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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 5 "Choose Your Battles"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 5 "Choose Your Battles" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Is Officer Howard Kanan’s father? Kanan said his dob was August 15,1975. And if that is his real dob then Rondell Stark who Raq claims to be Kanan’s father, couldn’t possibly be his father. Right! Because according to the police arrest records Rondell aka DefCon was locked up in October of 74 and without any conjugal visits since he got there. This was a few months before Raq would have gotten pregnant. Umm hmm like Officer Howard told Kanan, him and his mom go way back. LOL Just how far “back” is my question. LOL And if it comes out that Kanan is in fact Officer Howard’s son, do you think he’ll ask Raq to allow Kanan to be tested for a bone marrow match. Or will he get Kanan tested without Raq having any knowledge. I know y’all didn’t miss how Officer Howard was staring at that Kleenex that had Kanan’s blood on it from when he got into that fight with Scrap. But did y’all also see how Officer Howard and Raq was mugging each other. Raq was like mind yo business. Mind yo business. When in fact, Kanan just very well might be Officer Howard’s business.

But as far as the new man in Raq’s life. Maybe, just maybe Symphony isn’t as I once thought he was. What do y’all think? He really came thru in the clutch for Kanan, didn’t he? And I do think that Kanan now believes that Symphony really cares for his mom. When it comes to the hood, and to a child growing up without a father, that can go a long way. Because a man who usually cares about your mother, usually tends to show the child even more love. At least in most situations. But will keeping how Kanan was arrested from Raq mess all of that up for Symphony? We saw how deep she dug into her brother Marvin once she found out that Kanan was at the trap house. I still can’t believe how careless Kanan was leaving that bloody sweatshirt underneath his bed. Both Marvin and Kanan should have known that Raq would eventually piece the puzzle together. Or connect those two with the bloody mess at the trap house.

Speaking of the trap house. We don’t know a lot about Scrap who used to work at the trap. What I see so far in him, is that he is definitely no punk or somebody to be played with. Not even when it came to banging with his boss’s son to defend his own reputation. As fearful as Raq makes most people, being that they know what she’s capable of, Scrap didn’t even allow Kanan to come at him sideways. And before this episode, it did appear as if Scrap had remained loyal to Raq. But had he really? Like it has to be more to it than this incident with Kanan to make him want to jump ship. Especially when Raq is on the verge of some New Jack City shit. She’s about to be the Nino Brown of the projects. And he wants to join Nique’s crew, her nemesis?

Then when Nique questioned him about flipping teams on, Scrap claims it’s all about the earning for him. With all the money that Raq’s been throwing around, is he trying to say that she wasn’t paying him right? She’s paying good money for the bodega. She’s paying good money to house those two tenants whose crib she illegally took over. And although it was illegal, I somehow, feel that those tenants, in the end, wasn’t to upset after she gave them their moving package. Which is why I find it hard to believe that money is the only thing provoking Scrap to step away.

I know Scrap felt disrespected because of how Kanan perceives him, as a mole. Scrap been on Raq’s team for 5 years. So, for her own son to come at assumably one of her most loyal workers really pissed him off. Not only was he disrespectful but Kanan was dead ass wrong, on so many levels. But again, I believe it’s much more to it when it comes to Scrap. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raq set the whole thing up. She could possibly be the mastermind behind Scrap joining Nique to infiltrate his crew. This would greatly benefit Raq with the growth of her business, wouldn’t it?

Yet, as far as Kanan goes, he’s not benefiting anyone. He has not only been moving to his own tune, but also making moves without thinking. Something that Raq needs to work with him on. He was even wrong about Davina. Jukebox tried to tell him that the snitch was most likely Davina, and not Scrap. Despite that, when you look at it, which is worse? Kanan being involved in Davina’s boyfriend’s murder. Or Davina revealing the location of Raq’s trap house? IONO But either way, how did Kanan respond to that? By threatening to put Jukebox’s tea out in the streets. However, when it comes to Jukebox, I’m sure more people than Kanan can possibly imagine, already knows her tea. LOL I just really believe that until Kanan starts taking and receiving advice, he needs to just focus on his studies. And not on the family business. On the other hand, I can also understand how Raq feels. She probably feels like she need to keep her son close to home. Because he’s ready to hit those streets running, whether he has her blessing or not. So, teaching him to cook dope right now, might actually be more beneficial to her, than it is for him. One lesson though, that she also taught him while at the stove, was not to cook where you sleep. But will he listen? LOL

But back to Jukebox, who finally got a chance at the studio to show little baby Al B. Sure what she’s working with. Thanks to Uncle Lou. And again, that girl can sang. Chile, she got some lungs on her. But in regard to her relationship with “Nicole”, I do believe Nicole’s mother is homophobic, lesbianphobic, whatever you want to call it. And didn’t I say on the last episode that they need to start locking the bedroom door. Especially being that her parents don’t even knock before entering Nicole’s room. Like was their daughter trying to get caught humping around with another girl. Nicole’s mother damn near had a complete heart attack at the sight of Jukebox and her daughter tonguing each other down on that bed. But can you believe that she also threatened to get Jukebox charged with rape. I was like Juke…Box get yo ass up outta there before those white people lock yo ass up! Jukebox was furious. Because I’m sure she probably was thinking that what they were doing in Nicole’s parents’ home was okay. I mean literally right before that Jukebox was expressing how she cannot believe how much Nicole’s family likes her.

What did y’all think of them fighting in the street like two little immature kids. LOL And after what Raq and Lou had to say about Marvin, why do they still mess with him on that level. On one hand he always assigned to do something important. But then they make it seem as if he’s bad for business. Remember on the first episode when Kanan described his two uncles. Per Kanan, Uncle Lou Lou was his mother’s right-hand man. If there is anything that needs doing, Uncle Lou Lou will get it done, and get it done right. When it comes to Uncle Marvin, Kanan said he’s very loyal and tough. But that he also never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I don’t know if the producers are trying to make us believe that Marvin is not that smart or what. I personally feel as if he brings a lot to the table. But just like his nephew Kanan, when making moves, he doesn’t think things all the way through sometimes.

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