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P-Valley Review Season 1 Episode 7 Last Call For Alcohol

Soooo this episode started off with Autumn doing a seductive sexy number of a dance for somebody, which turned out to be a flashback scene of her dancing for her ex. And in that memory, her daughter is alive and well, and in the arms of her ex. Everything at that moment seemed so beautiful and peaceful. But then she snaps out of it and is brought back to the then and now of her current mysterious life.

Mayor Ruffin, Andre’s Godfather is pissed the hell off, because now his position is on the line. He can not believe that his own Godson done went behind his back and reneged on the negotiations made with the Kyle brothers. And not only that but Pastor Sister Woodbine and Clifford done got together publicly to try to get their community together to sign a Petition to stop the casino building plans. The Kyle brothers were told they would get 6 million dollars for their property. But turns out that Andre done fixed it, so the Kyle brother’s get 500k upfront, a monthly lease payment of 15k, and 1% of the earnings from the casino.

So, who won here? Seems like Corbin got what he wanted but it didn’t come cheap, because he got his butt whipped by his brother’s. So, Mayor Ruffin done sent Sheriff Bailey to the Pynk to warn Clifford. Regardless of the money that Clifford offered the Sheriff like he normally does, the Sheriff turned it down. He was just there to warn them that better not no boobs, nips, tips, etc better slip on the last night. But no worries, they have a very talented seamstress who has that all under control. LOL

And not only did Andre go behind somebody’s back but so did Uncle Clifford. When Mercedes found out that he was in cahoots with her mother Pastor Woodbine, she went off. Uncle Clifford was on tv alongside Pastor Woodbine looking like a gay Black Panther with that big ole part in his afro wig. LOL. But it didn’t work anyway. Ole Cliff done bonded Mercedes mother out of jail, and they still have to have a funeral for the Pynk. The club actually goes up for auction the next day. But not before Uncle Clifford was able to convince Mercedes, his bottom bitch to do her final dance.

But when Autumn handed Mercedes the last of her payment, why did Mercedes turn that money down? She could, in fact, use it to find her another dance studio. But she claims that she has something else up her sleeve. But why do y’all think Mercedes nor Autumn thought to donate the money to Cliff to help save the Pynk? It just seems like to me if Autumn is being so charitable with Mercedes in her time of despair, why not help Uncle Clifford out as well? I mean it seems like she has a lot of money to toss around. Right?

Now during my review of the last episode, I told y’all I had a feeling that Andre’s wife was gonna pay a trip to him from the ATL. To me she seemed to be having feelings that something wasn’t quite right with him. And upon checking into his hotel room, she really must have had thoughts that something was up. Especially after she called him to see where he was, and he said he was in his hotel room. LOL And I’m not even gonna ask how the heck she got into the room? She probably played that “my husband is not in him room, and she forget her key”. Or “I want to surprise my husband, so please can I get a key to his room”. LOL

But y’all as far as Keyshawn’s baby daddy Derek, that white man, who keeps abusing and misusing her, how dare he come to the Pynk on the final night of “business”? And he also had the nerves to jump bad with Gidget because she was standing up to him. Gidget done threatened to move Keyshawn and that white man’s baby into her trailer home. Derek was like have you seen Keyshawn? Ain’t no way Keyshawn’s boughetto ass gonna move into your run-down trailer park trash of home with your crackhead mother. LOL But Gidget really cares about Keyshawn’s safety and is trying hard to understand why Keyshawn continues to stay with him.

But in most cases just like Autumn said, when they leave them, that is when they usually try to, attempt to, or do kill you. Gidget must have looked at Autumn like, “you sound like you done had some experience in that area”.

But not only does Gidget care about her safety, Diamond also cares a great deal about Keyshawn. Did y’all see when he gave her that beautiful necklace for protection? He was looking all shy and bashful, like a little ole schoolboy. And dang it, they almost shared a kiss til Gidget burst thru that door upset about her dude not being able to come to their last performance. I know they was like damn Gidge, you just messed up the entire mood! LOL

But let’s get into Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda. First off how the heck did Keyshawn get Lil Murda up there on that stage butt nekkid standing in only socks with a hole in them? LOL But I guess that was what was needed for him to get thru that stage fright because he was going in on them bars!! But mannnnn Lil Murda kept asking Cliff when can he take him somewhere nice? And Uncle Clifford was always like hell nahh! They ain’t about to lynch his black gay ass up in and thru them backwoods. LOL But when he saw what Lil Murda did for him, it was sooo romantic. Not only was Lil Murda trying to be romantic, but he took Clifford somewhere discreet so Cliff couldn’t even complain about being in the open. And then he also was acting like he was really interested in how Uncle Clifford was doing.

Lil Murda wanted to know how he was really doing under the circumstances. How was he was feeling, and what was he thinking? He seemed sincere to me, telling Clifford he was there for him if he needs somebody to talk to. Now while Uncle Clifford wouldn’t allow him to talk to him, he sure allowed Lil Murda to do some other thangs to him. LOL Mannnn those car windows were so ho and steamy and fogged up. Even with those Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling of that car, you couldn’t see nothing but handprints on the windows. LOL

Now when Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford returned to the Pynk, I just knew one of Lil Murda’s boys was gonna catch them. I actually thought they were gonna get caught slipping in the car. Nope, they got caught slipping on their way back up to the Pynk. His boy, or his manager, who I thought would really go in on him and rip him a new one, actually was pretty calm for the most part. All those women were there to see Lil Murda and he only has eyes for Clifford. So, his manager doesn’t quite understand why Lil Murda has no interest in any of the plentiful women around their town. And he doesn’t want to understand. The only thing he wants understood is that nobody besides them better find out about Lil Murda and Clifford. If that got out to the masses, it might lead to them having problems with making money in them streets.

But back to Autumn. Sheriff Bailey spotted Autumn aka Hailey at the Pink and probably broke his neck calling her ex, thinking he done cracked a case. The dude done showed up at the Pynk all decked out in a suit, with a side of a pocketknife. Was he coming to the Pynk to try to stab Autumn, inside the club? And I just knew that once Mercedes saw the crazy look on Autumn’s face that she would know something was up with ole boy. Andre’s woman done ruined Autumn and Dre’s moment. But then the sight of her ex just killed the rest of the night. Her ex was like “where’s my money Hailey”.


From the previews the Pynk staff and others were dressed in black for a funeral. Was it really for the Pynk funeral, for the Pynk’s closing? Or did somebody actually die? If so, who do you think died?

Uncle Clifford asked Lil Murda, is that all he wanted. I had mentioned before that I wasn’t sure if Lil Murda really wanted to be with Cliff or was, he just looking out for his career? What do y’all think?

What do y’all think is going to happen between Autumn and her ex in the paradise room?

Do you think that Derek and Keyshawn will get into it if Lil Murda and Keyshawn perform on the stage together as a couple?

What was your favorite line from tonight’s episode? Mines was “I ain’ts the only one who gone be sucking dick sheriff”. LOL

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