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Queen Sugar Review Season 6 Episode 3 “You Would Come Back Different”

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Here is my written review of Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 3 “You Would Come Back Different” along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So this episode started off with everyone welcoming Prosper back home from the hospital. He’s been doing such a great job of recuperating thanks to a lot of prayers, and physical therapy. Prosper could also feel the love in the air once he got home to his welcoming party. Then we see his daughter Billie standing off to the side.

Looking like she might have been feeling a little left out or at least uncomfortable. Even though she was in her own father’s home.

Now last episode, I was racking my brain, trying to figure out what could have possibly happened between Nova and Billie for them to end their friendship. This episode, even Darla was wondering why Billie was no longer close to the Bordelon’s. But now it’s all coming together.

Remember, last week Billie was coming off extremely rude to the Bordelone’s who her father has grown very close to. They couldn’t understand where all the smoke was coming from. Being that all they were doing was loving on him and supporting her father, as they’ve always done. When in fact, the last time he was hospitalized, she didn’t even make it down to see him. But after hearing her say that she has tried to get her father to move with her in Chicago, to care for him. I said, well, since we don’t know a whole lot about Billie, I think that we might have to give Billie the benefit of the doubt. Which I’m so glad I did.

It appears that Aunt Vi wasn’t the only one hurt by ole Jimmy Dale. Last season he definitely deserved what he got from Hollywood. And much more. To hear that Prosper’s daughter, and Nova’s best friend, was assaulted by Aunt Vi’s ex-husband Jimmy Dale, was so unexpected. But for Billie to be carrying that around for so long, and all alone, had to be difficult, at the very least.

Neither Billie’s father, Prosper, nor the Bordelone’s, or Aunt Vi, was interested in hearing what really happened to Billie. And combine that with the fact that Billie left for Chicago right after she graduated high school made her seem even more guilty. But out of all people, I believe that Billie thought that she could at least depend on her best friend Nova. Then again if Nova just assumed that Billie was just sleeping around with her Aunt’s husband. Nova’s loyalty, above all, has always been to her family first.

So as we found out last week, Aunt Vi has secretly taken a family underneath her wing. Before that, we just knew that she was being really secretive. To make us all wonder who was the mysterious person in room #612. And then we saw that the producers have added another battered woman storyline to the show, featuring our girl Paula Jai Parker.

Parker is playing the part of Celine, who is new to St. Jo Parish. Celine, who is a single mom, of a 10-year-old son, Gabriel has been struggling and holed up in a motel, hiding from her abusive husband. Aunt Vi, who still hadn’t told Hollywood what was really going on, was forced to tell him on this episode. She probably would have had him again, when boxing up that huge box of food and supplies. But because of him seeing her slip some money out of the register into the box, he knew she was lying about delivering food to a customer.

So now that the cat is out the bag, Aunt Vi invited Celine and her son to join her at the diner. But is it wise to have this family travelling about the town? When Celine’s husband could be out there looking to drag her and their son back home. Or even worse, to hurt her and/or their son.

Hollywood’s new joint, “The Real Spot Zone” is finally having its Grand Opening party. At the party, we have Micah, Ralph Angel, and several other men in attendance. Prosper, who wasn’t there in the presence, was still able to enjoy the festivities by Micah’s streaming him in by phone.

I can appreciate what Hollywood is trying to do with his new joint. It’s not just a place for men to gather around, drink and shoot the shit. He made it a point to let the fellas know that this is a safe place for them, to discuss any and everything. I believe Hollywood knows how most men, being men, tend to keep their feelings all bottled up. Even Aunt Vi acknowledged that.

“Well, he’ll see how hard it is to get men to open up. Pulling teeth”, said Aunt Vi.

To start it off though, after seeing Celine’s son holding onto her at the motel, Hollywood, decided to share a memory of his own mother. When he was around Gabriel’s age, he had gone hat shopping with his mother. The white store lady, who presumably was racist, refused to allow his mother to try on any hats. In that moment, Hollywood clung to his mother’s side.

“I was hugging up on my mother’s hips. Because to me she was everything in the world. But to that woman, she was nothing”.

I’m hoping that with Hollywood sharing some heartfelt memories of his own, maybe the others will feel free to open up. Especially Micah. Micah, who keeps having these flash backs, and panic attacks around the police, could really use some therapy. Some therapy, some counseling, or some support from the Real Spot. I feel like hanging around and opening up to those older and much wiser men, might help him out with her anxiety around police.

Even though nothing got worked out in regard to Nova and Billie’s friendship this week. Charlie and Davis seem to be getting along pretty well. Although I could not believe how Davis is already trying to get Charlie to move back to L.A.

Yes, they have rekindled their flame. But to just uproot her from a place where she has grown very fond of, once, again. From a community, a family, and citizens that she has dedicated her life to. Only to move back with him, after dating for a just a few months. Come on now.

“My life is in St. Jo now. I have a calling, a community here. But long weekends in L.A. with you, sounds magnificent”, she told Davis.

Thank God Charlie is a very strong black woman. She’s not committing herself to a move just yet. What she is ready for though, is going public as a reunited couple.

“Leave the image stuff to me. No time like the present right”, she said. Before posting a couple selfie on social media. With the hashtag black love never dies followed by a black heart emoji. #blackloveneverdies🖤

Now the last thing I want to discuss is Ra and Darla. Last time I mentioned that I didn’t even think that Darla knew about Ra taking out all those paycheck advance loans. When in fact she was well aware. And their sugar cane still isn’t harvesting as well as they need it to.

They’re also getting close to maxing out their payday loans. And along with the arrival of their new baby girl, they both have much to be concerned about. Therefore, since they’re still waiting on the remedy checks, Darla suggested that they ask others for financial assistance. Other’s most likely means asking Charlie, which Ra is not trying to do.

“Don’t give up on me. I just need a little more time. Aight”, said Ra.

Ralph Angel is trying to carry his family on his own. Which he has been doing for quite some time now. He even tried to refuse money from T, an ex-jail mate of his. But T didn’t take no for an answer. And when he slid that money to Ralph Angel, why did I get a feeling that the money Ra just received, would come back to haunt him.

I just got an eerie feeling at the end of that scene. Maybe it was because right before giving that money to Ra, T suggested a fast money scheme to Ra. T, who has been stealing office computer equipment done offered to give Ra, a “get-away” driver job. In addition to that, they were stealing the computers from one of the warehouses owned by the Landry’s. A family that Ra is not trying to get mixed up with.

So even though, T said the money was a gift for the baby. Again, I hope it somehow doesn’t come back on Ra. Because we are all familiar with the bad blood that still exists between the Bordelone’s and the Landry’s.

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