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Hulu's "Woke" Review Season 1 Episodes 1 - 4

So the show starts off with Keef having what seems to be a great day. He found out from his publisher that his Toast & Butter Comic Sketch is going to be nationally syndicated. He even has a photoshoot that went really well, except for the fact that they have his photos looking like 3 shades lighter than he was. He later meets up with his girlfriend Trina at her place, and they discuss plans of living together. Although Keef has two roommates, and plans to move out, he hasn’t broken the news to either of them. His excuse to his girlfriend is he doesn’t know how the men will take him moving out, as if they can’t make it without him. Or that they will miss him too much.

The next day he's handing out and posting flyers of his Golden Con appearance for the National Syndication of Toast and Butter. And out of nowhere, he gets thrown to the ground, by an overly aggressive police officer. They had him all confused with the wrong man. The were looking for a mugger but apprehended Keef instead. His roommate Gunther, who happened upon the incident, even tried to get the cops to let Keef go. But to no avail, even being a white man, the white cops were going to finish what they had started. After that traumatic experience, Keith heads home, but first stops at a liquor store. In the liquor store is where his imagination starts running wild. He imagined different objects talking to him, two 40 ounces, his black sharpie, an antique object on tv program, and trashcan. The antique object on the tv program was telling him how racist the world is, and that he needs to face it, and stand against it.

Soooo later when he had to appear at the Golden Con, with his friends, his girlfriend, employer, everybody, in the audience, he flips the hell out. His black sharpie starts talking to him at the podium, telling him “You can’t go out like that. Because I won’t let ya. The fog has been lifted and the lines have been drawn, and it’s time to make your mark”. Seeing him looking all bewildered, his best friend Clovis is telling him to maintain bro, maintain bro. What really set him off was seeing a white man dressed up in a burnt toast costume with a black face, saying that people don’t see color in the Bay Area. Then on top of that some people at the event had no idea he was even black, and it didn't help that his actual photo was much lighter than him.

People were actually thinking that a white man was the creator of Toast and Butter. Like what kind of message were they trying to send across?. Next thing you know he done flipped his lid, talking about slavery and Jesus. The poor man was up there also being harassed by the imaginary characters that were speaking to him, his black sharpie, and an animated butter and toast. To the audience it looked as if he was cursing and punching at the air. That man was up there with a mouth full of a cardboard cutout in his mouth! And it got worse. He also ended up breaking up with his girlfriend Trina because he was shutting her out. Being that he didn’t believe that she as a woman would understand the traumatic experience he had been through, he shut down on her. His own friends had to tell her what was going on with him. And if that wasn’t enough, as he’s walking home, he’s approached by the real mugger. The mugger recognized Keef because the incident went viral. And what does the mugger do next, he turns around and mugs him as well? He said he felt awful about what happen, because it was really him, that they were looking for. And them he robs Keef! LOL But all he got was like a bus ride card or something like that.

So with that total meltdown, he totally blew his chance of landing a great contract at Bloom and Hill Syndication. All because he freaked out at his presentation. So at the advice of his roommates, he showed up at Bloom announced, pretending as if the Golden Con never happened. LOL Cindy was about to lose her wig because he was really acting as if what had happened, didn't happen. It's time to move on with the national syndication, he said. Bloom explained to him how you must be "Ordinary" like John Legend for at least 10 years before you become woke. Before he starts popping off in public like he did. And it didn’t help him at all that the incident went viral. LOL So not only did he not get his job back, but he now has not one, but two viral videos’ out there. LOL

Keef then decides to hook up with Ayana to get her to take the video down of him clowning at Golden Con. She refused, but it was too late anyway. By the next day, there were memes of him all over the internet. So, he heads over to a comic shop and tries to work on sketches to take back to Bloom to try again to get his job back. The second time he showed up announced, the security ha put a pic of him at the front desk to alert people not to let him in. For the Golden Con event, his pic was 3 shades lighter, but for security purposes, why was his pic like 3 shades darker than he was. I think in a comical way, they were trying to make it seem like, you know what they say, "dark is worst that light". So they made him appear darker, like he was really a negative person, who shouldn't be allowed on the property. After sulking all the way home, from everything going on, including his breakup with Trina, he gets a pep talk from his roommate Gunther. Gunther, high and tipsy, does his best to give him a pep talk. He was telling his something about some stars, and alignments and being at the right place at the right time type of stuff. He told him “You can’t fight the wave. It’s the thing that carries you from who you are now to who you are going to be”.

After that good ole pep talk from Gunther, and from hearing all those voices in his head, he drew another sketch, which was a little more controversial. The next day, he hands that sketch off to Ayana at like a new sneaker release event. He requested her to run it for him in the paper. At the sneaker event, when introduced to Ayana, Clovis was instantly attracted to her. But neither of them ended up being able to get into the event, because they had sold out. Upon arriving home, Keef, is later served by Bloom and Hill, with a cease and desist. Bloom own the rights to Toast & Butter and if he put out any more work, they will sue him. In exchange for the nice syndication contract, he done gave away all his rights when he signed that contract. And if it couldn't get even worse, they even demanded their advance payment to him back, which he done already spent. LOL

So, he needs a job asap. Keef is so broke that he even has a raggedy sofa bed for his bed in the apartment that he shares with the fellas. Needing some type of income, his roommates suggested that he does Uber, or ride share. And one of his Uber gigs was to drive 40 miles across town to pick up some sneakers that Clovis wanted to gift to Ayana. And his own bff didn’t even tip him for the service. LOL Just dirty! LOL But while ubering for money, he met a rich white lady, who after some small talk, invited him to her party. Some of her friends are in the art world. So, she figured maybe he could make some connects, and get inspired at the same time, while catching the essence of the party for her. But since he needs to keep ubering for money, he says no, until she offers him $400.

Meanwhile, while Keef was at the party, across town, Clovis was stalking Ayana. He ordered those shoes she wanted and had Keef pick them up. Then Clovis stalked her on IG to find out her location, to surprise her with the shoes. But not only that, he thought that because of those expensive shoes, she would go home with him and thank him properly. Not! She saw right thru him and was not to be bought. Instead she took the shoes and said she will send him the money by cash app or venmo. But she only gave him $59.99. LOL On top of that, did I mention that she’s a lesbian, so he doesn'’t have a chance in hell with her anyway?

Any who when Keef got to the party, he soon realized that he was the only black person at the party. Among other things that he saw, or heard, were two weird white ladies, Marigold and Patience. And did y’all see Patience drooling all over him? She definitely had the hots for Keef. She must have tried to follow him and sniff behind him all night. Later in the evening he met a white lady named Adrienne. He and Adrienne hit it off really well. While chit chatting, Adrienne told him that she senses some business opportunities for him. He then said, "ohhh like Black People for Rent". LOL And from that he got some inspiration from the party to do another sketch. That sketch though was of a "Black People for Rent" logo. LOL He was advertising street credit, good times, and diversity, all at your service.

In episode 4, we saw that after his finished drawing his sketch, he was also inspired to reach out to Adrienne. She came over and spent the night with him. And when departing the next morning, the roommates, who had no idea she was even there, was like "who the f**k is that"? They were also in hopes that it is just a one-night stand. And on top of that his roommate Gunther, thinks that it’s an extremely horrible idea of Black People for rent, especially because of how some white people felt about owning black people, and some of them still would probably love to do that today. LOL

While the fellas were sitting around at a Chinese restaurant Clovis noticed a lady he had seen before, who he is attracted to. The fellas were not so convinced that she would give him the time of day. So, he approaches her full of boldly, just full of himself. He told her he wants to buy her a drink but not too many, because he doesn’t want her to make any bad decisions. She was like well that makes the both of us. He continued to tell her that they should go back to his place, where he can pour her some Rose’ and play some Trey Songz and tap that ass, respectively. I thought she was going to slap the taste out of his mouth. But instead she started laughing hysterically in his face and said get the f**k out of my face little man, with your little wannabe mini-me James Harden motherplucker. LOL I was hollering!

But what Keef didn’t expect, was all kinds of racist white people calling him up to really rent black people to “diversify” events. LOL Somebody even called in saying that want a black basketball playin’, watermelon eatin’ black man. Then they show this little boy looking at one of the Black People for Rent flyers and asked his mom can he get one for his Birthday. She was like is that a movie? LOL Then she said ok, but don’t ask me for nothing else. And of course, because of that Ayana thinks that they have a story. She wants him to hang up even more posters for the “cause”. But that roommate Clovis is a whole fool. He done had a big box of t-shirts personalized with the Black People for Rent logo, and then got matching socks, headbands, sweatbands, a whole dang outfit. Clovis wanted to dress black people from head to toe who wants to be hired, while Gunther was suggesting to Keef to stick to just sketching regular cartoons. LOL

But Keith, also didn’t foresee what would happen next. Now black people are saying, "He’s using the struggles of black people for his artistic gain". Not only that, but one day Adrienne spent to the night, and in the morning, she threw on one of those t-shirts to walk around in. He must have looked at her as if she has got to know that she shouldn’t be walking around in a shirt like that. She totally had no clue. Keith said, "It’s not you, and it’s not the shirt. It's you in the shirt that’s the problem". LOL So, because of that and the backlash, he stopped by Ayana’s to tell her to cancel the story. Ayana said, “why because some white girl you are sleeping with wore the shirt”? I was like how the heck does she know? Come to find out she had the same problem with her ex white girlfriend who tried to wear a BLM shirt. LOL

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