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R. Kelly Trial: R. Kelly Accuser Says She Witnessed Him Sexually Abuse Aaliyah at 13

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. Allegedly the singer would entice girls, boys and young women before dominating and controlling them physically, sexually and psychologically. And today we are going to go over what we have come to find out from Day 15 of the R. Kelly Trial.

Now allow me to start off by saying that I have stated many times that I believe R. Kelly started sleeping with Aaliyah soon after he met her through her Uncle. And in court today the jury heard from Angela, the tenth accuser who claims that the singer allegedly started sexually abusing Aaliyah when she was 13 years old. This was two years before they had illegally gotten married.

What the accuser testified to what that she witnessed R. Kelly perform oral sex on Aaliyah either in 1992 or 1993. That would make Aaliyah around the age of 13 or 14. And whether she was 13 or 14 years old, she was still a minor. R. Kelly was 27 years old when he married Aaliyah. Therefore, he would have had to have been 24 or 25 years old when he started having sex with her.

Now if I recall correctly, on the Lifetime “Surviving R. Kelly” series, it was said by one of the accusers that R. Kelly was caught having sex with Aaliyah on his tour bus when she was really young.

So, this accuser Angela, stated in court that she along with several underage girls, including Aaliyah were all sexually abused by Kelly. Angela had met Kelly in 1991 when she was 15 years old through another friend named Tiffany. Tiffany had taken Angela to the singer’s apartment in Chicago where there were also other young girls present. There at his apartment during which a party was taken place, each of the girls were called into a room to join Kelly for sex.

When Angela was summoned to the room the singer asked her to climb on top of him to have sex with him without offering her condom. But thanks to Angela having a condom herself, she was able to protect herself at that time. While Angela was straddling him, the singer was touching the breasts of another young female. During the sexual escapade he was also kissing on another young girl at the same time.

After the night of the party, both Angela and her friend Tiffany were invited back to spend time with the singer. At the time, Angela was 14 or 15 years old herself, when Kelly has sex with her the first night they met.

Later, Angela actually spent a lot of time with R. Kelly, almost on a daily basis. While she was still a minor, the singer continued to have sex with her. But eventually R. Kelly gave her an ultimatum. She was either going to finish school, or she was going to drop out of school to pursue her musical career with him.

Although Angela was an aspiring singer, Kelly made her a backup dancer. Even though she used to be a part of a girls singing group by the name of Second Chapter. R. Kelly gave her a dancing opportunity verses a singing career.

While being a backup dancer to the singer, Angela met Aaliyah through him. At the time she met the up-and-coming singer, it was 1992 when Aaliyah was 13 years old. R. Kelly had described Aaliyah to Angela as “the next up-and-coming-artist, the next hottest wave from Detroit.” And that Angela was going to also become a backup dancer for the up-and-coming artist.

The first time Angela witness R. Kelly sexually abusing Aaliyah was again in ’92 or ’93. Angela, Kelly, Aaliyah, and Kelly’s entourage were on his tour bus. At one point, while goofing around with other young girls on the bus, Angela attempted to play a prank on Kelly. When she opened his door so that they can pour water on him, she spotted R. Kelly’s face in between Aaliyah’s legs. He was obviously performing oral sex on the young teen.

Angela claims to not have ever spoken to R. Kelly about what she had witnessed. She did however stop working for him in the mid-90s. But regarding any abuse from R. Kelly, Angela also during her testimony recalled how R. Kelly would punish them with sex. If the girls did not follow one of his rules, he would subject them all to having sex with him. To a certain degree, having sex with Kelly was also mandatory, Angela said.

On one occasion, on a stop in Washington, DC, Angela, described how she, Aaliyah and other girls had left the hotel, to get something to eat without his permission. Without him knowing, they had slipped off to a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store, to get something to eat. After finding out what they all had did, Kelly told them that “we would all have to put out that night … it was dues time.” Evidently from what we have heard throughout his 30 plus year career, he had a very healthy sexual appetite. But too bad internally he wasn’t that healthy, being that he kept giving people the herpes virus.

But moving right along. Another witness took the stand today to testify against R. Kelly. The witness, Diana Copeland admitted to not witnessing the singer abuse, sexually assault or kidnap anyone. What he did do however was force her to write false confessions. We have already heard how the singer allegedly would force people to write false letter to their loved ones about them beating on themselves. When in all actuality, the singer was the one spanking them, when they so called “got out of line”.

Under oath, Diana Copeland recalled how R. Kelly had very strict rules that were to be followed. She was actually his long time assistant. From what she stated in court, the singer at times was very cautious, maybe to the point of even being paranoid. Which is totally understandable from everything that he is alleged to have done over the years.

As the other witness, Angela stated today, Copeland said that Kelly could get pretty upset. To the point that at times, over the 15 years she’s worked for him, Kelly has made her cry at times. Upon other things, the singer was also extremely paranoid, that he even had her, Copeland, disrobe to prove she’s not wearing a wire.

But despite him being so cautious with people trying to set him up, he was not in the loop w, whatever, when it came to his books. And we’ve all heard over the years how R. Kelly was not too bright upstairs when it came to being “book smart. He was an awesome musician. I’d even call him the Mozart of American r&b music, song writing, and recording producer.

In spite of him, being an amazing artist, per Diana, he was in the dark when it came to his bank account, finances and musical royalties. Diana also claims that the singer had no idea what his own social security number was. Now how many people do you know in their 20s or 30s that don’t know their ssn number. Regardless, this and his many alleged payoffs to accusers or family of accusers would have had to contribute to why he’s totally broke right now.

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