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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF Black Mafia Family: Season 3 Episode 8 "Code Red".

LIVE REVIEW OF BMF Black Mafia Family: Season 3 Episode 8 "Code Red". Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

The show started off with Meech and his crew at the club, being entertained by strippers. All except Angel, who now seems to be Glock’s personal stripper. Meech who was trying not to appear fazed about Angel moving on, showing out, made it rain all over the stage. Which automatically pissed off Glock, who quickly took off with Angel. Angel being led away, was looking back at Meech, as if she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

The stripper, Lucky, just knew she had some good head game. Good enough to totally remove that ‘siddity-bitch’ stripper Angel, as she calls her, from out of Meech’s system. Her head game might have been good. Just not good enough for Meech to take on a new relationship.

        Lucky asked Meech, “So now that you done got that siddity-bitch Angel, up out your system, it’s me and you?”

        “With a name like Lucky, you might be good to have around. But I don’t got time for no girl right now”, Meech replied.

Lucky who sort of reminds me of Ashanti, found out real quick what time Meech was on. She was good enough to suck him off. But not impressive enough for him to hold her down. Besides Meech was still dealing with so many other things on his plate.

By this time, even though BMF is dealing with a lot of sweeps and raids from the A to the Lou, you would think that they were used to it. Except for now the difference is that the cops are trying to sentence every dope dealer to federal time. All of this is going on while Meech was attempting to work out a deal with Remi, by way of Claude.

Claude sat down with Meech to discuss getting the dealers to go around Remi to get their product. In fact, one of the biggest hustlas that they needed goes by the name ‘Sharp’.

        Claude, knowing how hard it might be to get Sharp onboard, explained to Meech, “Look I got people looking for better weight, who are willing to go around Remi to work with you. But the big cats we need, like this nucca named Sharp, gonna be a little harder to convince. Shit as far as I can tell, he’s down to help Remi take back Techwood from the MKs.”

Too bad the plan didn’t go as well as Claude had wanted it to. I don’t know how, but Remi must have found out about being backdoored by Meech. Claude was working on finalizing the plans for the meeting, when Remi walked in. Remi who interrupted everything, sliced off Claude’s tongue with his knife, before plunging it into the side of his neck.

Meech not yet, informed about Claude’s demise, not only needed to secure new clients, but secure his product as well. Therefore, he met up with a mechanic who knew how to create secret compartments to conceal anything illegal, inside of vehicles.

It was after that meeting, when Meech realized that Claude was dead. During another night out at the club, a waitress delivered to Meech’s table, a big bowl of ice with Claude’s head contained inside. Then after having a heated exchange with Remi, Angel snuck up on Meech outside the club. Attempting to warn him that Glock was about to come for him, she was almost dismissed. That was until Meech understood that Angel wasn’t with Glock just to get back at him. She really wants Meech to be safe.

        Being transparent, Angel said, “Meech, I’m not effing with Glock to hurt you. This ain’t about you. It’s about me surviving the best way I know how.”

Hugging her, he wished her the best in her new endeavors. Since she’s planning on moving to Miami to work at a different club. Did he take her warning seriously though? It doesn’t seem like it. Because after leaving the club, he met up with Crystal and the other stripper.   After enjoying them, while Meech was getting dressed, he was met with fire. Somebody had come in and was shooting up the place.

Fortunately, Meech survived the hit, with the shooter landing outside the window, on top of the roof of somebody’s car. Duffy told him good though, that from now on, he needs to keep his head on a swivel, and his finger on the trigger. Because it’s obvious that Glock is no longer playing with him.

Officer Vince paid Tee a visit at the restaurant to threaten to report him to the IRS. Out of his desperation and jealousy for Markisha, he’s trying to move Tee out of the way. Not realizing that he’s coming off as pathetic. Still yet, with all the extra work that Tee is moving, they need to make sure their books are booking. LOL

After visiting Sam at the store, Tee comes up with a new strategy to clean their money. Convincingly, he was able to sell his idea to Sam. And along with Sam’s help, he was also able to take Henri’s clients away from her. With that, if they’re successful, they’ll be able to continue bleeding Henri dry. That as well as, using the lottery scheme to allow them to clean money, without putting so much pressure on the restaurant. Markisha, who was so proud and impressed with Tee making moves without Meech, was just beaming with pride.

        Once Tee again explained the lottery scheme to Markisha, she said, “Look at you, calling the shots. You never care about flash and attention. You just get the job done. You even got Henri, who’s a heifer, running around with her tail between her legs. I’m serious, babe. You do so much better without Meech calling the shots.

Detective Bryant, distraught over the loss of his son, was still blaming Meech, Terri and Henri. He’s blaming everyone for his son’s untimely death, but himself. Detective Jin, not willing to pacify him, told him it’s time to stop wallowing at his own pity party. Given that it’s not going to help bring either Kevin or Cobie back. So, he needs to get up, take a shower, and get ready to put in some work.

First on the agenda was to find out who else might have played a part in his son’s death. Staking out a location in the hood, they came across Tyson, who happens to be Henri’s right hand and cousin. According to the guards at Juvi, Tyson signed in right before Kevin got his protection, and right after he lost it.

While the detectives were making plans for revenge, Henri’s Uncle had just made her day. Her Uncle has never liked how his brother has treated his niece. Blazes disdain for Henry, seems to have started after his wife died, while giving birth to Henri. Ever since then, Henri felt abandoned by him. Especially during the times, she’s needed him the most. So, coming through in the clutch, ‘Unc’, possibly saved her life from the Chaldeans. By giving her enough money to pay back her debts.

Later on, Detective Jin, while Bryant was beating the breaks off of Tyson, was working undercover again. Almost being discovered by other policeman while talking to Henri, thinking quickly, she wrapped her lips around Henri’s. Ole Henrietta was looking as if she had just fallen in love for the very first time.

Looking into Henri’s eyes, Jin asked her, “Have you ever been with somebody like me?” Henri in return said, “Well I dated this half-Chaldean honey, but it didn’t work out.” Because the love, evidently, died. Literally. LOL

Unaware of what was really going on, Henri was under the impression that Jin was really feeling her. Instead, Jin was just trying to do and say anything, to not get her cover blown. After managing to not be noticed, Jin ended up at Herni’s home. Over some glasses of wine, Henri noticed Jin’s burn scars on her arms. As a matter of fact, for a brief moment, I thought that Jin was actually about to go all the way with Henri. That was also when we noticed a different side of Henri. A softer side of Henri, who was very disappointed that Jin had to all of a sudden, leave so abruptly.   

Now let’s sum up this review by discussing some other “relationships”. Lucille is still waiting on the Lord to tell her if she should except the Assistant Pastor position from Pastor Flemming. However, she wasn’t waiting on the Lord’s permission to be romantically involved with Dr. Maurice. Even though she’s still seeing the good doctor, Lucille was trying to support Charles at the same time. Especially if she can also bring Maurice to see Charles perform with the church band.

While they were trying to figure out their differences, their daughter Nicole was out ‘studying’ with her new boyfriend Breeze. She has been meeting up with him behind both of her parents’ backs. Tee after leaving the store, spotted her in the back seat of a car ‘studying’, as Nicole likes to call it. Mannnn, Tee must have snatched Nicole up so fast that he had to have knocked one of her pin curls loose. LOL

Tee, after pulling his sister out of the car, smashed all of their drinks on the ground. Breeze acting like he didn’t understand why Tee was so angry, told him to chill. And for the life of me, I don’t know why he thought he could do that.

        “Bruh, chill”, said Breeze to Tee. To which Tee responded, “Boy I will beat the eff out of you til you start pissing in a whole new direction.”

If Breeze knows any better, he might want to find some other shorty to date. If not, he’d better ask somebody about the Flenory boys. Not only that, how long will Nicole be able to hold off on sex. I’m hoping long enough for that birth control that her mother forced her to take, starts working.

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