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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 10 Finale “Paid In Full”

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 10 Finale “Paid In Full” along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Soooo Officer Howard is a survivor. Left for dead by Kanan, he manages to rise again. Kanan was told by his mother Raq to put 2 in the chest and 1 in the head. Even after the gun training and direct instructions from his mother. He still couldn’t kill Officer Howard, who he still doesn’t know is his father. Of course, he didn’t intentionally mean to leave him alive.

After getting away safely from the murder scene, he really thought that he had pulled his first murder. Kanan was even boasting to his cousin Jukebox, as if he’s been putting down bodies since he was two.

“I had to do it. Dude was coming after me and my family. He had to go. You know that’s how we do”, Kanan said.

But Jukebox saw right through his shit. Even without showing any remorse. Visibly on edge, Kanan was shaking like a leaf.

“Shut the f*ck up with all that tough guy bullshit Kanan. I know you better than anybody. You shook nucca. I can see it all over you”, Jukebox replied.

Nobody but Raq really understands why she set forth those plans of killing Officer Howard. Not Marvin, not Lou, not Scrap. Not even her own son Kanan, who she convinced to pull the trigger, knew the real reason why a cop had to be put down.

Marvin and Kanan had some making up to do. So, neither of them asked her any questions. Lou however wasn’t letting shit fly like that without confronting his sister. Raq ain’t used to being sweated not even by her brother Lou, who thinks her head has gotten too big for her shoulders. But was he wrong? Is Raq doing too much to jeopardize their empire. Lou could not believe that Raq had her only son, and only child shoot a cop. He asked her, “Have you lost your damn mind”. Then again, if her plan works out, the way she planned it, the shooting will be placed on Unique.

So far, her plan is working. Everybody played their part to the T. Starting from when Jukebox told Detective Burke last week that since Nique’s reup spot got blown, he would be coming after the police. To Raq planning her alibi of being at church all night with her mother. To Kanan dismantling the gun and tossing each piece into the river. To Marvin gaining access to Nique’s crib to stash his “missing” jacket, that Kanan wore during the shooting. To Juliana directing the detectives to look at her surveillance camera, where Kanan can be seen wearing Nique’s jacket.

Raq had definitely planned the perfect murder. Or so she thought, being that Officer Howard is still alive. But where does this leave her relationship now with Lou. Lou desperately wants out of the family business. Actually, nothing would make his girlfriend Jessica happier than for him to start making his own moves.

“You got the label. It’s all yours. It’s all you need. So just go. Bounce on this drug shit. You don’t need it”, Jessica told him.

Seeing potential in her man to be smarter and bigger than Raq, Jessica still doesn’t comprehend the levels of that shit. Raq not only outright threatened Lou. She double dog dared him to leave the business. She also made it very clear that Lou wouldn’t have his label without the money that she’s making in streets. In essence, I think what she was trying to tell her lil bro, is that she owns him. Which is why Lou responded to Jessica the way he did.

“Shut the f*ck up and drive Jess”.

Lou done did a whole Kelly Price and left the hospital against his doctor’s order. Barely able to walk, let alone breathe, he made his way to Raq to try to talk her down from the clouds. Again, he believes that her head has gotten too big.

Raq is moving like she is invincible. And maybe she is. But what about everybody else, that she is using to do the grimy shit. What about her son Kanan? Scrap was even taken aback once he realized what Kanan had did. Kanan’s cousin Jukebox, loves Kanan like a brother. Still yet, after playing her part, she told Kanan, “She just had you hit a cop”. That was her response to him telling her that his mother got “us”. But does she?

Raq was pacing back and forth in her 8th floor project apartment, wondering why Marvin wasn’t responding to her. Unbeknownst to her, Marvin had been picked up and booked with drug distribution charges, thanks to Toni. Therefore, not being able to pick up her son, to take him out of town. She did, however, manage to conceal her stash, from the police in the below apartment. Despite that, she was obviously irritated from receiving no response from Marvin, after paging him repeatedly.

Everybody that Raq could truly depend on was either getting locked up, hardly breathing, lying low, or hiding out from the cops. Leaving her with no other option but to contact Symphony to drive her son out of the city.

“I know you don’t want to hear from me. But I wouldn’t reach out if I didn’t have nowhere else to turn”, Raq told Symphony when he answered his phone.

Even though the cops are now under the impression that Unique was the one who shot Officer Howard, she doesn’t want Kanan anywhere near Queens. But now that Officer Howard is awake, will driving Kanan out of town be enough to keep him safe. Although Nique was arrested, is that a surefire guarantee that nobody will point a finger at her son.

Upon waking up, Detective Burke, immediately asked Officer Howard if he knew who had shot him. Will Officer Howard after being crossed by Raq reveal his son Kanan as the shooter. Or will he allow the blame to be put on Nique. Howard is a cop, who is also from the streets. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he forms a calculating plan of his own to get back at Raq, while still keeping his son out of jail. Because we all know that his life could very well depend on his son’s freedom.

We are just as unsure of Howard’s next move, as Raq is unaware of Officer Howard’s condition. Right now, she still thinks that she has everything under control. Despite, not knowing the whereabouts of her brother Marvin. Raq told her brother Lou that she has it handled.

“If you got it handled, why Kanan need to go out of town”, asked Lou.

But while Officer Howard was coming back to life, after surgery, Symphony was driving Kanan to Maryland. As far as their relationship goes, I’m not sure if Symphony is doing Raq this favor because he’s really in love with her. Or just because he still wants to prove to her that she can trust and confide in him, for his own ulterior motives.

I don’t know the true reason, but I’m still keeping a side eye on him. We still don’t know too much about Symphony. Besides the fact that he’s a college student who also works at a club as a bartender. At least that’s what he told Raq.

Kanan truly believes that he did the necessary evil for his family’s protection. Showing no remorse, he did exactly what his mother had him to do. Naïve, young, and impressionable, and wanting to prove himself to his mother, is what motivates him. At least for now. But once Kanan finds out that he shot his own biological father, will he then feel remorseful.

I’m still trying to figure out why Raq would rather see Howard dead than to have him play a role in her son’s life. I mean unless the father has done something extremely horrible to the mother or child, why keep him away from his child. Keep in mind that Raq once told Kanan that she couldn’t trust him. She also told Marvin that she couldn’t trust him. But can anybody trust Raq?

Did anybody find it suspicious that Raq sent her son out of town. Even though all fingers were pointing at Nique. Did anybody find it suspicious how Raq was smirking and staring down at the city looking like Neno Brown. Did Raq actually send her son out of town for his own safety. Or because she knows that he is always letting her down. And because of that her own son could be a threat to everything she has built.

From this first season, we all know that Raq will stop at nothing to protect what she has attained. I said it once, and I’ll say it again. Raq is a vicious, ruthless, merciless, deadly, murderous, cold-blooded, savage of a notorious Queenpin. Knowing that, is her own son even safe from her.

“When it all goes wrong, ain’t nobody ‘checkin’ for you but you. You on your own. See, in this shit, the only thing that you can trust, is that you can’t trust. Not nobody. Not ever. Not even your own mama”, said Kanan.

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