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BMF Black Mafia Family Review Season 1 Episode 3 “Love All, Trust Few”

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Here is my written review of BMF Black Mafia Family Review Season 1 Episode 3 “Love All, Trust Few”, along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

At the beginning of the episode, Pastor Swift aka Pastor Snoop Dogg, the family’s Pastor, paid a house call to the Flenory’s to pray over their son Terry. But did y’all notice how their father, Charles, was paying close attention to how Passa was squeezing his wife’s hand. I was like oh Lord don’t tell me the wife is sleeping with the Passa. Because it was quite obvious that Pastor Swift is too touchy with the

ladies. Pastor Swift, who was actually looking like Passa Pimp, was supposed to be praying for Terry and his eye. When he probably should have been praying for the Flenory’s finances situation. Still not able to keep up with the mortgage, Charles tried to work out something with the bank.

While Meech had already granted them a miracle. Well not actually a miracle, if you ask their parents, who have been refusing to accept his dirty money. Lucille didn’t even know that the mortgage had been taken care of by their oldest son. When she did find out, she knew better than to tell her husband. But, as her husband, was misdirecting his anger towards her instead of Meech, I really felt bad for her. It wasn’t her fault that Meech paid the mortgage behind their backs. So that his family didn’t get put out on the streets. Now that Charles is gone, do you think he’ll return back to the house after his dramatic exit?

I’m not sure of what’s to become of their marriage. As far as their sons, Terry when later hooking up with Meech, suggested that they start splitting their profits in half. That is, since he’s the one out there shedding his own blood in the streets. The producers took us back to their younger years when the brothers were fighting over food. Meech was being greedy by eating up most of the food. And because of him not sharing half of that meatloaf sandwich, Terry started up a fight with him.

Growing up they did everything together. From having each other’s backs to getting in trouble together, to even getting spankings together. So as far as Terry was concerned, if he’s going to be getting shot and losing half his vision, he deserves half of their earnings. Which is rightful so. That throwback scene set us up for the deal the brothers were going to make later on in the show. Just like when they were kids, Terry again demanded that they split everything 50/50. He also demanded that he be shown more respect from Meech on down to their corner boys.

But the brothers were behind on paying Pat back for their last reup. And even though, Pat might be good on his threats, harming them would be bad for business. Therefore, Pat gave them a 6-day extension to pay up, if they didn’t want any trouble. So, not wanting any beef with Pat, Terry once again presented the idea of them slangin’ down near the factories where they could possibly bring in more money. At that time, Meech really didn’t have a choice, being that they were pressed for time and money.

It did actually sound like a great idea. But first Meech decided to assign B-Mickie to the factories, just to see how much if there was a big demand for drugs in that area. Because just like any other business, legal or not, it’s all about the supply and the demand. And after hearing Meech mention B-Mickie, Terry was wondering why he didn’t visit him at the spital aka the hospital. But is it B-Mickie, that he needs to be concerned about?

On the other episode Pat had given Meech a warning or maybe we could call it a lesson.

“You got to do whatever it is that you got to do to protect your shit ‘cause the vultures and the wolves are comin’ nucca,” Pat told Meech.

So, do we have a mole amongst “The 50 Boyz”? I could not believe that Kato was working with Lamar. Even though it seemed as if she might no longer have a choice. Evidently this “good-faith” deal was made before Kato even started working for the brothers. This “good-faith” deal is in consideration that if Kato tells Lamar all the ins and outs of the brother’s organization. If she can do that, Lamar promised her that they both will get paid. Now, I know that the drug game can be a dog-eat-dog world. In saying that, I hope that Kato is smart enough, not to put all of her trust in Lamar.

Shady Detective Bryant lied to Detective Lopez about knowing Jay-Mo, who’s murder Lopez is investigating. Captain Ward also made an announcement of their new division head. Marceline Beckwith, from the Michigan state police has just been assigned as the new division head. So, now including the Flenory file, every one of their drug cases will now have to go through her.

Along with Marceline Beckwith, also comes the beginning of DRANO. Which is the Down River Area Narcotics Operation. Besides Detective Bryant, the department is attempting to dismantle all of the drug organizations. The Flenory brothers did happen to get wind of that, thanks to Detective Bryant tipping them off.

But in the meantime, and between time, “The 50 Boyz” done found a big demand for their product, and a lot of new customers over by the factory. Almost immediately with the use of Fonzo’s food truck, business was booming once again. It’s always amazes me how quickly entrepreneurs will risk their livelihood to allow drugs to be ran through their businesses. For Fonzo, getting Meech to pay for his $500 food truck permit. Plus, being offered that much money, on a weekly basis. That was such a good deal to him, that even that apology from Terry was no longer needed.

By the end of this episode business for the brother’s was running smooth again. They were able to pay off Pat, who Meech caught getting high on his own supply. Which is definitely not a good luck, nor good for business. But what’s next. Jay-Mo and Filmel are out of the way thanks to D-Mickie killing and Lamar. Leaving Lamar able to put his crew back to where it once was before he got locked up. So does this now mean, that “The 50 Boyz” has got to relocate from the area near 12th Street.

Even if that is the case, neither Meech nor Terry are even sure that Jay-Mo was the one that shot Terry. Terry has a hunch that Lamar could have been behind his shooting and Filmel getting monkey stomped and dog walked within an inch of his life. Then Lamar even showed up at the hospital to threaten to finish him off, if Filmel didn’t leave town.

Lamar, who for at least right now, also seems to be back in good with Mo, who told him last week that Zoe was not his daughter. In my Maury, voice, Mo told him “You are not the father”. Despite that, hopefully Meech was not doing too much pillow talk with Mo. The last thing the brother’s need is somebody else helping Lamar to try to infiltrate their organization.

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