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BMF Review Season 1 Episode 2 “Rumors”

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Here is my written review of BMF Black Family Mafia Season 1 Episode 2 “Rumors”, along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

After her son, Tee, got shot, Lucille and her husband, of course blamed it all on their other son Meech. Which according to Detective Harris, at this point was just an “attempted carjacking”. When he knows it most likely had nothing to do with stealing a car. Meech knows that as well.

After sending his crew out to gather more security for him and his family, Meech hit the streets, running. I cannot believe that he literally brought that gun into the hospital, with no regard of getting arrested or killed. Although he found no answers there, he was grateful to find his brother alive.

Once Meech left the hospital, he was looking for blood. The first person he pulled up on was Kwame’, the guy Tee got into it with at school. And again, at Pat’s party. Meech really put a number on him, busting his mouth open and everything. Not showing any of that bravado he was directing at Tee, Kwame’ put it on his momma that he had nothing to do with it. “Square bidness”, Kwame’ told Meech. Which is one of the phrases I remember from back in the day. Kwame, swore, that he wouldn’t shoot anybody, let alone Tee. Even if he didn’t have anything to do with it, like B-Mickie said. Meech should not have pressed Kwame’ in public. Especially in broad daylight. No matter if he was trying to make a point that the 50 Boyz are not to be messed with.

Lamar paid a visit to slick to find out what the hell happened to their crew, since he got locked up. Slick claims he held it down, as much as he could. Despite his efforts, their crew still fell apart.

But from what Lamar was telling Slick, some dude by the name of Jay Mo was the one who shot Tee. Was he being truthful though, is the question? Or in retaliation to seeing Meech leaving from his baby momma’s house, Lamar actually shot Tee. Then put it on somebody else to throw Meech off his trail. And that’s how the rumor of Jay Mo shooting Tee started spreading like a wildfire all through the hood.

I love how the producers at that moment decided to insert the song “Rumors” by the Timex Social Club. Rumors was at the top of my favorite songs in the ‘80s.

“How do rumors get started, they're started by the jealous people and

They get mad seein' somethin' they had and somebody else is holdin'

Tell me that temptation is very hard to resist

But these wicked women, ooh, they just persist

Maybe you think it's cute, but girl, I'm not impressed

I tell you one time only with my business please don't mess”

After Lamar started that rumor with Slick, he headed over to his daughter’s school. Attempting to get her to leave with him, he was stopped by a school official, who threatened to call the police. It’s obviously true, that what dude from 12th Street crew, said about Lamar at the Big Coney Island restaurant. It was something to the effect, that Lamar is still mentally institutionalized. Did you hear the way he started hollowing at the moon, when Mo told him that Zoe wasn’t even his child?

“I got neighbors, my nucca. Man, shut the f*ck up”, Slick warned Lamar.

And perhaps, I am right on assuming he might have had something to do with Tee getting shot. He was too quick to throw at shot (no pun) at Mo, regarding her messing around with Meech.

While Meech was ordering his crew around to get more security, and move their stash, he needs to secure the stash house. Kato could have seriously been injured by that dope fiend that attacked her at the stash house. During the altercation, the bag of dope burst and flew all over the room. From the powdery substance, Kato, and the swerve both, looked as if they had both been doing a little baking in the kitchen.

The next person Meech rolled up on was Filmel, who went for his gun right away. Meech is on the wrong turf, so that gesture from Filmel, would be expected. Meech was trying to find the easiest way to get revenge for his brother, without too many bodies dropping. While B-Mickie looked at Meech as if he was weak for not killing Jay Mo. Even without any proof.

Meech told him, “I ain’t doing a mofo thing, until I know the truth”.

“What happened to that King of Detroit shit. Show me a King that never dropped a body on the way to the throne. Nucca, I know for a fact, if somebody had tried to kill my mother, I’d been scorched the earth by now”, D-Mickie replied.

It was that response right there, that should have made Meech realize that B-Mickie, was underestimating his street credits.

I wish Meech, would have thought of a better plan. One that included what to do with B-Mickie if he ever got out of line. There’s always one little Indian trying to be the Chief in every crime organization. I saw it coming from the beginning. And B-Mickie had the nerve to tell Meech about dissension being amongst others in the crew. I guess he forgot to mention himself.

Now back to Lamar, who is running around town, angry about losing his corners, and delirious about getting back with Mo. Thanks to Slick giving Lamar a little advice, he had the motivation to write some letters to Mo. Of course, Mo doesn’t realize that Lamar was lying about righting them during his prison stint. So, she thought the letters was a real nice gesture, even from Lamar.

In writing those letters though, to Mo, was it just to get Mo back. Or maybe something even bigger. Lamar might be crazy, but he is also very cunning, and deceptive.

It was a nice play, to get Meech contemplating whether Jay Mo shot his brother or not. Then Lamar took out Filmel, making it all appear as if Meech might have killed Jay Mo and Filmel. As a matter of fact, could D-Mickie and Lamar be in cahoots with one another to take out the Flenory brothers.

All along, Meech just wanted to know who shot his brother, without starting a war. But sometimes the streets, make their own plans. And unfortunately for their parents, neither Meech nor Tee are willing to give up those streets so easily.

Their father Charles has had enough and told their mother Meech has to leave the house for good this time. Little sister Nicki is in a tight spot right now because she knows the truth. I just hope she won’t be severely punished for lying about not knowing that Tee was in the game.

I think Nicki, however, will keep a tight lip about both of her brother’s activities. Afterall, they are both looking out for her when their parents can’t afford to. Is it bribery? No. To me it’s just big brother’s making sure their siblings are straight.

Do you believe that D-Mickie will fully turn on the brothers?

Will Mo, end up providing Lamar with intel on Meech?

Now that both Jay Mo and Filmel are out of the picture, thanks to D-Mickie and Lamar, who’s gonna take over the 12th Street corners. Meech or Lamar?

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