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Queen Sugar Review Season 6 Episode 5 “Moving So Easily Through That Common Depth”

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Here is my written review of Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5 “Moving So Easily Through That Common Depth”, along with the link to my live video

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For right now the judge upheld the stay for the work order to excavate the land of the Bordelons. So, they can’t start digging again. Also, it might be a while before they can find out the forensic test results of the bones that were found on their land. The bad news is that the families of the missing men who were presumably killed by their father, might want to file a civil suit. And even if those bones are proven to be the bones of the missing men, they mostly won’t have a chance in hell of winning. Still yet, the idea of their father being dragged through the mud as a murderer, understandably doesn’t sit too well with the Bordelons.

Hollywood has really taken a liking to Celine’s son, Gabriel. They have been spending a lot of time together, playing basketball and going fishing and such. And likewise, Gabe can’t get enough of Hollywood as well. But will this newfound bond between Hollywood and Gabe, create a desire for Hollywood to want his own children. Aunt Vi showed concern that Hollywood might want to one day, have someone to hand down his legacy to.

“You know, we’re always going to have kids in our lives. You know, Micah, Blue, and the new baby… and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nova winds up having kids at some point. But it could never be ours, said Vi.

“Legacy is about more than just kids”, Hollywood replied.

Over dinner, Celine gave Aunt Vi a bit of good news, which she could need right about now. The lawyers Aunt Vi recommended has started on the paperwork for Celine’s divorce. Celine couldn’t be happier. She and her son are still safe for now. Aunt Vi and Hollywood has been so accommodating and hospital to her little family. And finally, she has started the process of divorcing her husband. Although, everything seems to be going as planned. I somehow think that the husband will be throwing a wrench into Celine’s plans real soon.

Prosper and his daughter Billie seems to be having some sort of communication issues. Billie is not going to be able to stay in St. Jo forever. But while she’s there, she’s only trying to make sure her father is comfortable. As well as having everything he needs before she leaves. She actually tried to gift him a new coffee pot, since he loves coffee. He refuses it though, after finding out she spent $100 for it. It was his money being spent. So why couldn’t he just accept the gift, is what Billie couldn’t understand. Billie took back the pot, to return to the store. Then after telling her father that she’s just trying to make him happy, leaves to visit Fiona.

We also found out this episode that just recently Prosper had upset Aunt Vi, by taking Billie’s side on something. It appears that Prosper when talking to the fellas, at The Real Spot, really wants to work things out with his daughter.

“Yeah, ever since she’s been back, it’s just so hard connecting with her. One minute it’s good, the next minute it’s bad, the minute after that, it’s even worse, Prosper told the guys.

However, much later, Prosper and Billie, shared a beautiful moment. Prosper apologized to his daughter for all the times he’s failed her. In return Billie apologized to him, for if she’s ever embarrassed him. Nova and Billie’s relationship is slowly being repaired, as well. Nova has waited so long to hear an apology from Billie. Which she finally received.

Darla is terrified of being in despair with them not having any real money coming in, with a baby on the way. Plus, they are neck-deep in payday advance loans. Now last week Ra’s friend Theo, from prison, offered Ra a side hustle gig, which Ra turned down. Because the job was stealing, computer office equipment from one of the Landry warehouses. But this week, he tells Darla that his boy Theo offered him a job. Darla obviously concerned, responded by asking, “Theo, from prison?”

“I used to be Ralph Angel from prison. Don’t forget. Look he legit now. The gig ain’t glamorous, but it would lead to a full-time job, as warehouse work. It’s under the table, but it’s good money”, Ralph said.

I am seriously hoping that Ra doesn’t jeopardize his family, or his freedom messing around with his boy. He even told Darla that the job was legit. Darla, then took it upon herself to confide the financial troubles to Aunt Vi. And come to find out, the money that Ra told Darla not to get from her parents, she asked them to sign it over to her anyway. She has been feeling horrible for keeping it a secret from Ra. But needing somebody to confide in, she told Aunt Vi.

Ralph Angel, later met up with Theo to confirm what the “job” entails. Theo again tells him that there are no risks involved. But how could that be true when you are stealing from the Laundry’s. Especially when the Bordelons are already dealing with the authorities trying to dig up their land. But after Ralph Angel took that money from Theo anyway, he sat in his truck, crying, and praying to God.

“God. I don’t come to you often. You remember the last time I’ve been to church and opened up a Bible. I’m bad for that. I know what I’m doing tonight is wrong. This is for the right reasons now. I know it’s wrong. I probably shouldn’t ask you this but keep me safe tonight, please. I promise from here on out, Im’ma do right. Im’ma be the type of man my family could be proud of. That’s my word. Amen”, Ralph Angel prayed.

But was it really a last-minute change in plans, per Theo? Or was that the plan all along, to get Ralph Angel to help load the trucks. Theo even gave Ra one last chance to not participate. Apprehensive, and somewhat paranoid, Ra stayed, stole, and got paid from Theo. As a matter of fact, when those police sirens came out of nowhere, I know Ra almost pissed his pants thinking that they were coming for him. Seems he got lucky this time.

Micah finally had a conversation with his mother, in regard to his anxiety around the police. I’m glad he’s decided to reveal to her the experiences that he’s been having lately. He also mentioned that he now understands that even if he can’t control everything that happens to him. He can control how he responds to certain situations. Which is really important in the black community right now, with all these police brutality cases. That and taking up on the advice of his classmate Isaiah to start meditating, has Micah looking at things differently.

But now the tables might be turning with Micah giving Isaiah advice. Isaiah has been stressed out, and not doing so well on his schoolwork. After offering him his ear, Micah suggested they go out for tacos. When sharing a friendly hug with Isaiah, two other students noticed them embracing. Did you catch the expression on the face of the other students?

Remember when I said a few episodes back, that I think something is up with Isaiah. I also said I’m going to keep my thoughts to myself at that time. Today, I’m going to say what I’ve been thinking of Isaiah. Is he gay? Not that it makes a difference to me. But that’s what I’ve been wondering since I first saw his character. Those other two students were staring at Micah and Isaiah hugging, as if they knew something we don’t know.

As for Charlie and Davis’s relationship, black Twitter has now made them famous. Or infamous per Charlie. Not enjoying the bad publicity, they are receiving, Charlie looks to Aunt Vi for some advice. Charlie, at first thought it was a good idea, to post a pic of her and Davis on social media. Then revealed to Gayle King that she and Davis are happily back together. Aunt Vi basically told her to stop giving social media the rights to her business. And even though, I’m not all in with the thought of Charlie being back with her ex. What do you think of their rekindled relationship?

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