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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 7 "Stay In Your Lane"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 7 "Stay In Your Lane" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Sooo at the beginning of this episode Raq gives the word to Lou that it’s time to put in some work. I was like okay now!!! It’s about time we see ole Uncle Lou Lou in action, ain’t it. Lou done ran up in Worrell’s spot where he was face deep in between some girls’ thighs. She was soaking him up boy, until Lou came in there blazing. Lucky for Worrell though, Lou had to take a moment to reload his gun. Had it not been for that, I’m sure Worrell nor his girl would have been able to escape through that window. As far as Nique and Worrell showing up at the diner to try to convince Lou to flip sides on Raq, that was a waste of time. Now I’m still trying to figure out if Scrap really switched teams on Raq or if he was sent by Raq to infiltrate Nique’s camp. Regardless, Lou ain’t the one to be backstabbing his sister for Nique or anybody else. At least not for now.

After Raq made sure Scrappy got taken care of at the hospital, she updated her son Kanan on his condition. Scrappy ended up losing an eye and a kidney. Kanan obviously was very concerned about Scrap. Raq insisted that Scrap is a soldier, battle-tested, built on these streets. So, he gone be aight. Still yet, Kanan couldn’t understand why they were still going to meet his girlfriend for dinner. Instead of sitting bedside at the hospital with Scrap. Raq gave him some solid advice. Which was that life keeps moving. Or in the words of Puff Daddy, “Can’t stop, won’t stop”. LOL

Raq had expected to enjoy a nice dinner with her son and his girlfriend Davina. But what she didn’t expect was for Symphony to show up as well. Symphony really wanted his woman back. So much so that he started singing for Raq and everything. He was way off key, not even able to hold one note. Nonetheless, it’s always the thought that counts. Fortunately for him, it was good enough to impress Raq, to get her back and sing her panties off. Symphony is one smooth cat y’all. He later told Raq, while making love to her, that she doesn’t have to control everything. He told her “I got you”. After hearing that, was all it took for her to now want to have his baby. Or to start thinking about getting out of the game.

Everyone ended up having a great evening. But at the end of the night Davina had to cut it short. The neighbor lady who was babysitting Davina’s little sis was done for the night. But not only that. Davina had put two and two together and came up with four. Remember last week I said Famous was up there rapping about putting in work in the street, like he’s been down since 3rd grade. And yeah, they did set it off on 140th, when D-Wiz killed Davina’s ex Buck Twenty. But I don’t think Famous is as much about that life, as Kanan is. Either way, he’s about to get his boy Kanan caught up.

That being the case, Famous told Kanan to try explaining to Davina that he’s just an artist. An artist who’s just painting a picture of the world that they are living in through his music. LOL. Famous’ reasoning actually sounded pretty good. Except for the fact that Davina ain’t no fool. I believe she already knows that Kanan and his crew had something to do with Buck Twenty’s murder. Just in case, Kanan requested from Famous that if he wants to tell stories, then tell stories. Just don’t tell Kanan’s shit.

But for now Kanan has more pressing issues than Famous. Kanan and Damon was having a disagreement over stepping on their work, with some drugs ole boy got from his cousin in East New York. That new “shit” is what they are calling “Cynda Williams”. And I had a feeling that that new shit, that Cynda, wasn’t going to have Kanan’s clients feeling like no Cinderella. Kanan is hardheaded though. He’s really feeling himself because he’s running a whole corner now at the gas station. Nowhere is he on his mother’s level, to be reacting like he did to his Damon. Because his crew done probably been slanging dope for years. While Kanan is still wet behind his ears.

So maybe he should have just taken the advice from Damon to get Marvin’s opinion on that new “shit”. Before using it to stretch out their own product, Which was selling very well, I might add. But that new “shit”! Did y’all see those two crack fiends. After the first one hit the pipe, he started coughing. Then the other fiend took that as if it must be some real good product. So before even making sure the fiend who hit it first was okay, the other one snatched it away from him. The next thing you know they was both dead from getting high off of Cynda Williams while listening to Babyface.

Marvin was so pissed at Kanan that he tried to pull off before Kanan could get both legs in the car. Marvin brought Kanan to the spot where fiends were lying dead all around the house. Not only were those fiends dead, but there were 3 more bodies at their other spot on 115th. Come to find out, it could have been something like rat poisoning in that new “shit” they got from East New York. So, was this a setup? Is it some type of payback for what Raq did or for what Scrap did? I’m not really sure.

Jukebox had decided to attend the ball with Nicole. In fact, for the first time, Juke actually referred to Nicole as her “girlfriend”. But did y’all see our girl juke looking all cute trying on those gowns in the dressing room. Then that white female employee asked Juke did she leave the clothes in the dressing room. To which Juke responded in short, “They there”. So did Juke really stop shoplifting like she told Nicole. And if so, where is she getting her money from now. I don’t recall her having a job or getting money from her father Marvin. Heck, even her Uncle Lou had to pay for her studio time.

But moving right along. Nicole’s mother set it up for Nicole to go out with Branden, who she was planning to ditch for Jukebox. While getting ready for the ball, Nicole’s mother might as well have told her it’s okay to have sex with Branden. Her mother would much rather Nicole get pregnant out of wedlock to somebody she doesn’t even care for. Before being a full-fledged lesbian who’s in love with a black girl from Jamaica Queens.

On the other side of town, Jukebox was getting dressed at her Aunt Raq’s house. Juke had tried on all those dresses, even told Nicole that she was wearing a dress. Only to turn around and put on a suit jacket. She looked good in it too, for her first official date with a girl. Which was something Juke didn’t expect to hear from her Aunt. Juke’s been hiding her sexuality from most of the people around her. Whereas her Aunt Raq knew all along that Juke was gay. “I’m not Marvin”, Raq said, referring to Juke not being able to or not wanting to tell her father.

Raq went on to say that Nicole is a lucky woman to be with Juke. Or was she so lucky? The entire time that Juke was sitting on the bench across from their meeting spot, Nicole’s mother was trying to bust inside her bedroom. And from the previews it looks as if Nicole did die. There was a scene showing Juke at what looks like a funeral home, staring at a big photo of Nicole. Or was she just in Nicole’s home staring at a photo of her.

Officer Howard stopped Kanan while he was walking down the street. And from what Howard told Kanan makes me believe that Kanan just might be his son. Kanan doesn’t need him checking up on him, though, let alone bothering him. At least that’s how Kanan sees it. Officer Howard, I believe is not really concerned with how Kanan is doing. Even though he told his partner that “The children are our future”. LOL. He’s more concerned with Kanan asking his mother about her past relationship with him. Before pulling off, Howard insisted that Kanan ask his mother about him. Because he might be surprised about what he’ll find out.

Again, while Kanan is making a mess of things, Raq is busy making money moves, as usual. Raq stopped by the Columbian’s bodega. Gabriel’s wife Juliana, who is not supposed to be involving herself in the any type of drug business, is now looking out for Raq. Why did she decide to connect Raq with her cousin? Juliana claims it’s because she’s a woman, and Raq’s a woman. It’s a girl thang y’all. Or maybe from what Julia said, it’s just to get back at her husband.

Her husband is not only beating on her, but also cheating on her. To be honest, am I the only one who had the feeling that Juliana would rather be out there hustling right along with Raq. Than to be a punching bag to her cheating husband. Also, before leaving the store Raq thanked Juliana for helping her. In fact, Raq also told her to let her know if there’s anything she can do to help her. So, I’m sure y’all can read between the lines.

In the meantime, and in between time, Raq and Lou met up with Juliana’s cousin, Joaquin. Joaquin seemed very interested in doing business with Raq. But before she could talk numbers with him, he stood up to leave, telling her that they’ll talk soon. So, it looks like Raq might have found her new supplier.

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