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Queen Sugar Review Season 6 Episode 2 “And Dream With Them Deeply”

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2 “And Dream With Them Deeply” along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

At the beginning of this episode, we find out that Prosper is not doing so well. He was in a medically induced coma from his fall, thanks to that asshole of a police officer. Therefore, Aunt Vi called up his daughter Billie, in Chicago, so that she can come down. But was his daughter extremely rude or what? His daughter couldn’t understand why he was at the vaccine drive in the first place. You would think that Billie would know that nobody can force her father to volunteer at the event. And that he was there because he wanted to be involved.

The doctors suggested to Prosper’s daughter, therapeutic hyperthermia treatment to reduce his body temp to 35 degrees which may help to reduce the brain swelling. In Billie’s absence, Aunt Vi was making medical decisions on Prosper’s behalf. But after hearing of this new treatment option, Billie, who is blaming everything on the Bordelon’s, demanded that Aunt Vi, not be allowed to visit Prosper. As a matter of fact, Billie demanded that the entire Bordelon family be removed from the visitation list.

This of course didn’t sit well with Aunt Vi who’s been a close friend of Prosper’s for over 35 years. Now we know that Aunt Vi can be very vocal and somewhat overpowering at times when it involves somebody else’s business. Such as her strongly disagreeing with Ra when he sent Blue upstate to attend that prestigious school. But she always means well. And where was Billie during her father’s last medical crisis, Aunt Vi stated. She was at home in Chicago, while the Bordelon’s were right there supporting her father.

Anyway, while everyone was still inside the hospital, Micah stepped out to make a call. When the same police officer who hurt Prosper, pushed Micah on his shoulder, telling him to watch it. Micah immediately recognized him from being at the vaccination drive. Micah then started having flashbacks on his own incident with the police when Hollywood approached him.

Micah doesn’t often speak about that or share that incident with anyone. However, he did this episode to Isaiah, one of his college classmates. And after what happened to Prosper, I had that he’ll get some justice when it comes to the treatment from the cops down there.

Darla is now 25 weeks pregnant and able to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. And according to the sonogram images, they are expecting a baby girl. But what’s up with all these home births. I don’t know how many shows I’ve seen lately, where the birth mother has no desire to deliver at a hospital. Is it like that in real life, as well, due to the pandemic? I think I need to do some research. LOL

Charlie who was in L.A. for a state senator candidacy meeting, flew back to St. Jo as soon as she got word about Prosper. But before flying out, she was told by the political party that if she has any skeletons in her closet, she’ll need to disclose them. And as we saw, Charlie, said “there are no skeletons here”.

This made me wonder if there are any skeletons in her closet that we are unaware of. Because we know about her and Davis’ tumultuous relationship, his other women and child. But I’m almost afraid to find out what kind of skeletons Charlie might be hiding.

Once back in St. Jo, she ran into Billie at the hospital, who told her that she had limited her father’s visitations. What she told Charlie was that Aunt Vi had stepped out of line too many times with her father. So, for that reason, the Bordelon’s are no longer welcome at the hospital. It’s quite evident that Billie loves her father. Even though there might be others who love her father even more.

Per Nova, “You’ve known Aunt Vi since we were kids, Billie. You know she only wants what’s best for everyone, especially Prosper.”

Billie responded, “No, she thinks she knows what’s best. Telling me what to do like I’m a child. She was always like that, in everybody’s business. Not everything around here revolves around the Bordelon’s”.

From Charlie and Billie’s conversation, I got that Charlie believes that Billie is trying to control Prosper, and the Bordelon’s. When Billie feels the exact opposite. Again, she feels like Aunt Vi and the Bordelone’s are always overstepping their boundaries.

We don’t know a whole lot about Billie, who also said that with her and her father, he’s always tried to control her. So, I think that we might have to give Billie the benefit of the doubt. Since she claims that she tried to get her father to move in with her family. But Prosper didn’t and still does not want to move away from his home in St. Jo Parish.

Charlie unfortunately was not able to change Billie’s mind about their family. But Nova was. Regardless of what real history Billie, her father, and Billie and Nova have together. For now, Prosper seems to be doing okay. Because when Ralph Angel paid him a visit in the hospital, we could see Prosper up and walking around.

Prosper who seems to be doing better was also able to check out the sonogram pic of Ra and Darla’s baby girl. Seeing that pic of their baby, seemed to make Prosper wish he had spent more time with his own daughter. To which Ra responded, “It ain’t over till it’s over, Mr. Prosper. You still got time”.

That ended up being a very emotional moment for the two men. Being that for a while, it was touch and go, for ole Prosper. The doctor couldn’t promise his daughter nor the Bordelon’s, that Prosper was going to pull through this one. But thankfully he did. I believe that Prosper will be very influential on Ra’s relationship with his new baby girl. Heck Ra might actually even try to make him the godfather.

Dominic is a cultural anthropology Professor at Tulane. He’s putting together a multimedia exhibit about the black northern migration for Tulane, Nova’s alma mater. Come to find out Loretta is not Dominic’s wife. She is actually his sister. Nova came to realize that when Dominic stopped by with a plate of food from Loretta. The food was to thank her for bringing them one of Aunt Vi’s pies, when Dominic first moved in.

I think Dominic gave Nova some great advice, which might be helpful to a lot of us who have social media presence. Nova was a little down from the cancel Nova Bordelon hash tag has been circling around their community all day.

“When you are asking people to follow you, high expectations come with the territory”, he said.

The hashtag of course started behind the news of Nova, a well-known black rights activist, being in a relationship with a cop. A white cop, that is, who along with other officers beat that young black man, Andre Nixon, until he was paralyzed. Andre, who is still confined to a chair today, pointed a finger at Nova’s boyfriend, who lied to her, about playing a role in the beating. When in fact, he was the cop that gave the last and final blows that landed Andre in a wheelchair.

Now I don’t know what’s going on with Calvin, Nova’s boyfriend. Last we saw, Calvin turned himself in, at the end of last season. And we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since. But from the way Nova was acting at the end of last season, she still desires to be in a relationship with him. And then we now meet Dominic, who I believe for some reason, might be interested in our girl Nova.

St. Jo News was stopping by The Real Spot to do a segment on Hollywood’s newly opened establishment. At the Spot, Hollywood also gave his nephew Micah a whole wall for his photography. While Micah was capturing photos of Hollywood’s, new joint, Hollywood was concerned with Aunt Vi being late. Last episode Aunt Vi was actually really sneaky and suspicious when she had left those desserts at somebody’s motel door and then took off. I was trying to figure out, who was she delivering food to.

And again, on this episode, she’s at the same motel that she was at last week. But this time we got to see who she was visiting.

Paula Jai Parker is playing the part of Celine, who is now to St. Jo Parish. Celine, who is a single mom, of a 10-year-old son, Gabriel is who Aunt Vi has evidently taken under her wing.

Celine and her son are holed up in that motel, to escape from Celine’s violent husband. Aunt Vi is the one who’s actually paying for them to stay there. Aunt Vi who’s been where Celine’s been, knows exactly what it’s like trying to get away from an abusive relationship. However, Celine’s son, who keeps trying to contact his father, doesn’t understand why at least he can’t see or talk to his father.

Since Celine was so terrified that thru her son, her husband might find them, Aunt Vi decided to stay and eat dinner with them. But why is this something that she has to keep from everyone, including her own husband Hollywood. Why did she have to lie to Hollywood, telling him she would be late. Because of a plumbing problem at the diner.

However, Aunt Vi never made it to the club. She later went home, where Hollywood was waiting to watch the news story of his club. And again, I’m still trying to figure out the reason behind Aunt Vi being so secretive.

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