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The Have and the Have Nots Season 7 Episode 20 “The Reaping”

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of The Have and the Have Nots Season 7 Episode 20 “The Reaping

", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, we start off with Wyatt, Uncle Vinny and his goons. Just like Uncle Vinny warned Wyatt, he cut him up and left him to die, just as Wyatt had done to him. After slicing both of Wyatt’s wrists they placed him in his car where some female passerby happened upon him. Wyatt had better hope he has a few more lives to live, because he can’t keep escaping death.

Benny he’s still running around town furious that his best friend and his sister has been repeatedly lying to him regarding Derek. But question for y’all. Do you feel like Benny has every right to want to harm Derek? Or do you feel like what Candice is saying is right? Like it’s been 20 plus years since the incident. Her mother is trying to get on with her life and so is Candice. I myself thinks that Benny needs to focus more on how him and his sister is going to get away with Jim Cryer’s money.

Now Veronica, who we know is a whole hot mess, never surprises me. I just don’t like her character even when I really try. Not only is she evil and twisted. She is a conniving, selfish snake, vindictive, scandalous, a raging homophobic, and whorish. Forget whorish. She is a full fledge practicing hoe. One would think that she has some standards when it comes to men. But it’s quite obvious that they can be broke or a be lawyer. They can be white collar men, or a pool boy. They can be a church boy or a mercenary.

We’ve sees how much she’s been wanting to get with her married pool boy since day one. Thanks to her investigating his past she finally managed to get him into her bed that was covered with a lot of money. Veronica also now knows that him and his wife had been planning to rob her. So, what now? Will she blackmail him to keep him as her own boy toy and fire the wife? Or, since his wife slick shaded him before he left, about not bringing any money to the table, maybe he’ll agree to pleasure her, for an ongoing fee.

And as far as her son Jeffery, Madison and Colby, what does she have up her sleeves for ole Colby. First, she paid a visit to Justin to find out if he sent the gay guys to skinny dip in her pool. But Justin was totally oblivious to incident. But not as surprised as his brother was to find out that he assaulted Jeffery in the back of his squad car. I’m just waiting to find out what his brother is going to do to him next. How many beat downs can one make take?

Veronica’s next visit was to Madison’s apartment. I’m almost scared to find out what she has in store for Colby. And why the heck did Colby give her his entire name? He even gave her his middle name. See the thing with Colby is that he, just like Justin once did, feels like he is so tough. Because of that, he has no idea the level of wrath that Veronica can dish out.

But moving on. What do you guys think about Hanna and the accountant. He is still very much into her, even though she appears to have no interest in dating anybody for that matter. Y’all saw how long it took Derek for Hanna to open that space in her heart to him, just to find out he was that man that raped her years ago. So of course, she done put up a thick wall again to protect herself. But will this chocolate accountant be able to sweep her off of her feet?

Finally let’s discuss David. Can you believe that he actually fell for Erica’s friend Alissa? And I do use that term loosely. When she first approached him, she mentioned she wanted to be put up and taken care of. Now she wants a whole house, and everything. She wants David to be her fulltime sugar daddy. David wasn’t trying to get her no house. But did y’all catch when he told her you got the wrong guy before she ran out the house screaming rape? Does this Jezebel have any idea who she is messing with? All it takes it for David to make one phone call. She can disappear and come up dead like her friend did, even though Veronica was the one responsible for her friends’ death.


1 What’s this I hear? From a few social media blogs, it’s some pregnancy rumors going around the Candace might be pregnant by Charles. What do you think?

2 Somebody called the police when they found Wyatt lying in his car looking like he was dead. Is he?

3 Do you think David will give in to Alissa’s threats or try to silence her?

4 What storylines are you looking more forward to next season?

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