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R. Kelly Trial Day 8: First Male Accuser Testifies Against R. Kelly Saying He was Exploited

Now as we all know, R. Kelly is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. And today we are going to go over what we have come to find out from Day 8 of the R. Kelly Trial. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Thank you.

So today on Trial Day 8, we are going to discuss the testimonies of two individuals. A woman and a man. But first let’s start off with what the woman had told the jury. And I was wondering when we were going to start to hear from the male accusers. Since we’ve already heard from like 3 women.

But we will get to that. Now the lady on the stand today, who’s name is unknown, testified that she had been sexually assaulted by the King of r&b after his 1994 performance in Miami. “I was in complete shock,” she said. “I didn’t know what to say at all.” I basically went blank”, she stated after some of R. Kelly’s entourage pulled her and a friend into a dressing room after an R. Kelly concert. After inside the dressing room, the woman claims that the singer then pulled down her pants and forced himself on her without any protection. When the act was over with, her and her friend unlocked the dressing room door, and took off.

The woman stated, “Because I didn’t want to feel more shame and trauma,” when being cross-examined by defense attorney, Deveraux Cannick. Because Devereaux Cannick, asked her why would she wait more than two decades to make a report after someone allegedly “raped you”.

I know for some, this question is absurd, due to knowing that every rape victim responds differently after an assault. On the flip side, others still look at accusers with the side eye when they don’t immediately report a rape. In this case, we’re of course dealing with a very famous artist, who could have and did have any woman he wanted. Which is oftentimes why people don’t believe some, if not all of these accusers.

Now before we discuss the male witness who took the stand today. We first heard about this allegation regarding a male and his friend a few weeks ago.

R. Kelly has always been accused of recruiting woman and girls to engage in illegal sexual activities. But then came two new allegations that have surfaced regarding two 17-year-old boys. We found out a while back that Prosecutors are alleging that the singer abused a 17-year-old boy almost 15 years ago. R. Kelly is said to have met the boy at a McDonald’s. The singer then invited the boy to a party at his Chicago home. The singer did attend the party, at first with his parents. But was told by R. Kelly to come alone, the next time he visits. And just like similar stories told by the singer’s other accuser’s, R. Kelly invited the boy to his studio, under the guise of helping and mentoring with his musical aspirations. Allegedly the singer asked John Doe #1 what he was willing to do to make it in the music world. Kelly made it very clear, how he wanted John Doe #1 to engage in sexual activities with him.

Sooooo with that being said, the male victim who took the stand today, is going by the pseudonym “Louis”. Louis, who I assume is also John Doe #1 told the jury that he was a 17-year-old High School student at the time that he first met R. Kelly. Louis claims that the same way the singer exploited females, was the same way he also exploited him. It all happened in the year of 2007. Keep in mind it was in 2006 when R. Kelly’s long-time doctor first knew that R. Kelly might have contracted the herpes virus. But any way. Louis stated that he was lured to the singer’s home on the false pretenses that he was going to receive help with jumpstarting his musical career.

Kelly asked the alleged victim, who was 17 years old, “what I was willing to do for music,” the witness said. “Louis” responded with, “I’ll carry your bags. Anything you need, I’ll be willing to do.” I don’t know why but that reminded me of the SWV song Anything you want me to do I’ll do it. But any way moving right along.

Per Louis, “That’s not it. That’s not it,” is how R. Kelly responded to him. Kelly went on to ask him has he ever fantasized about having sex with men. The accuser then recalled how Kelly had gotten down on his knees, crawled to him and proceeded to give me oral sex. To which Louis said, he was not into it.

Afterwards, “he told me to keep between him and me,” Louis told the jury.

Being that Louis really wanted desperately for the singer to assist him with his musical career, he continued seeing Kelly. As a matter of fact, on a later occasion the male accuser told the jury that Kelly once, “snapped his fingers three times” to summon a naked girl from where she was hiding under a boxing ring. Kelly then instructed the girl to perform oral sex on both “Louis” and Kelly.

And as I’m sure we can all guess that, Louis never entered the music entertainment business. At least not with the help of the King of r&b.

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