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R Kelly Trial Day 4 - Jane Doe #5 claims she couldn't walk after R Kelly "purposely" gave her herpes

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. Please see below trial coverage regarding Day 4 of the R. Kelly Trial. There is also a video podcast link below as well to listen to me covering the trial. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Thank you.

Kelly’s former tour manager, Demetrius Smith, was back on the stand today. Last Friday Smith, had actually tried to get out of testifying against his former boss by pleading the fifth. Unfortunately for him, another judge had already ordered him to testify with the promise of immunity in this case. So, on last Friday, Smith had told the courts how once upon a time, Kelly secretly relayed to him that Aaliyah was pregnant with his child. At that time though, Smith like others might say in a similar situation, said how do you know she’s really pregnant. And when he said that in court, I could imagine that he was looking out for his boss. Smith was probably thinking his boss was possibly being conned by Aaliyah. As if Aaliyah might be lying to continue being with R. Kelly. But that’s just my opinion.

Today in court Smith went into more details of R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah, testifying that he knew Kelly and Aaliyah’s 1994 marriage was wrong. But like everyone else in Kelly’s circle, Smith was very loyal and protective of R. Kelly. Smith, at first, didn’t want to believe that anything was going on with the two. “They were more than friends from the very beginning,” Smith stated, which began right after the singer met the young teenager. “I just thought they were too playful”, he said. Smith is not the only one who has stated that whatever R. Kelly wanted, was done, or provided to him. Regardless if someone felt as if it was wrong of immoral. It seems when it comes to Kelz, the personal beliefs of his staff, his circle, or their feelings, needed to be harbored against him. Especially if they wanted to keep their job or stay inside of his circle. Which is exactly what Smith did. In order to stay inside of Kelly’s circle, he did what he could to protect his boss from possibly going to jail.

Smith explained in court, how he was able to get Aaliyah a fake ID, since she was too young to get married. Smith took a chance on finding someone at the public aid welfare office that might Aaliyah a fake welfare ID in exchange for $500. He basically walked in there approaching a clerk with “hey, wanna make some money”. And of course, it’s always one person willing to risk or lose their job for some money. They found a clerk who accepted the offer, and make them an ID. After that, with Kelly and Aaliyah following behind them in a separate car, they headed to a city clerk’s office, where Kelly and Aaliyah got a marriage license. Soon after the two had a private wedding ceremony at a Sheraton hotel near the airport. Again, the star was 27 and Aaliyah was only 15. The Cook County Clerk marriage application, certification, and license showed that the couple tied the knot on August 31, 1994, in the city of Rosemont, Illinois. A few years later, in February of 1996, Aaliyah’s parents had her illegal marriage annulled. But even to this day in court, Smith is still trying to do right by his former boss. Even after being promised by the courts immunity to testify, Smith repeatedly said how uncomfortable it was for him to testify against Kelly. Especially being that Aaliyah nor her family was there in Aaliyah’s defense.

Now back to this herpes situation. Last week we heard from a professor at Northwestern University and Kelly’s former primary care doctor. Dr. Kris McGrath, Kelly’s doctor of 25 years, testified that he had prescribed the musician medication to treat symptoms of genital herpes as early as 2007. But that he first found out as early as 2000 that the singer possibly might have had the disease. But after his visit in 2007, McGrath directed that Kelly tell his sexual partners about the possible diagnosis. McGrath, who also socialized with Kelly - said he prescribed the singer herpes medication “so often that I memorized the phone number” of the pharmacy. Also last week Jerhonda Pace, who started having sex with Kelly when she was 16 years old, testified that Kelly gave her herpes. She mentioned that during their entire relationship, he never wore condoms. Even while knowing that he had the sexually transmitted disease.

And in court today we heard from Jane Doe #5 how angry and furious she was to find out that she had contracted herpes from Kelly. In 2015, Jane Doe #5, after one of R. Kelly’s Orlando concerts, met Kelly at a hotel when she was a 17-year-old high school student. However just like other accusers, she had told Kelly that she was 18. But had she known before being intimate with him, that he had the std, I wonder if things might have turned out differently for her. But that’s neither here nor there. Because during their first encounter, she claims he “peer pressured” her into letting him perform oral sex on her. Following that first encounter, Jane Doe #5 routinely met up with Kelly at different concerts across the country.

Sometime later in their relationship, every time they had sex, she claims to experience a lot of pain. The pain would be in her pelvic and lower abdomen area, even making it hard for her to walk. The pain eventually became so severe that Kelly made her an appointment to see a doctor. Which was when Jane Doe #5 realized that she had contracted herpes from the singer. Jane Doe #5 angrily expressed to the court that “This man purposely gave me something he knew he had had. That he could have controlled.” And just like the experience of Pace and others, Jane Doe #5 was kept isolated and confined, in hotels or at Kelly’s studio. Despite the studio not having any facilities, Jane Doe #5 was not permitted to leave, not even to use the restrooms.

We have heard time and time again how strict and abusive Kelly was to all his women and underage girls. So, it’s not hard to believe that when Jane Doe #5 had to use the facilities, she had to urinate in big cups from a gas station. Or that she had to wear baggy clothes and couldn’t make any moves without his permission. Or how he would always record them having sex. But as far as personal hygiene, R. Kelly did at least make sure she had tissue paper and baby wipes to clean herself up afterwards. Jane Doe #5 ended up spending the rest of her summer before her senior year of high school in Chicago, being confined to hotels or Kelly’s studio.

But in this case, as many people believe happened with more of Kelly’s girls, her parents had full knowledge of what was going on. In fact, after consulting with Kelly’s attorney’s and her parents, Jane Doe #5 moved in with the singer. Jane Doe #5 got permission from her parents to be homeschooled while living with R. Kelly. But I wonder if they ever knew about him being abusive towards their daughter during the 5 years that she spent living with him. Jane Doe #5 recounted today how at the end of that first summer, she finally got courage to admit to Kelly that she was underage. In response to her confession, the singer openhandedly slapped her in the face, right in the middle of eating hot dogs in Lincoln Park. He then stood up laughing and walked away from her. But him knowing that he could be in trouble once again, later returned to find her at the park, convincing her to go back with him. She claims that “He gave me a kiss and he said we would figure it out,” she said.

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