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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Finale Episode 10 “Prime Time”

LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Finale Episode 10 “Prime Time”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

At the beginning of this episode, we see Remi paying the impound lot attendant some cash to be able to steal Meech’s van with the dope in it. And the product as we know it is pure weight, and worth everything that Meech and Tee had. I’m sure that Meech and Tee had the same idea in mind, to pay off the attendant. Except that Remi beat them to it. And now they also know who called in the anonymous tip to the Red Dogs.

The brothers in need of just one of the Atlanta hustlas to fight, came up again with Sharp. Claude, before he was killed by Remi, had already planted a bug in Sharps ear. With that knowledge, Duffy feels like, since Sharp is a businessman, he’ll definitely want to get down with Meech. Especially after finding out that BMF has a better product and could now get past the Red Dogs. Per Keeya, they might have a chance with Sharp, if they can run into him at JR Cricket’s.

Detective Jin paid a visit to Cobie’s father, and Councilman, Amberson. She finally decided that it was time to inform Cobie’s father that she needs his support in arresting those responsible to her death.

Later, Jin stopped by Henri’s home. Jin told Henri while she was there that whoever killed her cousin, had to pay. Henri’s ass done chopped all her hair off. When I just knew that stuff on the top of her head was a sew in or something. LOL But any who, Henri had plans of taking down Tee, once and for all. Of course, Jin already knew of Henri’s plans. But before they could continue the conversation, Blade, Henri’s father called to relay to Henri who Jin really was.

        “In a disgusted tone of voice, before hanging up in her face, Blade told her daughter, “That cop you killed was your girlfriend’s partner. Councilman Amberson had a meeting with Detective Veronica Jin. She told him she’s building a case against her. Our entire organization is at risk because of your poor judgment Henrietta.” 

Next thing you know, Henri had her hands wrapped around Jin’s throat, literally trying to kill her. And thanks to that wire placed inside of Henri’s case, Detective rushed in to tag team that crazy butch. Fortunately for Henri, this time, she was able to escape, with a bullet in her leg, nonetheless.

After the brothers left the impound to figure out their next moves, Tee received a phone call saying that Hoop had just got lit up. And according to the streets, as Tee probably already figured, Henri was behind the shooting. Tee could no longer keep from Meech what war he had been fighting, in his absence. Meech didn’t know much. But upon hearing that Hoop was shot because Tee convinced her connects to cut her off, Meech gave direct orders.

        “You gotta put that bitch down, Tee. Put that bitch down”, Meech ordered his little brother.

Not only was Henri going down, but Meech also promised Angel that he was going to make Remi his bitch. First thing first, though. Tee requested from the connects to convince Henri to start buying product from them again. If they didn’t, then Tee would make sure that he himself would cut their supply off. What Henri didn’t know was that Tee was going to be meeting up with her. Instead of the Chaldeans.

I don’t know what all Tee had planned for Henri, but his plans were too late. After shooting her father during an argument, Jin and Bryant rushed in to arrest her. Henri couldn’t even get situated in jail long enough before she was shanked and bleeding all over the dirty cell floor.

During the evening while parking lot pimpin’ at JR Cricket’s, Meech was approached by Sharp. According to Sharp, he was thinking about getting down with them, until he found out that Remi stole their vans. Sharp was evidently unaware that the product was in a safe in each vehicle, that nobody could get to.

Knowing how much money he could make with Meech, with his lock on Atlanta and a pipeline in Alabama, Sharp led Meech to his vans. With Meech now in possession of his product, they still have to figure out how to handle Remi.

Meech sets up a meeting with Sharp and the other dealers to discuss business, which includes them making a butt load of money, if they get down with him. And who walks in again on a meeting he wasn’t invited to? Remi of course. LOL

Remi, still thinking that he has some sort of power, couldn’t pull his gun on Meech quick enough. Before his entire crew had their guns pointed at his head. Angrily, Remi stormed out, screaming, “Y’all ain’t seen the last of me.” Remi was right, he didn’t see them again. But they indeed saw him sitting at the lights, where they blew his brains out.

So, what’s in it now for the brothers. They have half a ton of dope in five states right now. So much product that has Tee content. Not Meech though, Meech is determined to take over the entire Nation. He wants to have a half a ton flowing in each and every state.

But how are they going to do that, now that Loco has been arrested in Mexico? Being that Meech is the only person, he trusts, the brothers must take a little trip to Mexico. Tee obviously wasn’t happy to hear that. Even if Duffy is able holds it down for them while they’re gone, and Swirl oversees his organization while Hoop recovers.

Again, Tee doesn’t understand why Meech always have to be Captain-Save-a-Bro. The way Meech sees it, Loco has always held him down 1000%, so he owes him his loyalty. Otherwise, everything the brothers have worked for will go down the drain.

Charles and Lucille as it seems, are soon to be divorced, with the promise of remaining friends. Lucille has let it be known to Charles that she believes that she is truly in love with the good Doctor Maurice. But didn’t I tell y’all last week that I knew that doctor was too good to be true. As a matter of fact, let me remind you of what I said specifically. LOL

         "With dinner behind them, once inside their room, Lucille and Maurice, as before, began to claw and tear into each other. Only for Lucille to apologetically, dismiss herself, so that she wouldn’t end up breaking her wedding vows", said me, Da Hood Table.

        “I love you. I always have. I’ll wait as long as I have to”, Maurice told her.

"I don’t know how much longer Maurice can hold off. It all sounds good though. Still yet, I can’t help but feel like there is something up with that Maurice. I don’t know why, but I believe he has a family somewhere. Or maybe, even something worse. He just seems too good to be true to me. If that is the case, I hope that Lucille doesn’t do something that she’ll later regret", said me, Da Hood Table.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. And I know for sure that Lucille, although still done with Charles, was kicking herself in the ass for falling for the doctor. She actually slept with the doctor, and probably did all sorts of ungodly things with him. To only find out that he has engaged to another woman for two years.

Mannn Lucille ran out of that room so fast, she could barely get her clothes back on. LOL And ain’t that something. After rolling around in a hotel room, committing all types of sins with the doctor, Lucille took up the offer to become Assistant Pastor, under Pastor Kiesha Flemming. LOL

Hood Nation, I hope you all enjoyed this season of BMF and also enjoyed my reviews and commentary on it. And I am so looking forward to Season 4.

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