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Queen Season 6 Episode 4 “To A Different Day”

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Here is my written review of Queen Season 6 Episode 4 “To A Different Day”, along with the link to my live video

review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Did Jordana just breaks Micah’s heart. He doesn’t seem to be having any luck with the females, meaning KeKe, his ex-girlfriend. Nor with his Instructor, Jordana. But why do I get the idea that Micah isn’t the

only grad she has slept with on campus. For some reason, I’m feeling as if she might have even slept with his friend.

But even if Micah, is the only one, I still think he should look to the men at The Real Spot. Now that Hollywood’s club is open, I said last week that it might do Micah some good to open up to the men. On top of him having those reoccurring flash backs, and panic attacks around the police, he’s now dealing with another breakup. So yes, maybe receiving a little therapy, some counseling, or some support from the Real Spot might really benefit him.

Charley is once again in love. Or is it that she’s so moved by Davis’ romantic gestures. I’m hoping for Charley’s sake that Davis is not just playing with her emotions. He knows just how much he used to mean to Charley and to his son. Although, his relationship with his son is much better, since the separation. But should some things just be left alone, including trying to rekindle a past flame.

During the interview, Gayle replayed the basketball court scene, when Charley ran out there, to confront Davis regarding his infidelities. I remember that episode like it was yesterday. Evidently Gayle does as well and was also quite curious how they managed to reconcile.

Gayle asked, “How were you able to do that. Because I’m thinking it couldn’t have been easy to work through, considering all of the previous issues and scandals, some would say”.

Charley tried to be convincing, in telling Gayle and the world, for that matter, that she and Davis, are once again, a strong united front. Let me know whether or not you believe that Charley might be making a mistake.

While lying in bed together, having a tender moment, Darla and Ralph Angel arise to Sheriff Guidry on their property. Evidently the story that Nova put in her book. The one about those two white men possibly being buried on their land, has garnered a lot of unwanted attention.

Nova’s book has come back to haunt her entire family, once again. As much as that book meant to her, I’m sure she has had many regrets about it since it published. From Darla relapsing, from Nova putting her failures in the book. To now having possibly caused their mothers gravesite to be disturbed by the Sheriff.

Nova and her family now know, thanks to Prosper that their father didn’t bury either of those white men on their property. Or did he. You might recall how I suggested a while back, that Prosper might just be covering for his dear ole friend.

After testing his soil, Ralph Angel, found out that their soil might have been purposely contaminated. In their findings, the sugar content was extremely low, from most likely being sabotaged by the Landry’s. At least that’s what Ralph Angel figures. I for one wouldn’t be surprised at the Landry’s attempting a hail Mary to regain their property back, once and for all.

Speaking of the soil, remember what happened in Season 4. An environmentalist had reported that the land of most of the black farmer’s was found to have some type of poisons underneath. So, Charley requested to hire their own independent environmental specialists to complete an environmental impact report before Parker could carry out those evictions. And the judge agreed to issue a stay on those eviction notices. Therefore, the farmers were safe at that time. So, what exactly has been going on since then? Was the land belonging to the black farmers never tested?

Good question, right. But, as far as the human remains found on their property by the Sheriff and his “boys”, are you thinking that they might have accidentally dug up their mother’s gravesite. Ralph Angel did warn them to stay clear of the area where they buried their mother.

“Hey man, y’all boys too close to my mama’s grave. Your little warrant ain’t said you can go in that area. Show some damn respect, huh”, Ralph Angel told the Officer.

As far as Darla and Ralph Angel’s financial situation, Ra is going to eventually break down and ask for help. That or come up with a much-needed miracle. Their new baby is coming soon, and it’s no time for being too proud. Or should we say too stubborn. It’s one thing not to ask his sister Charley or Aunt Vi for help. But Darla is right. That money set aside for her going to college, is rightfully hers. Now whether her mother sees it that way or not, is another thing. It wouldn’t hurt to ask though.

Darla said, “We need it. The harvest didn’t bring in as much as we thought. These payday loans aren’t going away. I don’t want to get into more trouble than we’re already in.”

“I don’t like it. I don’t want your Mama thinking we can’t take care of ourselves, and I for sure don’t want her talking to Aunt Vi”, replied Ralph Angel.

This episode Aunt Vi insisted that Celine’s starts the divorce procedures to be free of her abusive husband.

But will a stamped and sealed piece of paper really set her free. We haven’t seen her husband lay a hand on her. Yet. But from the looks of it, she may need more than a little paperwork to truly be free from him. If you get my drift. Because while Aunt Vi is helping her attain a good lawyer, she needs to help Celine attain, some good protection.

In the meantime, Aunt Vi gave her a little piece of Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Waters. Y’all remember that moment when Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Waters was at that 2017 hearing, questioning Secretary of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

"I'm reclaiming my time...Please, will you respond to the question of why I did not get a response, me and my colleagues, to the May 23rd letter?" ~ Maxine Waters

“Reclaim your time baby. This is your life. You get to choose how you spend it. Reclaim it”, said Aunt Vi.

Last episode, many of us, I’m sure were under the same impression. Which was that Billie had actually slept with Jimmy Dale. Of course, not willingly, but still had sex with him. Come to find out Jimmy Dale wasn’t able to force himself on her all the way.

Still yet, most likely out of anger, he continued to spread rumors around the town that Billie was a good lay. Billie tried explaining herself to those who mattered, including Nova. And for a supposedly best friend, Nova quickly turned her back on her. But only a few people knew what really happened between Nova and Billie.

Charley, said to Nova, “You two were almost inseparable. What happened”?

Nova, replied, “I'll just say, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. She caused a lot of damage for me”.

“And for me. There was a rumor that Billie was messing around with Jimmy Dale while we were married”, said Aunt Vi.

I just hope that after this episode, maybe Nova and Billie can create a new friendship. After having a heart to heart with Nova, Billie finally revealed the truth. No, Jimmy Dale didn’t rape her, but the attempt was definitely there.

Billie explained to Nova that, “Well, the truth is, I was a teenager lured to a secluded place by a grown man who wanted what he wanted. I was flattered by the attention until I figured out where it was going, and I got out of there as fast as I could. Thank God I was able to claw myself away before anything happened. But it didn’t matter because he said what he said, and Violet, you, my own father, and this whole town believed it. My word was nothing to anyone.”

Nova is now number one enemy to the police. The cop/informant had stopped by to alert her that somebody found out that he’s been speaking with Nova. Nova, who thought she heard a click on her phone last week, thinks her phones might be wiretapped.

But this new guy Dominic. I’m still trying to figure him out. Should Nova be careful, or is he really being genuine with her. He seems to always find the right answers to any of her problems or situations. Next, Dominic wi be giving her advice for Ralph Angel to be able to reap a better harvest.

Not likely. But you can see where I’m going with this. For some reason, I’m afraid, that if Nova doesn’t do her due diligence pertaining to Dominic, things might get real ugly around there. Being that her book already seems to keep getting her in trouble.

Did you guys catch Prosper blushing at the sight of Nurse Sandy once she removed her face mask. She is a beautiful older lady. To which Prosper is also a handsome older gentleman. Those two seemed to hit it off right away, didn’t they? Over a game of cards, Prosper was not only impressed with her knowing her way around the card table. But he was also taken aback by her beautiful voice.

Now, Prosper, at first, probably thought his daughter hiring him a nurse, was an attempt to control him. And well, that might be true. Especially since she can’t even get him to take his pills when he’s supposed to. She’ll mostly likely be heading back to Chicago soon. And if that is the case, I’m sure Prosper will be in good hands with Nurse Sandy. Leaving Billie to have nothing to worry about.

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