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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 4 "Don't Sleep"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 4 "Don't Sleep" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

This week on Power Book III: Raising Kanan, we saw several scenes in which different character were “sleep”. LOL Thus the name of the episode “Don’t Sleep”. But before we go there, let’s discuss Raq and her son’s relationship so far. The show started off with Raq upsetting Kanan by forgetting about their weekly dinner dates. On their dinner night she had already ate out with Symphony, who Kanan still despises. Although Symphony apologize to Kanan, Kanan was more upset with Raq for not remembering. Despite that, Raq made it very clear that Kanan is going to have to accept Symphony being a part of their lives.

Regarding Jukebox, my favorite character so far, I do believe that she might be in love. She is still hanging out with the white girl, whose name I believe is Nicole. Nicole’s parents even seem to like Jukebox as well. But just how long will that last? Did y’all catch on to when Nicole says “my parents are cool, but not about everything”? Was she referring to not being cool about being a lesbian? Or about not being cool with Nicole dating a black person. I’m not too sure yet. But I’m anxious to find out if their relationship will stand the test of time, during "those" times.

But in the meantime, Jukebox might have been persuaded by Nicole to not shoplift anymore. After almost getting arrested by the security who she saved from getting pummeled to death, the security gave her a solid for looking out for his safety last week. And because of so called Karma, she gave the Ralph Lauren Polo jacket that she had lifted to Nicole, as a thank you. Next, we see Nicole showing Jukebox what her mouth can do. Something Jukebox has never experienced. So, I take it Nicole is very experienced from being around the block a few times. But other than that part of Jukebox’s storyline, I do hope she’ll soon get a break in the music business, just like Famous.

Moving on to Unique and his dilemma. Thanks to Unique getting popped on that big re-up, it’s much too hot in the streets for them right now. So, Deen, the supplier, wants to pause on the re-ups until the police show their hand. Remember that is the same thing that he had warned Raquel that he would do to her, had she got popped again. But what do y’all think about Unique killing his longtime partner Trez? I personally don’t believe he should have killed him. The way Nique sees it, had Trez not been getting high on their supply. And getting high while on the clock, they wouldn’t be dealing with a huge loss right now. But then right after he killed Trez, he mentioned that he believes Raq might have had her hands in this one. However, P-Wee suggested Officer Howard was involved. And they were both right. Raq got the tip from Smurf. Then Raq gave the tip to Officer Howard. Still yet, even though Nique isn’t positive who exactly set him up, he told his crew that each one of them is suspect.

Now on to Uncle Marvin. While Raquel was out making money moves by convincing the manager at the projects to rent her two units for her business, Marvin was being reckless with her son Kanan. The only hustling Kanan should be doing right now is hustling his grades up. But oh no, Marvin got Kanan doing “work” behind Raq’s back. Since Scrap was stuck on the toilet at home, Marvin snatched up Kanan to babysit the stash out, and box up the drugs and money. Marvin should have known better than to leave Kanan in that stash house by himself. Especially after they just caused their rival to lose out on millions of dollars. Kanan had no weapon, no backup, no look out guys, no security, nothing. It’s a miracle that Kanan didn’t wind up in the hospital. All Nique needed was a solid lead on Kanan and his crew. He knew Kanan didn’t kill Buck, just as well as he knew Kanan knew more than he’s letting on to Davina. Davina desperately searching for a way to help her mother, gave up the stash house location to Nique. But will Nique keep his end of the bargain? Will he actually pay to set her mother up in rehab to get clean? We shall see.

But after what went down at the stash house with half of their stash being stolen, and Uncle Marvin having to kill somebody, Kanan couldn’t even look his mother in the face. I believe that's why he was so quick to say that he will give Symphony a chance from now on. While Raq was giving him the “It's us against the world speech”, he knew not to tell her anything that involved him, Uncle Marvin, nor the stash house. But it didn’t take her long to find something was up, when she was picking up his room. First of all, why did his uncle Marvin even allow him to come home with that bloody shirt on? They could have tossed that shirt somewhere off in the river or burned it up in a trashcan in an alley. But instead, he wore the bloody shirt home and hid it under his bed. I’m anxious to find out next episode if either Kanan or Uncle Marvin will come clean to Raq about what Kanan has been up to.

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