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R. Kelly Trial Days 10 - 12: Jury hears from Pastor who officiated R. Kelly and Aaliyah's wedding

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. So, let’s rehash some of what we found out on Days 10 -12 of the R. Kelly Sex Trafficking Trial.

Sooo R. Kelly tried to force the Pastor who officiated the secret wedding ceremony between the singer and Aaliyah to sign an NDA. But the Pastor, although not aware enough of Aaliyah’s age, was smart enough not to sign the documents. Pastor Nathan Edmond, who testified on day 10 of the R. Kelly trial stated that the NDA didn’t look “legally sound”. Which makes me wonder if any of the NDA’s he had people sign were legit.

The Pastor who was subpoenaed to testify recalled some details that he remembered from the ceremony. One of which was that R. Kelly and Aaliyah did not get married in formal attire. Instead, they both wore matching jogging suits. Actually, do y’all remember how we used to wear one leg up on our jogging suits back in the day. Yeah, that is how the Pastor described their jogging suits.

Pastor Edmond always recollected there being in attendance, R. Kelly and Aaliyah along with 3 other men. Although he claims to not have known any of the men’s names, I can assume one of them was R. Kelly’s tour manager, Demetrius Smith. The Pastor had come to join the two together, Kelly and Aaliyah by way of him and Kelly’s mutual friend, Keith Williams. The Pastor had met Keith from them both doing business in real estate. Being that Keith was acquainted with both Kelly and Williams, recruiting the Pastor worked out in Kelly’s favor.

The wedding ceremony per Pastor Edmond only lasted about a good whole 10 minutes. One question I have though, is that after looking at Aaliyah and R. Kelly and being pressured to sign the NDA, why did he go along with the wedding. Even though he couldn’t see Aaliyah’s whole face as he said, because of her hair hiding half of her face. Which is a hairstyle we all remember her often sporting. He had to have been able to tell that she looked rather young. Besides the fact that she used a fake public aid welfare I.D. to get a marriage license. Even if he didn’t recognize Aaliyah, you mean to tell me that he also didn’t recognize R. Kelly.

The Pastor and the singer both lived in Illinois. Not only that. But for over 27 years it has been speculated that the singer married a 15-year-old girl without her parents’ permission. So why did it take a subpoena for him to come forward. Especially since he’s a Pastor, a man of the cloth. He even refused any money that was offered to him to perform the ceremony. On the stand he explained how they offered him like $25 or $50, which he again refused. Not accepting any money to marry someone also led me to wonder if he in fact knew who Aaliyah was. Even though he stated in court how he didn’t know or recognize Aaliyah as being anybody important or well known. “I didn’t think it was anybody special—I didn’t understand it at all,” Edmond said.

Now besides that Pastor, there were a few other women to testify last week as well. One of them was a witness named Alexis. The other went by the name Kate. But we’ll discuss Alexis first.

Alexis testified that when she was 15 years old, she met Kelly during a 2006 concert, in Jacksonville, Florida, And as usual, the singer gave Alexis his number. They both met up at a local mall on the next day. Alexis also hung out with him on his tour bus, where she claims that nothing unusual or sexual happened. As a matter of fact, when she revealed her age to him, he acted as if it was nothing for someone her age to hang around a grown man like him. What he told her was, “There’s nothing wrong with platonic friendship, and if it turns into something over time, so be it.” And even though she was 15 when she met him, she couldn’t recall what age she was when they first started having sex.

Now that really surprised me. I can remember my first time, what age I was, and who it was that I was having sex with. But any who, she didn’t want to testify in the first place. Which I guess is lucky for her. Kelly’s defense attorney Deveraux Cannick has been grilling all of the other ladies on the stand. But did not cross examine Alexis, not one time.

From day one of the trial Kelly’s defense team has been implying that “The relationships he had with the “accusers” were consenting relationships,” Nicole Blank Becker told the jury in her opening statement. “These were individuals who knew what they were getting into, said the defense attorney.”

Besides that, Alexis testified that her situation was a positive one with the singer. Much different from the other accusers, who defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker, has attempted to make out to be liars who were in long-term consensual relationships with Kelly.

Alexis told the jury basically how well kept she was when being holed up in a hotel or at the singer’s home. Kelly’s entourage would make sure that she didn’t want for nothing. At least that’s how the witness made it appear. “They had a booklet, they called it ‘room service.’ You could order whatever you wanted from nearby restaurants,” she said regarding getting food at Kelly’s suburban Chicago home.

This is somewhat opposite of what some of the other accusers have testified to. For the last week, we’ve heard of women being forced to urinate in cups, and not being able to order food without permission from the King of r&b. When Alexis claims that she was basically waited on hand and foot. And again, she was not cross examined that day by Kelly’s defense attorney’s, not one time, not one question.

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