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The Haves and the Have Nots Review Season 7 Episode 18 A Sixth Sense

Here is my written review of The Haves and the Have Nots Season 7 Episode 18 "A Sixth Sense", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, this episode started off with Benny asking Derrick over and over again, did you rape my mother? Derrick after hesitating, finally admitted to the incident and next thing you know, Benny punched him dead in the face. Now I know Derrick had to know that something was up. Hannah knew he did it, and Candace knew he did it. So, it wouldn’t be long before hot headed Benny found out the truth as well. But I have to say although Derrick refused to get up from the ground to fight Benny back, he ain’t no punk. He just knew that he deserved what he got. He never faced the time for that crime, and the least he could do is take a beating from Hannah’s son.

But overprotective and all, Benny hits him only one time. One good time, but just one time, and then tells him never to show back up for work again at the Cryer’s home. Now I can understand why Benny is confused about why his mother doesn’t want Derrick to be punished. With her being all religified and what not, she in some way, I believe, has forgiven him. She said it was so long ago, and she truly in her own Christian ways, believes that he has changed. Derrick obviously to her, is no longer a thug and a drug addict, but a kind and respectable man these days. This leaves me wondering will Hanna ever decide to get back with him. And I’m also wondering how much thug does Derrick really have left in him, to be trying to set up Veronica to be robbed. Is God not through with him yet? Y’all let me know.

But when it comes to Jeffrey, Madison and Colby, can y’all believe that Madison use to be an exotic stripper? I would have never imagined. Maybe a body builder or a mechanic, but not a stripper. That that was pretty shocking to Jeffrey. But what really disturbed him was when he learned just how much Madison and his ex Colby has been gossiping about him. Madison and Colby seem to be not only exes, but on and off again lovers, and good girlfriends at the same time. Madison done told his about everything there is to know about Jeffrey, Jeffrey’s mother and Jeffrey’s father. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeffrey started to think that there might actually be a bit of “pillow talk” still going on between Madison and his ex.

And why when Madison’s ex Colby brought up the crazy idea of gathering up all of his wild gay friends, to skinny dip in Veronica’s pool, Jeffrey didn’t shut that ish down. Jeffrey should have immediately warned him that his homophobic mother might shoot up everybody in the darn pool if she sees all their naked behinds out there. LOL But seriously, what did they think was going to happen or be accomplished by skinny dipping in Veronica’s pool? That it would change her mind about how she feels about gay men, surely couldn’t have been the reason. LOL

But for whatever their reasons were, it was a horrible time for a swim. While they are up their undressing around Veronica’s pool, she’s in the house drinking and having flashbacks of everything that went wrong with her and her husband David. She’s inside just throwing em back, and the new pool boy was outside trying his best not to look directly at any of them, in all of their naked glory. He runs up in the house and alerts Veronica to all the skin that is outside in her pool. And I’m looking at Jeffrey like why the hell didn’t you do more to stop those guys from coming over to your mother’s house. Once outside, Veronica was greeted by Colby with, “Hey, bitch, this is your Welcome to the Real World party. There are gay people in the world — get used to it.” Veronica must have seen all that hot mess going on and went back inside to get her strap so she can blow all of the chlorine out of that pool. LOL

But moving right along. Over at Charles’, Landon and Oliver were arguing over the President Elect. We all know that Landon is also overprotective, but towards the President Elect Charles that is. Charles, however, still chooses to have him work within his circle, even though he knows that Landon still has feelings for him. Landon is so in love with Charles and will do anything to protect him. But for some reason, maybe because of Senator Conley, Landon decided to try to set up some type of reconciliation between Charles and Candace. No matter how he feels about Charles, Landon knows that his heart is still with Candace Young. Charles is still in love with that blackmailing whore as Landon calls her, which Charles overhears him saying.

Charles just happened to be on the other side of the door and of course was upset to hear Oliver speak about Candance in such a way. Oliver almost got his job replaced, after telling Charles he thinks he can do better than Candace. But I’m asking y’all, did Landon set Oliver u? If he didn’t, I’m sure he will now, after receiving some dirt on Oliver. I was like, it took long enough for the information about Oliver being involved with that mercenary and with cocaine. Landon also found out that the mercenary was hired by Jim Cryer to keep tabs on Veronica, who now has a look alike named Laura. LOL

And back at the Malone’s family bar, scary ole Sandy, was being grilled by his Uncle Vinnie regarding Sandy’s ex, who is now dating somebody new. Not wanting to feel like he doesn’t have any balls at all, he comes back at Vinnie about him not doing more to Wyatt after Wyatt stabbed him. Vinnie was big mad, not only because he knows that Sandy doesn’t even have what it takes to kill a fly, but Vinnie couldn’t really hurt Wyatt at the time. Reason being, was that the Cryer’s paid good money to Momma Rose to spare Wyatt’s life. So, it seems as though Sandy either doesn’t have any knowledge of that, or he doesn’t know what it means to keep your word. Because in the crime world, the saying “your word is your bond” means a lot in the streets. But any who Vinnie knocked Sandy clean off of that bar stool and kicked his behind out of the bar yelling “The only joke in this family is you”.


1. Now I heard somebody say that Oliver, the cokehead son of a politically connected Conley, can be compared to Hunter Biden? Do you agree? LOL

2. Do you think Benny and Derrick will run into each other again and finish that fight?

3. Do you think Hanna is still in love with Derrick?

4. Do you think Veronica will let some rounds off in her gun?

5. Who are Samuel and Laura and to Derrick?

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