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Sistas Review Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 The Lonely Road and Episode 2 High Crimes

Here is my written review of Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 1 "The Lonely Road" and Episode 2 "High Crimes", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

I have seen so many comments, both positive and negative regarding the kickoff of the new season of Sistas by thee Tyler Perry. Some viewers are saying that the cast killed it, while others are begging someone to please take the pen and paper away from Tyler Perry. Then there are fans suggesting that the show needs true writers to survive. Now I must admit that I do love the show and the characters. For the most part their storylines are kind of realistic. But at the same time, the show seems really low budget, from time to time. During those times, it seems like the actors just started acting last night, like late last night.

So, in episode 1, we see that Andi was still somewhere out in the country, after Gary has been carted off by the authorities for money fraud and embezzlement. They done left Andi destitute with no car, no money, and no cell phone, trucking it by foot in high heel shoes. LOL What a lonely road to be on per the title of the episode. LOL Then out of nowhere rolls up a big black truck with tinted windows, being driven by a mysterious man. That man turns out to be another one of the FBI agents. This agent, after finding out that his boss just left Andi out in the middle of nowhere, came back to help her return to the city.

Now I must say that the FBI Agent, was not too hard on the eyes. And I say that, to say, I still can’t believe that Andi still has it for Gary. If I were her, I’d be trying to get those digits, to get to know him on a more personal level, than still pining away for Gary. LOL I just hate how this show makes this beautiful, intelligent attorney, sometimes appear and come off as dumb and ignant. Yes I said ignant! LOL I actually just saw on another blog where somebody said they can just picture Andi marrying Gary whiles he’s still in jail. What do y’all think about that?

So, the FBI who has been investigating Gary for some time, is putting everything on him, even though he claims his ex and her attorney has set him up. And at this time, I don’t even know who to believe. For starters, Gary told Andi that the money being transferred to her account, was so that he could hide money from his wife. However, he failed to mention his first wife to Andi. But his second wife also told Andi a few things to make her believe that Gary was abusive and controlling. Remember last season she told Andi that Gary will eventually try to isolate her from her friends and family. So, did the house that he bought for Andi just happen to be miles away from civilization to keep her away from her loved ones? Or was it merely an attempt to have a quiet, peaceful place away from the city? Y’all tell me which one y’all think it was.

But not only is Andi caught up in Gary’s mess, so is Andi’s secretary Fatima and her friend Sabrina. When the FBI agents arrived, Fatima managed to hold them off so that she could sneak into Andi’s office to retrieve her files, folders, notepads, letters to Gary, everything. She even cleaned her hard drive. But this is the darn FBI they are dealing with. So, cleaning the hard drive is going to do what exactly? LOL Regardless, Fatima really has her back. She even begged one of the other lawyers at their firm to assist Andi. Come to find out Fatima and that lawyer have a personal relationship. At first, he was hesitant to get involved with the case. That was until Fatima threatened to call his momma if he didn’t help out.

As far as Sabrina, she may have possibly lost her job. Her manager was chewing her out for authorizing that wire without following proper protocol, because it was her friend’s transaction. Therefore, that $14mil wire transfer just might land her in the unemployment line. This would literally mean Andi and Sabrina being jobless and needing to lean on their friends Karen and Danni. Well maybe not so much Danni, who didn’t even have gas money to pick up Andi when she needed her the most.

Then later, while Andi was sitting around with the ladies at Sabrina’s house, Gary calls Karen’s phone number, which he got from his lawyer. He was pleading with Karen to believe that he is innocent and being set up by his ex-wife. Whereas Dani on the other hand doesn’t believe anything coming out of his mouth. Dani asked Gary could she ask him some questions. LOL She asked him, “who the f does he think they are and who the f does he think he is”, for him to be trying to sale them some BS and pass it off as fudge. LOL Nevertheless, Gary was still proclaiming his undying love to Andi and swearing that he is being set up. Still yet, Dani wasn’t trying to hear any of that, by the way she was cursing him smooth the heck out.

I love me some Danni because she always keeps it real. She might have been making some jokes about the other ladies’ situations, but she is a great friend. I actually feel like the ladies don’t give her enough credit and treats her pretty bad sometimes. For instance, in this episode, they were at first supposed to meet up at Danni’s home. Then at the last second, they switched it up to Sabrina’s home. When Danni asked what’s wrong with her home, Karen being real short with her, said it’s not the time to be getting sensitive.

Then I was thinking like how long is it going to take for Karen to let the ladies know about what went down at her crib? She done shot the crazy woman’s brother, who was sent by the mother. Not to mention, Zac getting stabbed and finding out that the police might be looking at the crime scene as a possible homicide. Now, Karen’s mother did do her best to “clean” up the scene by removing the body. LOL And speaking of cleaning up, this fool Zac was up there in Karen’s home cleaning or should I say attempting to clean up the blood left behind from his own wounds. While he’s tidying up the place, Aaron pops up looking for Karen. In the middle of the two men arguing, Zac blames Aaron for the attack on Karen since it was his ex-brother-in-law who attacked Karen.

On top of that, during their discussion Zac finds out just how much of his business, Karen has been sharing with Aaron. This of course pisses him off. Aaron who says, he’s not trying to insult him, mentioned that he knows Zac wasn’t helping Karen out with the bills, because he doesn’t have a good job. LOL Hmmm was that or was that not at least some type of shade? LOL But what had me cracking up was how Karen got Zac cleaning up her home and running errands for her when he doesn’t even have a car. Karen asked him to bring her a change of clothes from her house, over to Sabrina’s house, as if he has a ride. LOL But thank goodness Aaron did show up, so that Zac didn’t have to call an uber driver right.

Now finally to Calvin, Sabrina and Maurice. Calvin and Sabrina seem to be getting along quite well right now. Maurice, after being treated and healing up at the hospital, can now go home. Calvin even went to visit Maurice after he was released from the hospital. Maurice still has some bruising upside his head but overall, with him making everything about jokes, including sex, you can tell he is feeling so much better.

Despite feeling better or not, Calvin wanted him to put all jokes aside. Due to Calvin’s fathers’ being gay, he can empathize with what happened to Maurice. Hence, Calvin didn’t think anything was a laughing matter. As a matter of fact, his surviving father is throwing a drag party in remembrance of the passing of Calvin’s other father. Maurice agreed to come to the party, which he doesn’t yet know, is actually a fundraiser to raise money for him, from him being attacked.

But how do y’all feel about Sabrina and Calvin’s relationship? In episode 2, Calvin revealed to Sabrina that he is in love with her. Additionally, after Maurice’s attack, Sabrina claimed to the ladies that she would not be judging him anymore. So, does that mean that she is now going to be cool with using her toys on her man. Let us not forget that Calvin likes to be pleasured from the back, the wayyyy back. LOL I personally still don’t know if I would be able to pull that off with my man. I understand being all open minded and what not. But I still don’t think I can share my toys with my man.

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