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BMF Black Mafia Family Review Season 1 Episode 4 “Heroes”

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Here is my written review of BMF Black Mafia Family Review Season 1 Episode 4 “Heroes", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Episode 4 started out with a flashback of Meech looking up to Pat before they started working for him. Pat was the man, with big money, flashy cars, expensive jewelry, and fur coats. Somebody who Meech desperately wanted to be like.

Now, back in the present, Meech done moved out to the burbs. After how angry his father got last week about him paying for their mortgage. It wasn’t a chance in hell, that his father would still let him live at home. Other than that, things have been going really good for the brothers. So much so, that they still didn’t understand why Pat was so against allowing them to buy their reup outright. He was also very adamant about his decision, regardless of how much money his “best” clients were bringing in.

Then come to find, besides getting high on his own supply, according to Rock, Pat hasn’t been doing so well in the drug game. Which is why he has been micromanaging the hell out of Meech and Terry. So, for the time being, in order to buy outright, they’ve got the choice of K-9 from Brewster’s, or Pat’s man Rock, for a new supplier. Terry thought that they should holla at Rock. While Meech thought it was best to buy from K-9.

“Hell nah, that nucca’s from Brewster’s, and you know how grimy those project nucca’s be. The Rock’s our best bet. And as far as him being Pat’s dude, it’s just business. Ain’t shit personal about it, Terry said.

But against Terry’s suggestion, Meech chose to work with K-9. Because he figured, even tho it’s just business, Pat was not just a mentor, or their boss who put them on. But he was also family. Therefore, Meech didn’t want to step too hard on Pat’s toes, by messing with Rock.

Later, while shopping at the mall with his girlfriend, his baby, and his little sister, Terry was approached by Lamar. Had Terry not been with his family when Lamar tossed that money on the floor in front of him, I’m sure a fight would have broken out. Instead, after the offensive gesture, Lamar walked off saying that Terry’s son has his eyes. Which we all know was a dig at Terry for losing vision in one of his eyes.

Speaking of Terry’s eye, his parents have hired a lawyer to file a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital. Terry’s father, Charles, is positive that the surgeon made a mistake. Even though the hospital won’t admit to it. Charles might not have been certain that they chose the right lawyers. But what he was sure about, was not moving back in with his family.

As far as Lamar, he wasn’t only causing trouble at the mall. He later showed up at the factory site, hating on their set up. Being that only a select group of factory workers know about the “stone” burgers, Lamar insisted that they all tried one. Of course, Kato wasn’t down to just sell drugs to anybody. So even though they were about to lose money, Kato made the executive decision to shut down for the moment. At least that’s what she made it appear to look like, since she is working with Lamar.

Thanks to Lamar receiving intel from Kato, he was able to rob the new stash location. The robbery and the shootout were all going down, while Meech and Terry were being kidnapped by Pat. Pat being the big man in the city, knows all and sees all. So, it didn’t take him long to find out what the brother’s and his man Rock were up to.

Rock was definitely right about Pat trying to micromanage the brothers. And after Pat so brutally murdered Rock with that shovel right in front of them, I guess Meech was right after all. He did suggest K-9 over Rock, even tho K-9 stood them up. But what are the brother’s going to do now. Because buying their product outright is the least of their problems.

The new D.R.A.N.O. task force was literally making waves in the disappearances of Jay-Mo and Filmel. After pulling Jay-Mo’s body from the lake, Detective Bryant popped up at the church of Terry’s son’s christening service, to bring Meech in for questioning. But when Bryant couldn’t produce a warrant, at their father’s request, Meech chose to stay put. Meech did later show up on Bryant’s porch making it clear with a nice payment that they still need Bryant. Just as much as he still needs them.

But back to the christening. Their father, Charles, was actually going to join them for brunch. That was until he noticed his son’s expensive matching Benz’s parked outside of the church. Disgusted by obviously knowing what both of his sons are doing, he changed his mind.

Again, the brothers have bigger problems. They need to find out who the mole is, in their camp. Only 5 people in their camp knew exactly where the new stash location was. Meech was right to point fingers at Kato, despite everyone else thinking otherwise.

As for Kato, I don’t know what she was thinking about working with Lamar. She almost got her head blown off this episode by him. It was actually a smart move on Kato to fire a few shots toward Lamar during the robbery to make it not look set up. However, she’s messing with an irrational, crazy, psychotic, mental, and deranged Lamar, who spared her life this time. But do you think it would be worse for her to be killed by Lamar of the Flenory brothers?

I guess the only positive thing that came out of this episode was Terry’s son being christened. The service of course was conducted by none other than Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg). Despite Terry having flashbacks during the ceremony of Pat murdering Rock, the service was actually beautiful.

Other than that, Terry finally met up with Big L, the supplier, who was pretty impressed by him earlier at the bar. Big L, who they thought was a dude, who has stood them up, was actually a woman. A woman who is willing to give them a chance, so long as her only point of contact is Terry. So will this result in Terry and Meech switching positions, in regard to who’s actually running things.

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