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Queen Sugar Review Season 6 Episode 1 Premiere "If You Could Enter Their Dreaming"

Here is my written review of Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 1 Premiere "If You Could Enter Their Dreaming" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

********RECAP OF LAST SEASON********

Blue is quite happy with his new home at his grandmothers, and with his new prestigious school up Norfff. And not only that but I was right. I knew Darla was pregnant. And this time, ain’t no need to question like they did with Blue, if this baby is Ralph Angels or not. LOL

Also, at the end of last season, Charlie told Aunt Vi that Davis had stopped by to pick up something that Micah needed shipped to him. And during that conversation, Charlie wanted to know being that Davis seems different now, if people can truly change. Aunt Vi responded saying that Jimmy Dale was basically the devil who feeds off of hate and treachery. Jimmy Dale was somebody who also got his rocks off on inflicting pain on anybody he met, but more specifically on Aunt Vi. But when it comes to Davis, Aunt Vi made it very clear that just because Davis messed up with Charlie, he ain’t in no way, shape or form, anywhere close to being a Jimmy Dale.

Then after Aunt Vi got into it with Ralph Angel, after hearing some encouraging words from her husband Hollywood, she started to lighten up a little bit. At least enough to hear her husband out. Hollywood understands the place that Aunt Vi has always had in Blue’s life since his birth. Still yet, he also understood just how hurtful and demeaning Aunt Vi was to Ralph Angel. And I still think what really got underneath Ra’s skin, was when Aunt Vi called him a boy and told him how ashamed his father would be of him. Despite that, even if Aunt Vi believes that to be true, Hollywood still suggested that she apologizes to Ralph Angel. Which we never saw her do.

Finally, when Calvin came home later that night, after Nova visited with Andre Nixon, he knew automatically that something was bothering Nova. And after asking her what’s wrong, she handed him over a folder full of documents about the beating of Andre Nixon at the hands of his fellow police officers. Nova went on to tell Calvin that Andre who was 19 years old at the time has accused him and the other officers of beating him until he was paralyzed. So, Nova demanded that Calvin tell her the truth about that night.

Nova was sooo damn pissed off, she had to hurry up and light up her candles to pray once again to her ancestors. Because although she’s ashamed of being with someone who was capable of that type of crime. She’s also ashamed of still loving him and wanting to protect him. But is he really a changed man, as he says he is? I mean he really was putting in on thick, telling Nova, that he’s not the same person from his past. And that he was never really that type of person who would do such a thing.And that she knows who he is today.

So, was he basically telling her that it was strictly peer pressure from the officers to join in on the beating of Andre Nixon? And that she can trust him that he’s not that man from back then. IONO But he did contact Internal Affairs so that he could right his wrongs. So is that a sign that Nova might be able to continue on with their relationship. I couldn’t tell for sure but those tears from Nova almost seem to be tears of happiness from seeing how far he was willing to go to prove himself to her.

********SEASON 6 EPISODE 1 REVIEW Premiere "If You Could Enter Their Dreaming"********

The season started up with Ra boasting to Prosper that sending Blue up North to that prestigious school, was the smartest decision him and Darla has ever made. Blue is doing extremely well away at school. While Darla, who informed Ra last season that they were expecting another child, is definitely filling out from being pregnant. But when Darla asked Ra to join her on a trip to drop off some vaccination supplies to Aunt Vi, he had to pass on that one. You could tell that he is very much still in his feelings regarding what went down with them last season. Y’all remember how Aunt Vi totally disrespected her nephew. So instead, he told Darla that, “Aunt Vi wanna make things better, she knows where I’m at”. And might I say, I just the way that man talks. LOL

All the same, Aunt Vi seems to feel disrespected as well. Especially after finding out that Blue had recently been in town for a week. And Ra didn’t tell her she could stop by until around the time Blue was due to leave out again. So, despite both Hollywood and Darla making an effort to try to get Aunty and nephew to reconcile their differences, it’s not working. Why? Mainly because of what I believe. Which is that Aunt Vi is much older and set in her ways. I mean, she is from the South, where the elders are known to demand the utmost respect. Even when they know they are dead wrong. LOL But I’m sure they’ll work out their issues, eventually.

Speaking of issues, Ra and Darla done took out 4 payday loans within the last 6 months. As a matter of fact, Ra had to take out another loan on this episode. This time though, he told the clerk that this will be their final one. Being that he’s expecting a big pay day coming in from the harvest next month. However, when I saw Ra buy Darla that really expensive crib that she had her eyes on, I thought they couldn’t be doing that bad. That was until Ra got a collections call from Treyway Mortgage. Evidently, they are 60 days delinquent on their mortgage payment.

So why is he out there ordering expensive cribs online, when he could just go to the local Walmart. And at the same time, getting those high ass interest paycheck advance loans every other week. Which is something I’m sure a lot of people had to do when the pandemic hit. In Ra and Darla’s case, when they couldn’t plant any sugar cane during the rona, their regular bank wasn’t helping them out. Therefore, they had to get a loan from a different lender. One who is determined to collect on every dime of their debt. So, Ra got about a good 30 days left to pay on their back payments before the bank forecloses on property. But why do I get the idea, that Darla doesn’t know anything about all those paycheck advance or being that far behind on their mortgage.

Did y’all see how easily Charlie lied to their son Micah. LOL Charlie’s ass done told Micah that for the evening she was going to be listening to Maxine Water’s keynote speech. LOL After Charlie came down with covid last season, she gave Davis another chance in the ring after he took care of her so well. That man has never stopped loving Charlie, which you can tell. But will he be able to keep his thang in his pants this time around. Because after sneaking around in order to see each other, Charlie now wants to go public. At least to the family that is, in order to make their relationship or whatever they are doing official. So, I hope he is planning to be faithful to her this time, being that he has already caused her enough embarrassment in the past.

But Charlie ain’t the only one keeping secrets, is she. LOL Look at ole Micah messing around with a faculty member at his college. The crazy thing about that was that when they were having an online class, something told me that something was up with him and that teacher. Did y’all catch the way that she was staring at him through that damn zoom. Or whatever streaming service they were using. LOL After they have finished speaking about Marcus Garvey, the Professor told Micah, “very good Mister” ….. Davis, which Micah finished for her. She was really putting 20 on 10, as if she didn’t already know his first, last and possibly even middle name and nickname. It was just something about the way she was looking at him and talking to him for me. LOL

Now about this Professor. She had told Micah that he is a such a mature soul, with a deep sense of himself. LOL That was so funny to me, for her to say that to a boy that is barely old enough to drink. Yeah, he was deep aight. While he was lying to his Aunt Vi about being at the library, he was deep inside of his Professor’s soul. Which is 10 years older than his soul, might I add. Mrs. Professor “Cougar” said that being with him makes her feel 10 years younger. As I’m sure it does.

Nova promised Officer Walker, who has provided her with inside police brutality entail from his precinct, that they are safe. She also ensured the officer that with the new article that she is writing, covering police brutality in their own community, real change will be made. Nova who’s always had a “we shall overcome” attitude, has a much wider audience now. An audience that she is determined to inform of the ongoing daily police brutality within St. Jo Parish. Which she’ll also implement into her plans to help defund the police department. But will she be able to keep her promise to Officer Walker that him doing God’s work will keep him safe.

Did you see how terrified she was to walk into her own home, when she realized that she didn’t have her key, and her door was open. LOL Had that been me, knowing I’m about to put out some police brutality detail against the NOPD, I would have taken off. Even after seeing my keys sitting on the coffee table. Because somebody could have easily lifted her keys, went inside her home, sat the keys on the table, and left the door open.

You see what happened to Prosper, who told Nova that his outlook at the beginning of the rona was that the world didn’t think your life was worth saving. That is, if you were old, black, and poor. He was really appreciative of Nova taking the lead in organizing a community vaccination drive for St. Joe. In response, she told him, “I got you. No matter what”. But she couldn’t have everybody. The State Health Department only sent over enough vaccine for 300 doses. When actually more than 400 people showed up.

The line was all the way backed up from St. Jo’s to St. Thomas Parish. Due to people outside of their community running down there to get a shot. People were getting angry and being inpatient. Some of the people were even insisting that Nova was being racist by giving certain people the vaccine. Then one of the family members in line who was not from their Parish snuck and stole some of the vaccine doses. When they only had like a few dozen vials left. Leaving Nova, no other option but calling the cops to enforce some peace in the streets. We see how that worked out.

When that cop put his hands on Prosper, he was like get yo hands off of me. Because I’m sick and tired of this crap. LOL Prosper was attempting to explain to a white lady who wasn’t from around their way that she didn’t qualify for the vaccine. But like some of the others, she was trying to accuse him of not treating everyone fairly. Then that cop came over, grabbed him by the arm, telling him that he needs to lower his voice.

You know how they use to reprimand black people down South. Saying things like, “You need to watch your tone of voice, boy, when you speaking to a white woman”. Chiiile ole Prosper wasn’t having none of that shit from them presumably racist cops. And that cop was lucky that Ralph Angel, Hollywood, or both of them didn’t haul off and knock his ass over the head for knocking Prosper to the ground. But anyway, being that he hit his head pretty hard when he fell, I hope ole Prosper will be okay.

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