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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 7 "Get 'em Home".

Updated: Apr 21

LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 7 "Get 'em Home". Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook,

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Sooo Meech for the meantime has settled down in the Lou. Or at least he’s attempting to. LOL With plans of at first, flooding the Southside projects with his pure weight. Then taking over the entire Lou with his product.

Meech, Keeya, and J-Pusha were all at Carondelet Park, playing baseball with J-Pusha’s lil bro, Carter. Carter who is headed for the major leagues, was making a big impression on our boy Meech. But before Meech could really get schooled by Carter, Booker done snatched him up, behind J-Pusha selling him some bs weight. Now, whereas Booker didn’t plan on killing Carter, he ain’t playing about his money either. Not only does he want some decent weight. He wants a refund as well. And he needs it now. Not now, but right now! Unless J-Pusha wanted to see his lil bro push-ing up daisies. Pun intended. LOL

Despite Booker threatening to cut up his brother into pieces, J-Pusha was being hot headed, not trying to pay him a single dime. And we saw where that got Carter. Booker sent a box to J-Pusha and his family, with one of Carters fingers in it. Even after that unexpected package, J-Pusha still refused to accept Bookers terms. Which made me think, how was his little brother going to deal with him, after he made it out alive. Because had it been my sibling, oh we would have definitely be beefing after that.

Thank goodness though, that Meech was around. I mean somebody had to come thru thinking with a level head, to form some type of plan. Had it not been for Meech coming thru in the clutch, Carter would have been all cut up into pieces inside of a tackle box. Because Booker had already killed Franklin and a few others.

Meech came up with the plan to have his bro Tee send some weight up his way, to use in exchange for Carter. Tee, of course, wasn’t feeling that idea, calling Meech, ‘Captain save-a-bro’.

        Tee went on to ask Meech, “Why do you keep inserting your nose in other people’s business, instead of focusing on ours?”

In spite of his feelings, Tee finally got the product delivered. Meech was then able to catch up with Dewayne, one of the kidnappers. Who after a little bit of pressure and losing one of his own fingers, finally gave up the location of Carter. And after rescuing Carter, Meech still gave some of the credit to J-Pusha.

Miss Esther asked Meech, was he the one who saved her son. To which Meech replied, “Well, me, J and Keeya, we all did it together.” So, needless to say, I believe J-Pusha will be forever indebted to Meech.

Back in the D-town – While Tee was at the restaurant making plans to pay for all of Dizz’s funeral expenses, Uncle Rodney done loaded up a bunch of guns for them to use on taking out Henrietta. And did y’all hear that ish? Henri is walking around the hood wearing Dizz’s jacket. Tee’s crew is ready to lay her butt down. But Tee doesn’t plan on it being at the expense of anymore of their mother’s losing a son.

        Tee asked them, “You want your family to grieve? You, you want your pops crying over your casket? You want to tell your moms what kind of flowers you want on your plot? Cause that’s what war mean, more funerals.”

Tee was still attempting to go over Henri’s, with her father’s blessings. Being that they are both growing very tired of Henri’s antics. Tee, thinking that they had a deal on the table, now knows that is not the case. Especially after Dizz was torched by Henri. Still yet, just like before, Blaze warned Tee that even though he doesn’t agree with his daughters’ theatrics, he won’t stand by allowing Tee to harm her.

Seeing now that there is no deal to be made, Tee says to Blaze, “Too bad, you’re going to let Henrietta destroy everything you worked so hard to build. And you keep saying you don’t approve of her shit. But if you are not part of the solution, then maybe I start looking at you as part of the problem.” MESSAGE!!

After having another chat with Blaze and sending work down to Meech, Tee met with some local hustlas. Not any hustlas though. These guys were all copping their product from Henri. One of the guys even mentioned that although Tee’s offer seems really attractive, he’s not trying to get torched for making an enemy out of Henri.

Seven grand less per key than what Henri is selling is an awesome deal. That is, until the prices go back up, after Henri is gone and can’t pay back her connects. They really didn’t have a choice in the matter though. Since Tee was about to run or at least try to run Henri out of business. So, one by one the men shook on it with Tee, to seal the deal.

Jin and Bryant – But back to Jin and Bryant. Will Jin really be able to get to Henri and make her pay for Cobie’s death, as well as many others? I’m not so sure. With Lenny’s help, Jin made her way into Henri’s spot with no problems. In her next scene, she’s dressed up in a blonde wig, looking very attractive. At least to Henri’s eyes that is.

        After Lenny leaves Jin with Henri, Henri says, “I’ve never seen anyone like you, mature, ready for the plucking. To which Jin, replied, “I can teach you a thing or two baby. And, uh, I’ve never seen anything like you before, either.”

I’m telling y’all that I was laughing my butt off at Jin’s response. Because I don’t think any of us has ever seen ANTHING like Henri before!

After spending money at Henri’s spot, Jin headed over to Russell’s to discuss with Bryant what the heck they are going to do about Henri. We get a look at Bryant who is was looking defeating. Not only beat up from Henri’s goons. But also beat up from life. He’s been fired from his job. He’s still reeling from the fact that his son, Kevin, is no longer here. And that crazy psychopath Henri, is still walking around tormenting the living.

The good news is that Jin’s first interaction with Henri went well. So, well, that Henri even wants to see her again. I only hope though, that Jin is not getting herself into something that she can’t pull herself out of.

Last but not least Lucille, Maurice, Charles – While Lucille was getting ready for work, a delivery of flowers was being delivered to her. I could not believe how bold Dr. Maurice was to send flowers to the home that Lucille still shares with her husband. Of course, Charles couldn’t either. LOL Reading the card, Charles realized that Lucille was meeting up with Maurice for dinner later that night.

Seeing Lucille looking all giddy over the flowers, Charles told her, “Enjoy the filet mignon. I hear it’s small.”

Acting appalled that her husband read the note that accompanied the bouquet, Lucille made it clear to Charles that she doesn’t belong to anyone. She is her own woman.

        “I’m not some trophy and this ain’t no contest. I have given everything to everybody, and I ain’t got nothing left. I will be loved because I deserve it, not because y’all want some childhood grudge match”, she told him.

As much as it seems like Lucille doesn’t want them fighting over here, it appears that ole Dr. Maurice is winning. At least for now. The two of them appeared to be getting along nicely at the restaurant. With Lucille taking advantage of his lips, as if she’s trying to suck all the skin off them. And at the same time, between breaths, telling Maurice that she doesn’t want to rush anything. LOL Mixed messages much.

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