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Greenleaf Review Season 5 Episode 7 The Seventh Day

Here is my written review of Greenleaf Season 5 Episode 7 along with the link to my live review of the episode from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube. Thank you.

Sooooooo on the last episode Grace stopped by Darius’ home after he left her a message that he done found some info on Bob and Edenvale Lending. They finally found somebody to vouch for the tea that Yusef Shabazz had given them. But when she got to Darius’s home Fernando showed up and threatened her to leave well nuff alone and quit snooping and digging around. And we all thought that Darius was in danger since he went M.I.A. But instead, he had been taken to jail. The cops pulled him over and then gave him some trumped up charges, talking about he was high on pcp and he resisted arrest. So, Grace bonded him out of jail and then took him to the impound to retrieve his vehicle. Chiiiiiile I just knew Darius was somewhere tied up in somebody’s creepy, wet, smelly basement. LOL

And Mae done turned down Bishops proposal to get married asap. Since Bishop will not agree to paying off Tara hush money per say, Lady Mae decided to make him wait till Flag Day to get hitched again. Bishop is totally against giving Tara anything because any amount of money or land will make people assume that he is guilty of something involving the tampering of that will.

And AJ done decided that he is going to stick around and help Bishop put that Pontiac GT together, in order for him to have the car. But a few episodes back, I was wondering what was Bishops real purpose to try to keep AJ around? Was it for him to get to know him more or for them to develop a bond? When they went out to the barn or shed or whatever that is, Bishop asked AJ was he ready and willing to give his life over to God, since he didn’t do it when he was younger, and he didn’t do it in prison. So did Bishop try to keep him around to make sure his soul was saved before God breaks thru those clouds? IONO if that was his main purpose but for right now AJ isn’t ready for all that.

And on the other side of town Philip and Judee was at the church waiting for Bob Whitmore to arrive so that the church can be demolished. And who happens to be there with them, ole disease carrying Fernando. LOL Then Grace and Aaron showed up with a temporary injunction to stop the demolition while the judge reviewed their claims of real estate fraud. And were you shocked to hear Fernando say that he along with City on the Hill kept no secret of them being associated with H&H. He is claiming that Kerissa and Jacob knew all along that City on the Hill had business with H&H. Now I can totally believe that Jacob had no idea but that darn petty, cheating, disease transferring Kerissa. Hmmm

But after everything that Kerissa had done to Jacob, from stabbing him and his family in the back, blackmail, cheating and bringing home a disease, how could he not believe that she might have possibly known the truth, that Fernando was involved with H&H. As soon as he asked her, did she know about that when they sold Fernando their land, that cat had her tongue. LOL Mannnn if he gets back with Kerissa I’m just going to throw the entire past 5 seasons away. LOL

But then Grace and Arron got some new tea. They went to visit the source who basically had knowledge of H&H and Edenvale that can back up what Yusef Shabazz told them. And this new source just happened to be the actual old caretaker, Otis that thought he would be handed down that property. But finally, finally, we find out what we have been waiting for. And that was who the heck is this Mrs. Davis and what did she have to do with Darryl James? What was their connection? Why did she leave him that property? Now some of us did suggest that Darryl could have been her man or her lover. But I would have never thought it would end up being her son.

So now who the hell knocked up Mrs. Davis and gave her a biracial son? Was it Uncle Mac or was it Bishop?

Remember Bishop has been holding a secret of his own now? When Bishop heard the juice from Grace, he started shaking and looking all weird and crazy talking about he should have known and to get Tara and Rochelle over to the crib asap. But if that is their grandmother, was the will really tampered with? Or is this a setup by the hands of Rochelle. Do y’all think that Rochelle set it up for Otis, this caretaker to say that Mrs. Davis is their grandmother? Is Tara involved as well? Has Tara been lying to Mae?

And while they were all at the crib discussing that matter, Charity done summoned up all the church members to meet her at the church. If the Saints wanted to know the tea on what’s really going on with Bob Whitmore, H&H and Edenvale Lending, they would have to get to the meeting asap. So, now they all had to rush over to the church, with Rochelle just a fuming because she doesn’t want the land or the house. Rochelle was only, so she says, determined to find out the truth. She wanted to know what really happened to their father. Who really murdered Darryl James?

Well one thing Darius found out was that Edenvale made promises to people, but if they even missed one payment, they would lose their property. Ain’t that jacked up y’all? All those struggling back homeowners got hoodwinked by Edenvale. They gave them all loans, predatory loans that is, and snatched their homes up if they got one month behind on payments. But of course that was in the very fine print of the contracts. Bob needs his butt kicked and all those people need to be reimbursed their money for the price of the loans and their homes if you ask me. LOL

And now Bob is trying to clear his name & Edenvale from allegations of targeting struggling, black homeowners. And Philip was sitting right in the front of the church alongside Judee, listening to Bob try to put all the blame on Philips mother. Philip honestly did not know what part his mother played in the scheme. His mother really thought she was helping other black people. But instead Bob was using her to bring in other black homeowners. She was the face that they saw. Her signature was on their paperwork. They trusted the company because they trusted Philips mom.

And Bob was even trying to put the blame on others, even on Bishop James. But Bishop started to explain to the church that the only reason they have the church is because of him receiving the house and land from Mrs. Loretta Davis. After he was given the property, he then used it as collateral to build the church. And Bob was standing there with a big smirk on his face just knowing that after Bishop finished explaining, the light will no longer be on him. And I think Rochelle finally believed Bishop when he said he had nothing to do with tampering with the will.

But Chiiiile y’all saw that Jacob had to sit down when Bishop said but that’s not all he has to admit to. I felt bad for Bishop because he is blaming everything, even the church being turned over to Bob all his fault. But by the time Bishop was done, Philip was like Bob you got to leave, you and your crazy as a bat daughter Judee. LOL

But why did I know that Philip was going to come crawling back to Charity? But I did not think it was going to be literally right after the meeting. LOL Was he really serious? Boy did he have some balls! He must have chased Charity down in that church so fast, to ask her to go on a date with her the very next day. He was like you didn’t deserve the treatment that I gave you. When she got all up in his face, I was like you better not take him back Charity! Because you know why he is really trying to get back in like Flynn. Because he still wants to Pastor that church. And as of right now he’s definitely not going to be Pastoring any churches of Bob’s, H&H’s or the Greenleaf’s. LOL

And later that night after Lady Mae got all dolled up in her lingerie, she told Bishop that they can go ahead and get married. But Bishop was looking all distressed as if he was having a heart attack or a stroke. Mae was then like she’s going to call 911, but then he asked her to get him a pen. Wasn’t that so sweet? He just had to write her a note as if it might be the last words he had the chance to say to her. He wrote I do, and then lied back against Mae as if he were dying.


Do y’all think Bishop died or will he survive whatever is ailing him right now?

Do yall think Grace and Darius will get back together? Yall saw the big ole sloppy wet kiss they gave each other?

Do yall think AJ will end up giving his life to God after being a witness to what just happened at the church. Or maybe once he finds out what happened to Bishop.

Do yall think Rochelle will finally let it go about the death of her father? What about Tara. Rochelle only wanted the truth but Tara wants the property, or at least she did want the property.

If Bishop dies do y'all think charity will be head Pastor or Grace or Lady Mae or Jacob. It definitely won’t be Philip that’s for sure. But what about this scenario? If Bishop does die maybe it’ll be too painful to keep the church and the house for Mae and they wind up giving both up anyways, and possibly the house will end up going to Tara after all. Hmmmmmm

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