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R Kelly Trial: Assistant said in text message his 18-year-old accuser should run and never come back

In text messages, an R. Kelly assistant said one of his 18-year-old accuser should run and 'never come back’.

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. Allegedly the singer would entice girls, boys, and young women

before dominating and controlling them physically, sexually and psychologically.

On day 9 of the trial, we heard from Suzette Mayweather. Mayweather had claimed to have overheard or later learned of women being physically abused by the singer. Mayweather and Kelly, after knowing each other for decades, came to have somewhat like a brother sister relationship. Still yet, even though she also became his personal assistant in 2015, he was very strict with her as well. She testified in court how the two of them would even get into arguments during the 16 months that she had worked for him.

Then on the stand Mayweather testified how her pay was once docked because she allowed one of Kelly’s girls to leave a van to use the restroom without his permission. He didn’t just dock her pay either. He also made her write an apology letter, like something you’d do to a small child.

Now yesterday on Tuesday, we heard from Mayweather’s twin sister, Aliciette Mayweather, who sometimes worked alongside her sister Suzette. Aliciette Mayweather was also a personal assistant to R. Kelly. During Tuesday’s trial of this week Aliciette told the jury of her concern with one of Kelly’s 18-year-old girlfriend’s.

In court, Aliciette read from dozens of text messages between her, Kelly and other employees from the time that she was employed by the singer. On one particular day in May of 2016, Mayweather was in charge of the 18-year-old girl, who had slept overnight on a tour bus. The bus was parked outside of the Chocolate Factory, R. Kelly’s music studio.

The girlfriend who in court was referred to as “Jane” per Mayweather looked “rough”. So, she texted R. Kelly’s’ stylist to voice her concerns of the girl looking “rough” and having puffy eyes. To which Mayweather suggested that the 18-year-old should go back to her home in Florida, and never come back.

"When she gets to Florida she should NEVER come back," Mayweather wrote in the text message. "She should be living the life of an 18-year-old high school senior." And in another text, she added, “Something is REALLY strange about the treatment and behavior of the little one. The punishment is REAL”!!

This “Jane” that Aliciette was testifying about, had actually testified earlier in the trial.

Jane Doe #5 had told the jury that in 2015, after one of R. Kelly’s Orlando concerts, she met Kelly at a hotel when she was a 17-year-old high school student. She had told the jury how when she had to use the facilities, she had to urinate in big cups from a gas station, if Kelly wasn’t around to get permission to use the facilities. Jane also stated that she ended up spending the rest of her summer before her senior year of high school in Chicago, being confined to hotels or Kelly’s studio.

When Jane testified, she recounted how at the end of that first summer, she finally got courage to admit to Kelly that she was underage. In response to her confession, the singer openhandedly slapped her in the face, right in the middle of eating hot dogs in Lincoln Park. He then stood up laughing and walked away from her. But him knowing that he could be in trouble once again, later returned to find her at the park, convincing her to go back with him.

Then we also heard from Jane how angry and furious she was to find out that she had contracted herpes from Kelly. If you can recall when Jane had started to have vaginal pain every time, she and Kelly would have intercourse, Kelly joked that maybe he was just too big for her. The pain persisted and got more extreme to the point where it was hard for Jane to even walk.

So, Kelly had one of his female entourages, to escort Jane to the hospital. Juice as stated in court weeks ago, was actually a family friend of Kelly. You know, the family friend who usually was the one to bring more women to R. Kelly for sexual escapades. And from what Suzette Mayweather said on the stand, Juice was not exempt from punishment either.

"Juice gets punished, too," Kelly told Mayweather, she testified.

From what we can make of it, anyone, any employee, girlfriend, male, female, anyone could face punishment from the singer.

Among other accusations, Jane also alleged the singer forced her to have an abortion. "He had expressed he still wanted me to keep my body tight and that he wanted to start a family when he got rid of the other girls", Jane stated in court.

So, this is the Jane who Aliciette was referring to in court. And again, Aliciette just like her sister never witnessed R. Kelly abusing any of the girls. But she described situations where the younger women appeared to have been hurt by Kelly.

Aliciette, among many, have testified of the punishments people faced when dealing with the singer. She said that she didn’t quite understand why Kelly would make a young girl sleep on a tour bus, when there were plenty of bedrooms in his home.

When Aliciette was cross examined by Deveraux Cannick, Kelly’s defense attorney, he suggested that Jane needed to finish her schoolwork to graduate high school. Cannick also referred to the bus as being luxurious, with beds, fridge, and microwave.

Even though the singer often traveled the country in the vehicle, Aliciette didn’t relate to it as being “luxury” at all.

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