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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 8 “The Cost of Business”

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

During episode 8, we found out that Raq and Def Con was never in a relationship together. Raq was actually a cover aka a “beard” for Def Con. Which explains why Def Con never concerned himself with Kanan. Soooo are we all in agreement that Kanan has to be Officer Howard’s son?

Officer Howard is so desperate to build a relationship with Kanan. To the point that he threatens to arrest him for all the blue top deaths in the hood. That dude Lil Rob from Queensbridge done put Kanan behind those lethal blue tops. So, because Howard’s life is literally on the line, he’s willing to put Kanan’s life on the line, as well. And again, I’m not sure if Howard really cares about bonding with Kanan, as much as he cares about possibly being able to get a bone marrow transplant from Kanan.

Raq asked him was he trying to play daddy now. To which Howard replied, “I’m not playin”. But in order for him to have any type of relationship with Kanan, Raq has to put it all out there to her son. Evidently Howard was a grown ass man and a cop, when he started sleeping around with Raq, who was only 16 at the time. Howard claims to not have known her true age, since Raq told him she was 17. See, that’s the R. Kelly shit right there. LOL But for real, how do you think Kanan will react when he finds out that the man who he thought was his father was an undercover homosexual. And that his real father is 5-0.

So Uncle Marvin used to be a crackhead. How did I miss the fact that Marvin looks a little crackheadish. LOL So now it’s all becoming clear, why Raq and Lou Lou be treating him like an unwanted stepchild. Raq explained to Kanan that Marvin could have been running his own shit, had he not been getting high on his own supply. Which landed him in jail, after he started selling dope out of his own crib.

Now after hearing all this, I can certainly understand now why Raq didn’t want Marvin taking Kanan under his wings. When it comes to hustling, she doesn’t want Kanan hustling backwards. Or possibly ending up on the other side of somebody else’s blue top.

Kanan however, doesn’t feel like him or his Uncle is to blame for anything. What he said to his mother was, “Don’t blame Uncle Marvin, and don’t blame me neither. Blame yourself, ‘cause I’m exactly what you made me”. In other words, he told ole Raq that he is a product of his own environment. Raq was like oh really? She tried to slap his ass all the way back to before his own conception. LOL

I didn’t think that Juliana would call in that favor from Raq so soon after the last episode. But now what does this mean for Juliana. We know what this could lead to for Raq. Raq and Joaquin will most likely start doing business together. So long as Raq can prove that she is not working with Officer Howard, and that she can be very lucrative to Joaquin. But as far as Juliana, does she really want to be in business with Raq.

I had said last week that Juliana seems like the type who is itching to make some real money in the streets, just like Raq. Let’s not forget that she is the one who actually stepped to Uncle Marvin to jumpstart the deal Raq made with Gabriel. Juliana had her eyes set on bigger things than just a family run bodega on the corner.

This makes me wonder why Gabriel hated his wife’s cousin Joaquin so much. Joaquin being a big drug supplier, why didn’t he get into business with Juliana’s husband, before Raq did. Or did he? I would really like to know the deal behind Gabriel and Joaquin. Especially why Juliana had to go to Raq for that favor, instead of being able to get her cuz to do her a solid.

Davina and her baby sister had to go live in foster care. Due to their mother having been dead for a month. It took a minute for foster care to place Davina and her baby sis in foster care. Being that the authorities only recently identified their mother’s body.

I actually think that Davina is going to end up being a problem for Kanan. While he’s out there tripping off of her being placed in the system. He needs to be trying to stay clear of her. Because even though he tried to convince her that Famous’ lyrics were all made up. And that Famous is not at all about that street life. Davina, like I said before is not stupid.

Now I admit that I do believe Nique got one over on her. But then again, I could be wrong. Remember when Nique promised her that he’d put her mother in treatment if Davina gave him something on Raq and Kanan. Well, she gave up Raq’s stash house location. However, I don’t recall ever seeing Nique have somebody set Davina’s mother up in a treatment facility. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t even spoken a word about Davina’s mother after they hit the stash house. At least not from what I can remember. Therefore, as I said, I think Davina is going to make problems for Kanan.

Speaking of problems for Kanan. Those damn blue tops. Why didn’t Kanan consult with his Uncle Marvin first before stepping on their work, with somebody else’s shit. And do you think Juke was sincere, telling Kanan that he is not to blame for Nicole’s death. Will Juke ultimately seek revenge for her girlfriend? Had she not been released on the word of Officer Howard. I wonder what all they would have charged her with.

Nicole’s mother did say that they had to lie to everyone about their daughters cause of death. At the funeral service, someone is overheard saying that Nicole died from cardiac arrest. Which is true. But her death was far from natural or expected. So do you think that Nicole’s death will harden Jukebox and/or turn her against her own cousin Kanan.

So I think Symphony is about to find himself in the position of really proving his loyalty to Raq. And you know at first when I saw Marvin and Toni having sex, I had thought Marvin set that camera up underneath the table. I didn’t realize that Marvin was at Toni’s bar, where she was attempting to set him up. Raq might not believe her brother is smart. But he sure outsmarted Toni on that round.

She kept asking him over and over and over, “Why do I owe you money”? She practically ran after him, begging him to explain to her, “What business dealing did we have”? What did he give her, that she owes money for? He didn’t bite though. Instead, he kept telling her that it’s time for her to pay up. LOL What he said was “I fronted you the shit. You owe me money. That’s how it works. Look I ain’t even fucking around with you no more. You got the money or not”?

Now what I did not expect was for Uncle Lou to die so soon. Nor did I foresee Nique, believing that Raq is behind the blue tops, to try to set him up. Nique was all wrong. Raq had no hand in the any of the deaths behind that stepped-on crack.

As far as Lou, I actually thought that he would eventually die, but not this soon. I figured, much later, and possibly by the hands of his own brother Marvin. You know maybe out of jealousy or spite. Being that Raq favored Lou more that Marvin. As a matter of fact, I saw someone make a post on social media, asking, “Why do the fine ones always die first”. Because Lou was definitely nice on the eyes. But so is Marvin.

Marvin’s character, I swear reminds me so much of my Uncle Bo. He’s so smooth, wearing all the bling, and the Cosby sweaters, the sued jackets, and the high-top haircut. LOL Uncle Marvin just makes you want to go back to the late 80s and early 90s. Because, in spite of it being like the height of the crack epidemic, and record gang violence, the 90s was the shit.

So, what’s next for Marvin? Do you think with Lou being dead, that Raq will now need to rely on Marvin? Will she give him another chance to prove himself to her. Or do you think that she will blame Marvin for Lou’s murder? Being that if Marvin wouldn’t have kept it from her that Kanan was hustling, Lou still might be alive.

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