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BMF Review Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “See It…Touch It…Obtain It

Here is my written review of BMF (Black Mafia Family) Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “See It…Touch It…Obtain It", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

This show BMF of Black Mafia Family is based on a true story. Just like the Power franchise, this show is also under the production of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The show is about two Detroit born brother’s, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Tee” Flenory. Meech and Terry or the Black Mafia Family and BMF for short, started building their drug empire as teenagers. It depicts a story of the brothers managing to dominate the drug trade in Detroit city by the late 1980s, expanding nationwide until an FBI bust in 2005. Yes, this is another trap house, drug dealing, money flipping, coke distributing, bullets flying, bodies falling, Kingpin, type of drama series.

Yet unlike Power, it’s also based on a true story of the actual Flenory brothers, and their criminal drug dealing enterprises. Lil Meech, is actually playing his very first role, which is the role of his father Big Meech. I love that 50 Cent saw fit to have Lil Meech play his father. And from first glance, it appears that he’s very comfortable in his role and with who he’s portraying. It’s very possible that Meech’s delivery of his character will stand out more in this series, than any of the other veteran actors on the show. So as with others before him, such as O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s, playing his father, Ice Cube in Straight Outta Compton and Mario Van Peebles’ in Baadasssss, I can definitely foresee more roles for Meech, Jr.

Opening Shot: A disclaimer says that this story is “loosely based on truth,” and while many of the names and situations have been fictionalized, “a lot of this shit might have actually happened.” Then we see a quote from Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, saying that the hustle was the only way to get his family out of poverty. There’s a picture of the real Meech with his brother Terry.

The show starts off in Detroit 2005 with Meech coming home from a three-year stint in prison. During his older scenes Big Meech is being played by Jon Chaffin, who is well known for his role in Tyler Perry’s “The Have and the Have Nots”. As well as other movies, such as Blindspotting (2018), Amelia's Closet (2016), 96 Minutes (2011) and Jack Squad (2007).

The first person Meech runs into was Rollie-Roll. Roll who was obviously awaiting Meech’s arrival was excited to see him home. Meech understood the assignment. That man who was fresh out of jail, clean shaven, and already had his hair braided nicely to the back in cornrows. He also had on all the labels of that time, including being dressed in a floor length fur coat. Along with some really big and expensive jewels, like they flossed by in the day. That gold and blinged out pendant hanging from one of his ropes, that said “BMF” in big letters. The piece was bangin, as we use to say. And just like what normally goes down in the hood, Meech came home to a big ass block party in celebration of his release from jail.

In the midst of everyone getting their party on, Meech who was standing across from the house he grew up in, started reminiscing.

“Given everything that’s happened, people always ask if I had any regrets. Truth is, I don’t. I mean we gave up a lot, a hell of a lot. Being back across the street from where we grew up, made me remember just how much”…Meech.

From there, the producers take us back to the ‘80s and into the lives of Meech as a child. That scene opened up with Meech, his brother Terry, his father Charles, his mother Lucille, and his little sister Nicki. From what we can see, Meech and his brother, grew up with some very humble beginnings. They had peanut butter, no jelly, ham, no burger, cereal, no milk, and Kool-Aid, no sugar. LOL

The Flenory brothers came from a two-parent middle-class family. Meech’s parents, both were hard workers, trying to keep the bills paid, and food on the table at the same time. Yet, not enough money was coming in, for them to be living comfortably.

Their parents living from paycheck to paycheck is what led to Meech and his brother Terry into finding other means of income. And not the kind of income that you get from working at Wendy’s which is where Meech’s parents assumed he was working. At first Meech didn’t have it in mind for his little brother to be slangin’ with him. But seeing the eagerness, in his brother’s eyes, he brought him right on into the folds.

“Letting my brother in the car with me that day, led us on a journey beyond our wildest imaginations. We built our family as we chased the American Dream and lived like f*cking kings. Partying, travelling, smashing honeys, eating good and rocking fly shit in the coldest whips and cribs around the globe. I ain’t gone lie. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a mofo thing”….. Meech.

Moving forward to the late ‘80s. Meech and Terry has done a great job so far building their drug empire. The name of their crew is “The 50 Boyz”. But evidently the moves they were making was encroaching near the turf of another crew called “The 12th Street”. So, trying to work something out, Meech decided to meet up with 12th Street, at the City Championships game.

Figuring with all the police and metal detectors, no guns will come in to play. Except for Terry’s, which he snuck in with the help of one of the staff members. The brother’s tried a negotiations tactic, but to no avail, 12th street was not there to negotiate. They were instead, ready to start dropping bodies. It didn’t help either that Terry pulled a gun out on them. So similar to what happened with Raq in “Raising Kanan”, Meech gave up a corner, to squash the beef. At least for now.

Back home at their parent’s home, Meech and Terry has a disagreement about bringing guns to the meeting. As well as getting punked into giving up a turf. Which meant giving up over half of their earnings. They have a product that is much in demand. But they are buying it on consignment from Pat (Wood Harris). Making it much harder for them to maximize their earning, until they are paying for it outright.

The brothers happen to be making good money, and it shows from their wardrobe, their jewelry, to the Benz’s that they are driving. Yet, their parents are still living on the struggle, barely able to keep up with the bills. Seeing his little sister upset about not having money for the Boblo trip, Meech offers to pay for it.

The idea of that was quickly shut down by their father, who wouldn’t dare accept any of Meech’s dirty money. As a matter of fact, at that time, they didn’t even realize that Terry was also slangin’. In one moment, their father was condemning Meech for hustling. The next moment Terry was being praised for continuing his education, and possibly being on the honor roll. Their mother was ecstatic at the thought of him graduating and being able to provide for his child.

Upon hearing that, Meech dismissed himself from dinner. It bothered him that his father looked down on him, when his brother was hustling right beside him. But he kept silent, knowing that would devastate his parents if they knew the truth. But it didn’t matter. He was on his way out of the home anyway. The gun that he told Terry to get rid of was found by his parents. Again, he kept silent, to keep the heat off of Terry. Terry tried to intervene, but nonetheless, their father after hemming Meech up in a chokehold, told him he had to go. Not even Meech having the money to bail them out of their mortgage crisis, could change their father’s mind.

On the other side of town, it was going down at Big Coney Island Restaurant. Jeremy, the cashier was getting his face smashed against the counter by Lamar for no longer selling any “loose” burgers. And we could see the 12th Street crew observing and being truly entertained by Lamar.

But not only was Lamar pissed about the burger. He was angered to find out that Daniel aka “Duka” had moved to another restaurant in Lincoln Park. So, after beating up on poor Jeremy, Lamar had a message for Duka.

“You from Ecorse Jeremy? No. When you Duka you tell him that Lamar Silas is back in town. And the next time I’m back in here, I expect things to go back to the way they were”, threatened Lamar.

Later Lamar, visited his baby momma Mo (Kash Doll), expecting to visit his kids and getting back in where he fit in. Too bad though, because Meech was already upstairs in her bed taking care of Mo, in that department. As well as taking care of Lamar’s kids. After leaving Mo with a necklace to give their daughter, Lamar returned to his car, where he was smoking and listening to “One Love” by Whodini. While chilling in his car, he noticed his Mo, walking Meech out of her house. At the sight of his baby momma being with another man, he drove right into Meech knocking him off his ass. Then warned him to stay away from Mo before he peeled off.

The next time Meech saw Lamar, it was at Club Taboo, where a party was being thrown by Pat. Nothing went down though between the two. Meech and Terry were more focused on convincing Pat to provide them with more drugs.

Everybody who was anybody seems to have been in attendance. Them 50 Boyz, including Kato (Ajiona Alexus) was dressed to impress. I actually haven’t seen Ajiona in anything since she played the younger Cookie Lyons in Empire. But yes, they were looking hella fly and flashy. My girl Markaisha Taylor (La La Anthony) and her husband Boom were looking really sexy as a couple. Throughout the entire club, all you could see was furs, silks, labels, and blinged out pendants and medallions.

It was obvious that each person in the club understood the assignment. All except, Lamar, who had on a do-rag and a what looked like some dickie gear. Hell, it looked like he could have had on a jail jumpsuit, just blue instead of orange. LOL I mean, he just stood out like a sore thumb.

Again, nothing went down between Terry and Lamar that night. Then we see Kwame’, who Terry got into it with at school. Kwame’ must have thought that it was the perfect time to confront Terry. But not wanting to make a scene, Meech rolled up and squashed that shit real quick.

But after speaking to Pat, they might as well had made a scene. As far as the coke, he told the boys this ain’t no 40-yard dash. Even though the brothers are Pat’s biggest earners in the entire state, he’s still holding back from increasing their product flow. Which could have been because he’s been in the game so long that he’s probably aware of them stepping on their product. That and the fact that they are renaming the product, and as well.

“God don’t give you more than you can handle. As far as our relationship is concerned, I’m God.”

Neither Meech nor Terry are cool with being limited on supply. So as Terry has been suggesting, they are about to start getting their own product outright from someone else. Along with Pat’s earlier advice. Which was for Meech and Tee, with the help of that shady Detective Harris to continue encroaching on 12th Street’s turf. The brothers are determined to take over the game.

“F*ck being bosses. We gonna be kings, Tee. Kings of the mofo D, man”.

Two days after the arrival of Terry and Wanda’s baby boy, the brothers were to meet up with their new supplier. Terry probably would’ve made it there on time, had they not been at the hospital. Then right before he was about to leave, Wanda sent him out to the car to get the baby’s pacifier. I don’t know if Terry was getting too comfortable in his environment, his status or what. But while not paying attention to his surroundings, somebody was able to step up to him and put a bullet right to his head. Is there a war on the way already? We shall see.

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