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Ruthless Review Season 1 Episode 16 Quid Pro Quo

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of Ruthless Season 1 Episode 16 "Quid Pro Quo", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Soooo Sarah believes that her husband Andrew is in love with the Highest. Andrew said he had to do what he had to do, so he wouldn’t be compromised. And damn it I tell you, didn’t we just say the other day that we think Andrews knows about Sarah kicking it with Malcolm. That explains why Andrew doesn’t want anything to do with his wife or his so-called son. Last episode he asked what that really his son. That’s when I assumed that he knew about her and Malcolm.

In the Highest trailer, he and Dikhan was having a conversation regarding how Dikhan didn’t wake the Highest when they thought they were facing an invasion. The Highest made it real clear to Dikhan that he is the one in charge. During their conversation, the Highest saw a hint of jealously in Dikhan. When asked if Dikhan was jealous of Andrew, Dikhan said no your Highest. But is he?

What’s up with Oliver’s girl Lacey? Is she purposely trying to get them in trouble? Elder Muva gave her a good ole tongue lashing when she spotted them walking together. Elder Muva knows what’s up. She could tell that there is something going on between the two of them. Oliver was like oh she was just talking about the weather, she would never try to tempt me. Then she bent down and sniffed his crotch to make sure they weren’t having sex. Elder Muva said, “oooohhhh it’s not small”.

Elder Muva had me hollering up there thinking that she was turning that man on. Didn’t I tell y’all on several occasions that Muva need some sex? LOL And Elder Muva thinks that Ruth is pregnant? Did she get pregnant during coronation? And why do I got a feeling that Elder Muva might try to force herself on one of the men, maybe even Oliver.

And look who’s back? I had almost forgotten about that woman Melinda, that they sent into town to do whatever it takes to get some intel from the sheriff’s department. Ruth asked her what is up with her getup? Melinda has been on assignment. But I suppose from mother’s response to her outfit, she should have changed back into her cult clothes, after leaving the city.

Melinda is being whored out but believing that she is just “on assignment” to please the Highest. And Lacey doesn’t know any better. Thanks to Muva, Lacey is under the impression that whatever her assignment will be, it’ll be something fun.

And when I saw the man with the droptop demanding to be let onto the compound, I was like who the hell is Mr. Lilo? He told Dikhan y’all mofo’s are crazy, when Dikhan offered him a “drink”. LOL Hell I thought Dikhan and the Highest was mean. But that damn Lilo said, “tell that old bitch to bring me my girls and skip to it nucca”! LOL

The Highest for some reason didn’t want to see Lilo. He also told Dikhan not to give him any of the pure girls, even though that’s about all they have left. But why Lilo said the Highest’s trailer smells like ass? And come to find out Lilo made a deal with the Highest. Lilo got all that land for the Highest and is keeping the cult under the radar, in exchange for the Highest helping him to get his drugs and girls.

When the Highest warned Lilo of the Raku, Lilo said, “forget your Raku, I am your Raku”, because he is his parole officer? I was like whattttttt? Lilo wants him to move his dope from the border to the compound. But the Highest said he has to pray to the Raku. LOL They are going to use the children as mules and send them to Mexico “on assignment”. The Highest is going thru all this for his land and his boys? But as soon as the Highest told Lilo that the Elder Muva got something for him, I already knew what or who she was.

Lilo ain’t got a lick of respect for Elder Muva. He said, “What I tell you last time old woman. Forget your Raku, I got clients waiting”. So, Elda Muva brings Lacey to the coronation trailer for Lilo to check out. The girl didn’t understand what was going on. Lacey in confusion said, “The Raka says they are not supposed to be nekkid in the presence of stained men”. Elda Muva smacked the mess out of her. So Elda Muva just had to send a message to Oliver to not sleep with the females. Or better yet not fall in love with any of the females.

Zane is still inside the punishment trailer scared out of her mind of being punished. And although Ruth was trying to calm her down, Zane was hysterical. Ruth was trying to tell her that she’s going to ask Dikhan to allow her to punish her, instead of Dikhan. The girl still was wiling out.

But Ruth managed to be able to persuade Dikhan into allowing her to punish Zane. This was only because he knew Ruth use to be a madame, so he wanted to see how Ruth gets down with her punishments. But then I was like what kind of freaky stuff are they up to now. Ruth had Dikhan pull down his pants and pleasure himself why Ruth whips on Zane. So will Dikhan now put Ruth in charge of beating the women when they get out of line?

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