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Queens Review Season 1 Episode 3 "Who You Calling a Bitch?"

Here is the link to my Queens Review Season 1 Episode 3 "Who You Calling a Bitch?", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

First off let me say that the rap battle between Naomi and Brianna was everything. I just love me a good ole freestyle rap battle. LOL

When it comes to Brianna and Jeff, the school had some questions regarding their daughter’s vocabulary that she’s learning at home. I just loved Brianna’s husband Jeff’s response to the Principal of the school. Describing the necklace as a homage to his wife’s vibrant and trailblazing work over the years, as a female artist. And also, homage to their group to rob a misogynistic slur of its power. By turning it back on every listener. Standing up for his daughter and his wife like he did. In other words, the necklace, just like his wife’s work, is art. LOL I think that was the first moment when Brianna was probably reconsidering their marriage.

As far as their marriage goes, all along I thought that Jeff was just pulling a wool over Brianna’s eyes with this whole after surgery amnesia thing. He desperately wanted to reconcile their marriage, but then his side chick was becoming a stalker. At least, so he says. Jeff had been cheating on Brianna for 3 – 4 years and claims that was his only affair. Still yet, he was wondering would she ever be able to truly forgive him and move on. And it also appeared as though the tumor was not going to kill him. So, him dealing with a tumor, no longer seemed like a reason for Brianna to stick around from feeling sorry for him. But after considering her marriage, her children, and the love they still have for each other, Brianna decided to stay with her husband. Too bad, he was dead when she let him know the good news. That was really sad too. I was like dang, why they have to kill him off the show so soon.

Who is Jojo’s daddy? Naomi finally got the opportunity this episode to be a solo artist. Something that she has been longing for quite some time. But that comes with a price. She would have to stop performing with her group. And that, is something that she wasn’t willing to agree to. However, her daughter Jojo, was trying to persuade her to continue pursuing her dreams of being a soloist.

Jojo even threw it in her face, when Naomi heard her daughter mention that she wasn’t good enough to compete with those more prestigious pianists at Hellman’s. That created an argument between the two, prompting JoJo to wonder why she doesn’t know her who father is. But JoJo is determined to start looking on her own, and that’s going to get messy quickly, isn’t it? Now at first, I have to admit that I thought that the baby daddy was their manager, Eric. But then after seeing the flashback with Naomi and Cam’ron, I got questions.

Now Jojo did kill it with her audition get in where she fit in at that esteemed musical institution. But still, she needs to know anything that her mother knows about her father. And I swear this is just like in the new tv show Our Kind of People. Where the main daughter in the show also has a mother who lied to her about not knowing who her father was.

After the ladies finished their “Hands in the Air” song, Eric was sitting around listening to some of Naomi’s old lyrics. The lyrics were insinuating that he might be the father of her daughter JoJo. Even Valeria who walked in on him, figured it out from the song. So, the question is when is Naomi going to reveal who her baby daddy is. Is it Eric? Or is it Cam’ron?

Lauren done skipped out on rehab due to it not being like a 5-star bougie and spoiled, pampering type of living situation for her. Then when trying to sneak out of Jill’s house she fell out of the window, dressed up looking like a care bear. And those are Brianna’s words, not mines. LOL But Jill was finally able to convince her to return to rehab to get help. And in return Jill will get help with her “coming out of the closet” situation.

Jill was caught off guard during an interview. She was asked was her religion the reason why she married a man, her husband Darren. She literally just came out of the closet during their BET Awards performance. So, she’s dealing with the press, the public and the scrutiny of her church.

Oh, and then we were also shown a flashback of Jill flipping out on somebody on the set who was trying to hit on her. Because she assumed that she was gay. The girl that Jill flipped out on was about to get a beatdown, had Brianna not been there to calm Jill down. So, yes, Jill has been dealing with some internal issues about her sexuality for years. The reporter caught on to all of that and invited her to an event later that night. I should have known that when she told Jill that a lot of people are going to be jealous that she has a girlfriend.

Come to find out, the reporter, Alicia, who works for “Out” Magazine, she and all her friends are gay. So, thinking that Jill would fit right in with her clique, she invited Jill to a gay bar. And according to the reporter over 85% of the women their have dated each other. So, I’m thinking is this a gay swinging club that they are in. They call themselves the “Gold Star Lesbians”, who will be the first ones to have themselves a Catholic rapper celesbian.

LOL They done gave Jill the nickname “baby gay”.

But when Alicia invited her out the next night to hook up with the girls again, I immediately thought it was a set up. It didn’t take long for Alicia to start flirting and feeling up on Jill, underneath the table. I was like run Jill, run! The last thing she needs when the entire world is trying to get inside of her world, is to be sleeping with the reporter of a magazine. So, Jill did run. But so did Alicia. Alicia ran right up to Jill’s hotel room. Now what? Did they sleep together is the question?

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