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R Kelly Trial Day 5: R. Kelly Made Azriel and Joycelyn lie to Gayle On The 2019 Gayle King Interview

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. And today we going to go over what we have come to find out from Day 5 of the R. Kelly Sex Trafficking Trial. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Thank you.

The second accuser to testify against the R&B star during his trial received a nickname of Jane Doe #5. But today she is testifying under a pseudonym aka a fake name, just Jane I believe. But we’ll keep referring to her as Jane Doe #5. This particular accuser is now on her 2nd day on the stand. Yesterday we heard how R. Kelly always kept her isolated and confined, in hotels or at his studio. And that despite the studio not having any facilities, she was not permitted to leave, not even to use the restroom. Such is the case for most of the females who had engaged in a sexual relationship with R. Kelly. They were never allowed to basically lift a finger without the singer’s permission.

Then today we find out what most of us knew all along, which was that R. Kelly had her and his other live-in girlfriend lie to Gayle King during their March 8, 2019, interview. The craziest part of that for me is that he wouldn’t allow his “roomies” to watch the Lifetime “Surviving R. Kelly” series. He told them that all the women on the show were lying about him. When in fact, he was doing the same exact thing to his roomies. Then had them lie on national tv to Gayle King. I can vividly recall that day when Gayle interviewed R. Kelly and his two live-in girlfriends. And most of us at the time, knew that he and his girlfriends were straight up lying their asses off to Gayle.

The girlfriends of course, were lying because for one, he instructed them to. And for two, they were lying to protect his image and theirs. Because you see, so many people or the public eye was trying to figure out or scrutinize why these women would subject themselves to that type of abuse. Whether he was a star or your average Joe Blow down the street. Nobody should be abused and humiliated in the manner, in which they were forced to undergo.

But do y’all remember how the two women presented themselves on Kings interview. Do you recall how extremely disrespectful Azriel was when speaking to King? You could tell right off the bat that something wasn’t right. Because they both were way too defensive. Azriel clearly, was being manipulated by the King of r&b. She was very disrespectful, even answering Gayle’s question before she could even finish asking it. But also do you remember when Azriel’s parents said that she had threatened to commit suicide had they not allowed her to go to an R. Kelly concert. Then Azriel turned to the media saying, that her parents were lying on her. ‘It was all a scam for money”, she said regarding the Clary’s and the Savages. She then went on to say that they were also lying about her love of music and singing and how she wanted to be with Kelly so that he could make her a star.

Do y’all remember that? Azriel actually stated that her parents who had shared their daughter’s sexual abuse story on the “Surviving R. Kelly” series were making it all up. Because both her parents and Joycelyn’s parents were not receiving any money from Kelly for their daughters to be living with him. Not only did she call them liars. She also claimed that her parents forced her to sing when she never wanted a singer career. And of course, we knew Jane Doe #5 was actually the one lying about that, when people started posting all of her videos of her singing and performing on social media. Because it sure appeared as if she truly enjoyed singing, and the art of singing, for that matter. At least that is what was perceived by the public eye, including me.

As far as Joycelyn Savage, the other live-in girlfriend, she seemed to be coached by Kelly during the interview. The way that she was speaking also made her appear robotic. Even with the shakiness in her voice, she still came off as robotic. They both did. But today when Jane Doe #5 took the stand, she also mentioned how R. Kelly would cough loudly to let them know that he was nearby. Either that, or to alert them not to speak on a particular subject. Or answer a specific question from Gayle. And I don’t know about y’all, but I do distinctly remember Kelly coughing loudly from another area, during the lady’s interview. This is another reason why I believe this accuser is Azriel. Regardless, both of these women were brainwashed for sure. I mean is it safe to say that R. Kelly really did a number on these two ladies. And not only just these two, but many more.

Up until the end of 2019, when his live-in girlfriends were living in R. Kelly’s condo, both of them, together, continued to protest his innocence. But while he was locked away the relationship between the two ladies took a shift, to the point where they no longer got along. In January of 2020, Joycelyn and Azriel had gotten into a little fisticuff at R. Kelly's Trump Tower condo in downtown Chicago. During the catfight, which was caught on video, Azriel threatened to report Joycelyn to the police for allegedly having sex with her while she was a minor. Which is very similar to the charges that Kelly is currently on trial for today. After the fight was broken up Azriel was taken to Northwestern Hospital in good condition. Following the incident, Joycelyn was arrested and later released on bond for the alleged battery of Azriel. Joycelyn’s mugshot was also being posted all over social media, along with the video of the fight. A few days after their physical altercation, Azriel’s mother, Alice Clary confirmed that her daughter had returned home. Joycelyn who had met with her parents for the first time in three years at the courthouse, had also returned home to her family.

Now back to present time. Jane Doe #5 that was still on the stand today, spoke about how the singer had forced her to have sex with somebody he referred to as “nephew”. This was a form of punishment for her breaking one of his stringent rules. As a form of punishment, nephew was to be pleased by her the same way that she pleases R. Kelly. This nephew, allegedly per Jane Doe #5, was also groomed by R. Kelly as well. Which makes me wonder, if he’ll be one of the two male accusers who are to testify against Kelly for being with them when they were underage. I’m not sure. But today’s accuser also stated that she had no interest in having sex with nephew, even when R. Kelly would actually join in on the act. She claims that sometimes he would still be in the room naked with them, even if he didn’t join them. But either way, he was always directing them, on what to do and how to do “it”. And of course, like others have stated, he always recorded their sessions.

Now keep in mind that Jane Doe #5 had lied to Gayle King during their interview, about not being subject to any sexual, physical, or mental abuse. But then stated in court today how Kelly not only sexually, physically, and mentally abused them. But along with punishing them every time they broke one of his stringent rules, he also kept them isolated from their family and friends as well. Again, as we’ve heard many times from other accusers, they couldn’t eat, use the bathroom, go anywhere, or contact anyone without his permission. But even though Kelly tried to distance them from their loved ones, Jane Doe #5 would sneak behind his back to text her friends, then delete the text messages. She wanted to keep in contact with somebody on the outside, in order to prove that she was really with the singer. Especially in case something bad happened to her.

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