 2-Bit slipping, Tariq managed to repossess his car back from 2-Bit with his spare keys. After stealing his whip back, he meets up with Monet. Monet still believes that Tariq tried to kill her. And just the same, Tariq believes that Monet had something to do with Tommy going after his mother.

Is Tommy’s mother, now in danger, from lying on Monet about giving Tommy Tasha’s address? We shall see. Monet promises that whoever gave Kate that information obviously wanted her dead. So that person must die as well. But who was that person?

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