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R Kelly Trial: Male accuser #2 states Kelly brainwashed & had him have sex with 'zombieish' women

R. Kelly Trial: Male accuser #2 testified that R. Kelly 'brainwashed' him and directed him to have sex with 'zombieish' women.

Now as we all know, R. Kelly aka the monster, as some people refer to him as, is facing a multitude of charges from sex trafficking to forced labor and violations of the Mann Act, racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, and kidnapping. So, let’s rehash some of what we found out on Monday, September 13th of the R. Kelly Sex Trafficking Trial.

So, a second male took the stand on Monday September 13th, to testify against R. Kelly. This accuser is going by the name of Alex. Alex told the jury of his yearlong relationship with the singer when he was 20 years old. Although Alex first met the singer in 2007 at the age of 16, while still in high school. Their sexual relationship did not start until 4 years later.

Now if you can recall, on trial day #5, we heard from Jane Doe #5 who first told the courts about someone by the name of “Nephew”. Jane Doe #5 testified that oftentimes R. Kelly would force her and other girls to have sex with someone by the name of “Nephew”. Jane Doe #5 said that this was a form of punishment for her breaking one of his stringent rules. As a form of punishment, Nephew was to be pleased by her the same way that she pleases R. Kelly. This Nephew, allegedly per Jane Doe #5, was also groomed by R. Kelly as well.

Nephew who took to the stand on Monday, is not one of the accusers. He instead was subpoenaed by the courts to testify. He is also not considering himself as a victim of anything that R. Kelly is being charged with. He did however meet the singer through another man named “Louis”.

If you can recall, several months before this trial started, two new allegations surfaced regarding two 17-year-old boys. We found out a while back that Prosecutors were alleging that the singer abused a 17-year-old boy almost 15 years ago. R. Kelly is said to have met the boy at a McDonald’s. The singer then invited the boy to a party at his Chicago home.

The singer did attend the party, at first with his parents. But was told by R. Kelly to come alone, the next time he visits. And just like similar stories told by the singer’s other accuser’s, R. Kelly invited the boy to his studio, under the guise of helping and mentoring with his musical aspirations. Allegedly the singer asked John Doe #1 what he was willing to do to make it in the music world. Kelly made it very clear, how he wanted John Doe #1 to engage in sexual activities with him.

Sooooo with that being said, the male victim who took the stand on trial day 8, went by the pseudonym “Louis”. Louis, who I assumed was also John Doe #1, told the jury that he was a 17-year-old High School student at the time that he first met R. Kelly.

Louis claimed that the same way the singer exploited females, was the same way he also exploited him. It all happened in the year of 2007. Keep in mind it was in 2006 when R. Kelly’s long-time doctor first knew that R. Kelly might have contracted the herpes virus. But any way. Louis stated that he was lured to the singer’s home on the false pretenses that he was going to receive help with jumpstarting his musical career. Louis and the singer did eventually engage in a sexual relationship together. But from what I have gathered up until now, is that Louis never entered the music entertainment business. At least not with the help of the King of r&b.

So back to our second male witness Alex. Again, he claims that he was introduced to the singer by Louis, an aspiring musician. Alex’s first encounter with Kelly was at his mansion in Olympia Fields, a suburb of Chicago. The party was in honor of “Double Up”, R. Kelly’s newly released album in 2007. During that celebration, the singer slipped Alex his phone number.

From what Alex has testified to in court, it seems like at first their relationship was platonic. Shortly after meeting the singer, they would both text message back and forth to each other. Alex would often be invited over to play on Kelly’s basketball team with other guys. A game of “Kelly’s ball” is actually what Alex called it. Due to the fact that Kelly was treated such as Michael Jordan during the games.

"We get the rebounds, pass it to him to shoot," said Alex.

In 2007 was when the singer became sexually involved with Alex. At that time Alex was now 20 years old. After being invited over to Kelly’s Olympia Fields home, Alex was told to wait outside in the car. After about 20 minutes later, the singer came out and a little small talk, started kissing on Alex.

"I recall him talking to me, and then forcefully kissing me and licking my face," Alex testified.

Kelly told Alex to "just be open-minded," he testified.

Remember what I said earlier about Jane Doe #5 being forced to have sex with Alex aka Nephew as punishment. Alex told the jury Monday that most of their sexual encounters were with another woman. Their sexual encounters just as the other accusers said, were also recorded.

The first time Alex had sex with the singer, along with another woman was at the Olympia Fields mansion, in one of Kelly’s kids’ bedrooms. Alex claims to not have known, the name of the woman. Only that Kelly told them to have sex together, while he filmed the scene, under productions light and with his iPad. That was just one of the “three-way” encounters with Alex and another woman that was recorded by the singer. Some would take place at the Olympia Fields home. Other encounters would be at the Chocolate Factory, R. Kelly’s recording studio. Or one a tour bus.

Sometimes Kelly would actively participate in the sex, and sometimes he would watch, instruct, and masturbate, Alex testified. Alex also recalled how Kelly would tell him to call him "Daddy," just as some of the female accusers, had said on the stand.

But what really got me from when Alex was testifying, was how he said most of the women he had sex with was “zomebieish”. I took that to mean that the woman probably didn’t want to have sex with him. Such as Jane Doe # who testified on day 5 that she never wanted to have sex with Nephew aka Alex. But was forced to as a form of punishment.

Alex stated that not only were the women “zombieish”, but they also were never allowed to look at him or speak to him. Not him, nor any other man nearby R. Kelly.

As far as Alex’s relationship with the singer, R. Kelly told him if anyone was to ever to ask about their relationship, tell them he was Kelly’s stylist.

On being cross-examined by Devereaux Cannick, Kelly’s defense attorney, Alex was asked why he told federal agents in an earlier interview that he was employed by Kelly.

Alex responded by saying he was "brainwashed for so long" that he still sticks to his “story” of being Kelly’s stylist.

The last time Alex saw Kelly was after the Lifetime “Surviving R. Kelly" series in 2019. At the last meeting with the singer, Kelly had him, inside his Trump Tower penthouse write a false letter. Somewhat, just like Kelly has many others to do. Alex had to write a letter denying any type of homosexual relationship with the star.

Alex complied by writing down exactly what Kelly told him to write. "He told me word-for-word," he testified.

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