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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Review Season 1 Episode 3 "Stick & Move"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 3 "Stick and Move" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, at the beginning of this episode, Kanan, after waking up, was shocked to find a half-naked Symphony sitting at his computer doing his college homework. LOL Despite Kanan being upset at the site of this young man sitting at his desk in his draws, his mother Raq was way more pissed off at Kanan. Because thanks to his teachers notifying her, she’s been made aware that Kanan’s grades have been declining. But I wonder how Kanan is going to feel once he finds out that his mother is the one who put the hit out on his friend d-Wiz. Especially after Raq even escorted Kanan over to D-Wiz’s mother’s house to comfort her. Knowing damn well that she was the one who had D-Wiz killed.

But regarding D-Wiz, word on the street is that D-Wiz and Buck was beefing over some girl. Which resulted in D-Wiz killing Buck Twenty. And that’s what led to Bucks people coming after D-Wiz. But we know that’s not true. And so does Kanan. The look on his face when that dude at the stash house told him that. And the look on his face when his mother kissed the back of his hand over D-Wiz’s house. LOL Kanan doesn’t know for sure what really happened to his friend. But he definitely knows that it didn’t quite go down like ol boy said it did, over some girl. Speaking of girl. Did y’all see Kanan’s thirsty as hell ass run up outta that stash house. LOL A house that nobody is supposed to even know about. The dude that Raq has babysitting him warned him not to run outside to talk to Davina.

But now Kanan who so desperately wants to play a part in his family’s business, doesn’t even have any idea what he just did. Davina, still morning the loss of Buck, promised not to get made at Kanan if he and his friends had something to do with Bucks murder. And even though, once again he denied knowing anything. He has got to see in her eyes that not only does she not believe him. But she also looks like as if she might even want some of her own revenge. But he didn’t catch on to any of that. Instead, he up there shopping for her and her daughter, and tonguing her down. After he just literally let her know that the house he ran out of is mostly likely one of their stash or crack houses.

And see that’s exactly why his mother would prefer he attend Stuyvesant and focus on his grades, rather than grinding with his family. Even his uncle Marvin knew that his 15-year-old nephew ain’t ready for hustling. So why was Kanan able to be convince Uncle Marvin to break him off a little something that he can sell. His Uncle Marvin gave him his first package of dope to sell, with the opportunity to make a $100 profit. And as soon as he did that, I could see Raq kicking both of their asses. LOL But while Kanan was at his Uncle Marvin’s house trynna make money, his cousin Jukebox was at Kanan’s house trynna hide her stash of stolen goods from her father Marvin. LOL Lord these two kids.

Raquel, after dropping Kanan off at school, hooked up with her bro’s Lou Lou (the one who killed D-Wiz) and Marvin. It seems like after Buck was shot, Nique set them up to have all their corner boys robbed and getting arrested by the po po’s. So, the next best spot for them right now would be at that Columbian bodega spot. At least once it’s ready for them. There’s still a little work to be done at the bodega, including installing security cams. But even still with the bodega being available Raq is thinking bigger. She wants to get her corner boys off the corners. But Lou Lou thinks leaving the corners up for other dealers would be a bad money move. So, after her meeting with her bro’s she stopped at the Bingo Hall to speak with Azumadeen Tippett aka Deen who has businesses all over the country thanks to his Tijuana connect.

Evidently Deen is a big kingpin, somebody who makes money from the streets. But you wouldn’t dare find him in the streets. That’s how kingpins work. They have their worker bees and generals out there handling their business in the streets for them. And among supplying some of the dealers on the Southside, he’s also the supplier for Raq and for Nique. But with Raq recently losing money on her corners, Deen threatens to reevaluate their arrangements if it happens again. That was all Raq needed to hear to make a deal with I believe his name is Smurf. Smurf who desires to relocate to South Carolina with his family, is a little bit, heck a lot a bit short on cash. So, needing to hit a lick, he agrees to set up Nique so that his crew can be arrested by Officer Warner, when they re-up on a quarter million of uncut drugs. But did they actually make an arrest. From the expression on Officer Warner’s face, after the car crash from the police chase, IONO.

Also speaking of Officer Malcolm Warner – is the Officer who has been assigned to Buck Twenty’s case, whose real name is Donyell Worley. In this episode Officer Warner was hit with some bad news regarding his health. His doctor has diagnosed him with Acute myeloblastic leukemia. And due to the seriousness of that, he needs to have his family members tested for a bone marrow transplant. As well as being put through some very aggressive chemotherapy. Which of course he wasn’t happy to hear. But this man who is obviously very very ill be out there chasing around hoodlums and drug dealers. In the beginning of this episode, he was about to pass out from running out of wind, after chasing those corner boys. LOL So had better listen to his doctor, contact his family and sat his tail down some damn where. Even though both his parents are gone, and all his cousins who live down South in Alabama is at odds with him over some family property issues.

Lavern aka Jukebox and her new friend, the white girl from the upper East Side, now wants to visit South Jamaica, Queens, where Lavern is from. But is she ready for all that? IONO but in the meantime and between time, Jukebox and her friend, stopped off at one of those amateur recording spots in the mall and sang and made a video to the song Two Occasions by The Deal. And come to find out, Jukebox isn’t the only one that can carry a tune. That bougie white chic can also sang her butt off. And the two of them really did sound great together singing one of my favorite r&b throwback songs. Hell, any ole school song with Babyface in it is probably also one of my faves. LOL But as far as Jukebox’s new friend. Do you think Jukebox’s activities will end up being a problem for little Ms. Upper East Side?

This last episode she was questioning Jukebox about the stuff that she and her crew be stealing and then reselling. Also known as being a booster. Her friend is concerned with the possibly of her getting caught and arrested, which they almost did this time. But why did Jukebox think that it was okay to call one of her boys by his name, which was Rip. She called the dude Rip like twice. You know the guy who was beating on that security guard. Jukebox was trying to get him to stop beating on the security guard before they really got caught. She actually had to pull a knife, or some type of shank out on him, after he told her that’s why they don’t send a bitch to do a man’s job. LOL She was like ol’ boy you ain’t from where I’m from. I’m from the Southside of Jamaica Queens and who you calling a bitch nucca. LOL

Raq’s bro Marvin paid a visit to the white lady whose dog Raq had burned up in the microwave. Obviously, Marvin felt bad her dogs’ demise and brought her another dog. Which actually belonged to some guy who owes Marvin some money plus interest. And to repay Marvin for gifting her with a new pet, I guess she just had to offer him some of her goodies. So, will this be the beginning of a new relationship for Marvin and the club owner?

Crown Camacho - This episode we were also introduced to Crown Camacho at Bulletproof Breakfast, where they make hip hop music. Uncle Lou and Famous’s big sister, Jessica had dropped of some cocaine for Camacho. Camacho who in real life is Quincy Taylor Brown, son of Al B. Sure and Kim Porter. You know Kim Porter the model, who died November 15, 2018. And as most of us know Kim after separating from Sure, a few years later, hooked up with Puff Daddy Sean Combs and had 3 more kids with him. And then in November of 2018 someone found her dead in her home. Which the Los Angeles County medical examiner and coroner later determined that Porter had died from lobar pneumonia. But I do pray that she is resting peacefully. And I’m sure she’s proud of the work her son Quincy has been doing. And I’m anxious to find out more about his character in this movie. We saw him sniffing some of that dope. But will his storyline include more than being the owner of a recording and a coke head? We shall see.

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