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Queen Sugar Review Season 6 Episode 6 "Or Maybe Just Stay There"

Here is my written review of Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 “Or Maybe Just Stay There", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Charlie was under the assumption that after being invited on the Gayle King show, she was no longer in the running for Louisiana State Senate. And she was correct. But instead, the party wants to support her in running for United States Congress in 2022. Which is a whole ‘nother level. So, mentioning her relationship with Davis publicly, actually did her some good. At least politically.

Shortly after ending her meeting, she facetimed Davis, to see if he could come for a visit. Both of their schedules are so hectic right now, that neither of them can pull away from what they’re doing.

Charlie also met up with her son Micah to give him the big news. And to make him aware that if she does go back to California to run, their lives once again will be in the spotlight. Then come to find out, Micah mentioned to his mom that he thinks his friend Isaiah might be gay. What he doesn’t understand is why he’s getting teased by others for hanging out with somebody who’s gay. Just because he’s straight.

After requesting Liza to go ahead with publishing her column, Nova laid down for a nap. Only to be abruptly woke by the police department busting down her door. I knew the retaliation from the department was coming. But alleging that she had narcotics in her home. Nova, of course, was outraged at all the guns pointing at her at once. And the tactics used by the force.

“Quicky raising her hands above her head, she stated, “My name is Nova Bordelone. I am the owner of this house and the only person that lives here. I have no weapons. Why have you broken into my home"?

After breaking down her door, and ripping her home apart, no narcotics were found. When trying to check on her, her new and mysterious neighbor Dominic, got manhandled by the police. Now I’m thinking maybe, Dominic is what he appears to be. Which is a genuinely nice guy and neighbor. More than that, he also was able to make sure him and Nova remained levelheaded in that messed up situation. Had he didn’t he could have been shot by the cop who pulled his gun out on him. Also, luckily for them, their other neighbors were recorded what went down.

The police are well aware of what Nova has done, by outing the police brutality in their Parish. But I don’t think they have any understanding of what they have just started. Because Nova doesn’t really scare that easily. And between her, Charlie, and Aunt Vi they are about to ignite a whole movement down there in those parts. Especially after taking Nova down to the station for the weed that she had. Even though her municipal card, allows her to have it in her possession.

Then again, after Nova stood her ground, threatening to sue the police, a movement might be on hold for now. Either way she can’t say that her informant didn’t warn her that she’s now #1 enemy to the police department. For that matter, what happened to her boyfriend Calvin. We still haven’t heard anything after he turned himself in. Is he locked up somewhere? Did he skip town, and say forget Nova? Where is Calvin y’all?

Micah asked Isaiah to join him for lunch. But Isaiah had other plans with a “friend”. Although inquisitive about this “friend”, Isaiah didn’t reveal the identity of that friend. Later, he teamed up with Micah for a spades game. Now keep in mind, I did say several times, that I thought something was up with Isaiah. Then last episode I revealed my thoughts, that I believe he is gay.

During the spades game one of their opponents, obviously, also insinuated that Isaiah is gay. So much so, that he joked about not wanting Micah and Isaiah going all “Brokeback Mountain” after the game. Micah, not understanding the reason for the comment, was about to flip out. But Isaiah, making light of the situation, clapped back with some jokes of his own. Yet, still leaving Micah in the dark.

While Hollywood was at the barber shop with Gage, he was told by the barber that the police were looking for Ra. Evidently Ra’s friend from jail, Theo done got himself arrested. Not only was he arrested, but he used Ra and Hollywood as an alibi.

Ra had no other choice but to come clean to Darla, about taking part in that robbery with Theo. And as if Darla needs anything else to worry about during her pregnancy. But in Ra’s defense, had she told him that she went against his will. By taking the money from her parent, he might have not taken Theo up on his offer. Although, there’s still no excuse for his actions.

Speaking of Gabe. Where did his mother, Celine, get off coming onto Hollywood, talking about she wish she had a good man like him in her life. If Celine knew what I knew, she had better keep her hands off of our Hollywood. Aunt Vi won’t be playing with her once she gets word of Celine’s intentions with her husband. Hollywood was furious that Celine would even consider him, as available to her.

Pushing away from Celine, Hollywood told her, “No. Hell nah, I didn’t come up here for all that. And you know what, you do have somebody who’s good to you, in your life. Vi…. After everything that woman’s done for you, this is how you repay her”.

As loving and devoted of a husband, as Hollywood is, Celine should have also known that he was going to relay everything back to Aunt Vi. Tearing up, Aunt Vi, was in disbelief that Celine would do that to her. So, she made sure to stop off at Celine’s on their way to visit Prosper. Too bad the trip was a waste though since Celine and Gabe had already left the hotel. Vi wasn’t able to confront Celine, but she was able to confront Prosper’s daughter Billie, of what she thought to be true.

Billie, upset that her father/daughter dinner was interrupted by Vi and Hollywood, rudely excused herself. Vi, thinking that Billie was taking a shot at her pies, told Billie that she is tired of her disrespect. And finally, after 20 years, Billie got to say it with her entire chest, leaving Vi speechless. Just like Nova, and Prosper, Vi had no idea that her ex-husband tried to assault Billie. Instead of willingly sleeping with him.

Needing to totally heal from the way her family and close friends, shunned her for years, I’m glad that it’s all out there now. In spite of now knowing the truth, the pain that Jimmy Dale left Vi, still might not have lessened at all. He ex might not have slept with Billie. But he still cheated with other women, as well as put his hands on her, whenever he could.

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