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Our Kind of People Review Season 1 Episode 3 “Hot Links & Red Drinks”

Here is my written review of Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 3 “Hot Links & Red Drinks”, along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Have we even touched the surface of all the secrets in this mixed family? I hardly believe we have. Although we still don’t know all of the ins and outs of Teddy and Eve’s relationship, the world now knows about Angela. What didn’t surprise me though, about Leah was how she tried to pay Angela off. We see it over and over again. Whenever an illegitimate child of a wealthy person, shows up at the front door, the estranged parents believe it’s all about a money grab.

Of course, in Angela’s case, it’s not about a money grab. Instead, it’s about her father and her sister acknowledging her for who she is and what she represents. As well as being determined to get a hand up from her father’s incubator program, and not a handout. Something that’s neither in the plans of Teddy or Leah. However, I don’t see them having a choice in the matter now, after Angela’s little performance on stage.

When it comes to Leah’s mother, Rose Franklin, showing up at the Juneteenth Celebration, what is it about Angela that makes Rose believes Angela is her daughter. Now I know last week Angela spoke to Rose about her own mother. Even then, Rose had thought that Angela was her daughter. And it’s not like Angela and Leah even resemble one another.

Something about that makes me want to say hmmm. As a matter of fact, Aunt Piggy never said the name of the lady who bought Angela from her mother. All we know is that the lady was easily able to hand over $50k for a baby. Could that woman have possibly been Leah’s mother, Rose. Did Rose buy Angela from Eve? I can definitely see that as being the reason why she keeps referring to Angela as her daughter.

Speaking of daughters, do you guys also have the feeling that Leah should be more concerned with her daughter, Lauren. Lauren, who recently came out the closet to her family as being gay, seems to be falling to pieces. At first, I was thinking, why is this girl acting like it’s the end of the world. Even with Taylor dropping the charges, Lauren seems to have bigger issues within herself. Both Raymond and Leah, love her very much. As a matter of fact, Raymond didn’t even flinch when Lauren told him that she likes girls.

Leah told her father, “Dad, I know that you probably think that this is just some girl fight, that’s gone too far. I like girls. Like, I love Taylor.”

“And I love you. Okay? Always will”, her father responded.

Leah, on the other hand, is slowly coming around to the idea of her daughter being a lesbian. Still yet, it’s pretty noticeable how much she loves her daughter, as well. So, I’m wondering if it’s something bigger. I could be wrong. But I almost thought Lauren was about to have a mental breakdown. Which made me think of Leah’s mother Rose, who obviously has some mental issues, herself. One thing about the Franklin’s, is that they cherish their traditions handed down to each generation. Mental illness could also be handed down, or should I say inherited.

Now in the matter of Angela’s daughter, Nikki. I thought that was a brilliant idea for Angela to make her daughter the new face of Eve’s Crown. Her daughter Nikki, is very pretty, with some beautiful hair, great facial bone structure, and a bubbly personality. Plus, being the focal point of the brand, is probably exactly what Nikki needs right now.

Still trying to fit in with her new surroundings, Nikki, is still haunted by the fight that she was in at her old school. Not even knowing that somebody recorded the fight, the video has now gone viral. That on top of the fact, that she really misses her grandmother, has impacted her behavior. Which is something that the two cousins, Nikki and Lauren have in common.

They both are showing some form of behavioral issues. Albeit Nikki’s is mostly because she feels like a fish out of water in Oak Bluffs. That along with missing her grandma Eve who was her best friend. Whereas Lauren, is having a difficult time, accepting who she is. As well as needing to be accepted by her mother, flaws, and all. So maybe if Lauren could give her new cousin a chance, they can both be a support system for each other. And who knows. Nikki might even be able to find a best friend in Lauren.

As for Nikki’s father, I wonder what the real story behind that is. It was quite evident from Angela’s expression that her daughter’s father was more than simply a one-night stand. But why keep Nikki’s father a secret. Especially knowing, how it feels not to long for a relationship with her own father. At the present time, Angela just switched up the subject. Then the next day, she paid a visit, to a man that is incarcerated.

“I think it’s time. It’s time for Nikki to meet her father”, Angela said to the inmate.

What was surprising to me in this episode was just how far Tyrique is willing to go, to please Teddy. And I still believe that something peculiar happened to Tyrique’s father, when he died. I could be reaching. But I’m usually almost never wrong in my assumptions on my reviews.

Nevertheless, I did say last week that I thought Angela, might be moving a little fast when it comes to Tyrique. Can you blame the sista though? Tyrique has been showing her so much interest and trying to spend so much time with her. They’ve already met up several times. He done bought her a pair of red bottoms and a dress. He’s also fixing up odds and ends around her home. Which is surely at a discounted price. Even offered to install her security system for free.

Then we find out that the security system was all Teddy’s idea, in order to spy on her. I’m really beginning to think with Teddy, this is more than about money. Like, does he even care for his daughter at all. I know he never intended on her finding him. But now that she has, and Angela is no longer a secret, what else is he trying to hide.

Because I’m certain that he’s aware that Angela is not after his money, not even the back child support. In fact, Tyrique, even stated that he thinks that Angela is a good person. And it seems to me that Teddy needs to be focusing more of his attention on Aunt Piggy, instead of his daughter.

Teddy is obviously following them as well. Or maybe he’s just having Aunt Piggy followed. Speaking of which, who is Darius, the body that Aunt Piggy was about to excavate on Teddy’s land. Aunt Piggy had a map of the land, with a certain area highlighted. But before she could get out the car, Teddy appeared.

Here we have another secret being revealed. Aunt Piggy has committed murder. Was Darius her boyfriend, her lover, husband, or what it a business partner. Whoever he was, Teddy bought all the land around the area where I believe Darius is buried.

Teddy never admitted to Aunt Piggy that Darius’s body is on that land. I also don’t think he had to admit it. Being that Aunt Piggy seems convinced that she is correct. Regardless of whatever or whoever is on or underneath that land, Teddy doesn’t want it to be discovered.

When Teddy visited Aunt Piggy the other night, he asked for her help in getting Angela to leave Oak Bluffs. That obviously isn’t happening, after Angela just bogarted her way into Teddy’s incubator program.

“And I told you that Angela’s stubborn as a tick. She ain’t leaving. And I’m done playing your game. Now is he out there or not”, asked Aunt Piggy.

Teddy responded, “I called your bluff. You called mine. But I still hold leverage over you. And when it suits me, I will use it.”

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