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The Haves and The Have Nots Midseason Premiere Review Season 7 Episode 11 Power of Attorney

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Here is my written review of The Haves and The Have Nots Midseason Premiere Season 7 Episode 11 "Power of Attorney", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, the show starts off where it literally ended with Wyatt lying in a pool of blood on that dirty jail cell floor bleeding profusely from his wrist. And his mother Katheryn Cryer is across the way in another cell screaming frantically for help. She was being way to overly dramatic though to me, especially after everything that Wyatt has done, and after everybody he has hurt including her. And now after his attempted suicide, she’s screaming her lungs out for the guards to assist her son. But hell we know that she ain’t no Saint either. LOL

Then Benny realizes that the man who attacked his mother some twenty something years ago, is Derek, the same man that his mother Hanna has been dating. He told his sister Candace that had to be him, because it’s the same man with that lion tattoo on his chest. Candace knowing how Benny is, continued to lie to him, saying that’s not the same man. Why, because she knew that if Benny found out that this is the man who raped his mother, and that he’s also Candace’s father, he would try to kill him. Benny even checked the dates, and the dates matched up to the timeline that Hanna was raped and got pregnant and matches it up to his sisters age. Candace, she did try hard to convince him otherwise, but being determined to find out the truth, he forbids Candace to leave for the airport, until their mother gets home so the truth can be revealed.

On the other side of town, Oliver has been up to something. Before heading home for the evening, he stopped by Landon’s office, saying he has some helpful information for him. But when Landon told him “I will have you ran over by the biggest, pinkest car he can find” I was hollllerrrring. LOL Oliver just kept teasing and procrastinating with the “news” which was pissing Landon off. “Just tell me what it is that you found out”, Landon said him to Oliver. I just want to know why Oliver is trying much to hard to get on Landon’s good side. Landon is so cruel to him, while still not believing that Oliver should be having that position. Due to Oliver’s wealthy parents, Landon feels as if Oliver didn’t earn his job, the hard way. But any who, Oliver done found out that Candace has booked a flight heading out that night to New York, I suppose. That piece of information led to Landon immediately calling up a favor to have Candace put on the “no-fly-list”.

Now for the Malones. Mitch is at his family’s bar being questioned by his Uncle Vinny and Sandy, about how Benny the “N” word got that money to pay off their family of mobsters. And of course, we know that his family is prejudice, so no secret to Mitch. But Mitch still gets extremely upset when his friend Benny is called out of his name by Sandy. Regardless, his family is hell bent on finding out the details of how Benny came into all that money, and how Mitch got that new truck. But if Mitch revealed that Candace done hit a lick, ain’t no telling what the Malone’s would do.

And Sandy, he has some nerves calling Benny the “N’ word when he himself is dating a black woman. His excuse though, is that his women looks really good, so he’ll make an exception for that one. LOL But this girlfriend who he has been stalking and mistreating, only showed up because she’s there to give him a restraining order. This scene reminds me of P-Valley, with the black stripper Keyshawn being beaten and abused by her white boyfriend. But then we find out that they aren’t even a couple anymore. Still yet, Sandy is in disbelief because she actually snitched on a Malone. She was really being bold too, telling Sandy you’ve been served. LOL

And in other news Jeffrey and Madison done fell up in Jeffrey’s father David’s house. Now even though David is not homophobic, after busting in on his son and his son’s boyfriend, he’s still embarrassed about the “position” he caught them in. So, when they got to the house and was acting all playfully lovey dovey, David must have bounced out of there so fast, talking about Jim Cryer needed him for an emergency, like asap. LOL

But everybody is stalking somebody. Not only is Sandy stalking his ex. But Oliver has somebody stalking Candace, who spotted her buying a pregnancy test, as well as hanging out with Mitch. That person who is obviously Oliver’s lover, and Jim Cryer has that same person stalking Veronica. Jim needs eyes on her, being that she tried to kill his friend David and Jeffrey. And as for Veronica she was looking out at her pool and having flashbacks of when David tried to drown her in that pool, when she spots some man taking a dip in her pool. This fool knows how crazy Veronica is but insisted on them getting together like they used to. She was pissed the hell off, but eventually told him to drop down on his knees because he only had 30 seconds to prove to her that she shouldn’t throw him off of her property. LMAO and 30 seconds later she was dragging him up to her bedroom to throw him on her bed. LOL

But back to Mitch. Hanna then shows up at the Mahone’s Bar to visit Mitch’s family to ensure that her son Benny will not be killed. Mitch tried telling her that this is not the type of establishment for a woman like you, meaning for a black person period. I truly believe that his family is capable of lynching black people is they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no denying that Hanna is a tough cookie, so Mitch makes a call to her kids Candace and Benny to come get Hanna because it’s about to go down up in that bar. LOL

But when Benny and Candace showed up, they could see how frustrated their mother still is about them not giving Jim Cryer his 8 million dollars back. And despite Candace warning her that the Malone’s don’t like black people, Hanna was not moving from that barstool. So, Candace informs Mitch that she needs to bring Milo in because they do not want their mother to blow their 8-million-dollar cover. Since Hanna wasn’t willing to leave with her kids, Candace calls up the goons to drag her mother out of there. Taking into consideration, that Benny wouldn’t sit by with her mother being manhandled by anyone, Candace demanded that he left the bar before that transpired.

Those 2 white guys at the restaurant appears to be new cast members. On a phone call, the one guy said that him and his brother handle all the accounting matters for the father’s firm. To get some clout, he also mentioned that Katheryn Cryer is also one of their clients as well. But from the sounds of it they need investors or money to even get their business up and running. They then started discussing how Katheryn has just been arrested for the murder of Jennifer Sallison. So now, they are having thoughts of handling or mishandling 5 million dollars of her money while she’s locked up. Will they be able to get Katheryn to trust them with her money?

As for crazy psycho Justin. He received a visit from his brother Tanner, who is checking on him because their mom is worried about him. Justin still has a big patch on one side of his head, fresh looking blood on the other side, and cuts and bandages on his face. And behind Justin, his brother sees all these pictures of Jeffrey on his wall. Tanner was like bro what the hell? Are you messing around with men again, because if so, Justin has an ass whooping coming? I’m Like seriously, your brother be kicking your butt because you like men. Shhhhhiiit I wish my siblings would. If I like women, I like women, but don’t put your hands on me. LOL

I can’t believe what I didn’t see coming next! Jim Cryer’s estranged son came to visit him in the hospital, and he brought a gun to help him talk. LOL As soon as his son showed up, Jim tells him to take out the trash, as if he were the help. Even though his son is dressed up in a suit, because of his race, Jim just had to be nasty. Why does Jim have to be so cold to his own child? It didn’t even matter after he found out that the man was his own son! He still kept disrespecting him, and insulting his mother, calling them sad sad people. So, will he shoot Jim, or will somebody rescue him before his son pulls the trigger? Or is his son just there for payback, like to extort him out of money, which wouldn’t really be extortion to me? LOL Hell, Jim might have paid for his schooling without his son’s knowledge, but his son must feel that he owes them much more than an education fund. But we shall see, we shall see.


Benny called up Veronica to find out the address of Derek, the guy she used to represent, which is the same man Hanna was dating. So, will Benny “pay” the man a visit and get revenge for his mother?

Jeffrey had told his boyfriend Madison that after they have “round one” in his bed, he wants to have “round two” in his mother Veronica’s house. Will Madison be up for it, knowing Veronica might try to kill them both dead? LOL.

Will those 2 white guys be able to get Katheryn to trust them with her money? And furthermore, why are they trying to interview Hanna?

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