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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 6 “Casualties of War”

LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 6 “Casualties of War”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook,

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So, at the beginning we saw three separate funerals going on. One for the little boy from Techwood. To which Meech also attended. Not to really show condolences to me, like he said. But more so to send another warning, that this will continue, if Remi doesn’t stand down. Did Remi look like he was ready to concede? Nope.

After Meech walked away, Remi turned to Claude, saying,

“From this point on, it’s on sight.”

Another funeral, of course, that was being carried out was for Bryant’s son lil Kev. I still can’t believe that Kevin had to go out like that. Then for Bryant to have to see Terry across the way attending the funeral of one of his crew. Bryant, being led by that lower lip of his, stormed right over to Terry, pushing him into the grave. The grave that I’m sure Bryant wished was meant for Terry.

        Before Bryant put his hands on Terry, he told him, “My kid shouldn’t be in the ground. And he damn sure shouldn’t have to share the same soil with you people.”

Kicking dirt on top of Tee after he fell into the grave, Bryant was in no way trying to take any accountability in this episode for any of his own actions. That led up to the death of his son.

And it was then, while Terry was lying in the grave that he decided that it was time to put an end to the beef. Considering, it had been 5 recent funerals almost back-to-back, he couldn’t bear any more casualties of war.

Detective Bryant and Detective Jin – Thanks to Detective Bryant still freelancing and making moves in the street, while being on suspension, he's now unemployed. But not only that, since Jin was also disobeying orders, by freelancing, she is now suspended, like Bryant was at first.

Bryant, after hearing that he was fired stormed up into Henri’s place, punching out every guard that stood in his way. He was ready to blow Henri’s chest out.

Seeming to appear out of nowhere, Blaze with his gun pointed at Bryant’s head, told Bryant, “I might not understand my daughter. But I sure as hell won’t let you spray one in her chest.”

To which Bryant replied, "My kid’s dead because of her.”

Unless Bryant wanted to join his son on the other side, he had better stand down. And that he did. Henri’s father nor his guards planned on killing Bryant. Needing to teach him a lesson, though, they did however, put a pretty good beating on him. Before dumping him somewhere on the street.

I’m sure that Henri was feeling like everybody just keeps trying her patience. Not only Bryant, but Henri was still pissed off at Tee for running around claiming to be the King of Detroit. When her manly self claims, that she doesn’t want to be the King. But a dragon instead, a fire breathing dragon. Tee came in peace ready to talk to her man to man. However, Henri, in no sort of terms, wants to end the war with BMF.

        What Henri told Tee was, “Understand me when I say we can’t be allies, associates, damn sure not friends. Ain’t no world in which we paisanos. Only reason I ain’t wiped your ass out already is because I’ma have fun taking it breaking BMF, the ultimate prize.”

After not being able to get thru to Henri, Tee decided to pay her father Blaze, the cop turned drug Kingpin, a visit. Even though Blaze ordered his daughter to make peace with Tee, Henri was not trying to hear that shit.

After speaking to her father, Henri’s guy asked her, “Did you peep how Tee and Dizz were looking at each other when Tee came to talk to you? So, what them two tight.”

It was at that very moment that Henri knew that something was up with Tee and Dizz. And unfortunately, we saw what happened to Dizz. Dizz didn’t even have a chance to realize that he was about to die by a fire breathing dragon that goes by the name Henri.

Down South in the “A”, Meech and his crew were also mourning the loss of their guy Rip. Both Tee and Meech are trying to come up with a way to put an end to their losses. So, when Meech attended the Techwood boys’ funeral, he noticed that it seemed like Claude wasn’t exactly feeling Remi’s tactics.

While having a drink with Duffy, Meech told him, “Look, we get Claude to get Remi on board and take him out from the inside. Then we make an alliance with the Techwood boys and take out the MKs.”

Between the North and the South crew, the brothers had a lot going on, including the beefs. What I’m sure Meech didn’t expect though, was to also have an issue with his lovely neighbor lady, Ms. Watson. Looking at Meech’s car, she made a comment about how expensive his car looks, for a young guy like himself. Not trying to reveal his real source of income, he just told her he won the lottery.

        Upon hearing he won the lottery, Ms. Watson said, “Well then you won’t have any problem paying a gardener or buying a lawn mower, because HOA has strict lawn blade height requirement.”

        Not one to be reprimanded by a ‘Karen’, Meech questioned her about her own height requirements. “Mm, so do you have a height requirement for all those men coming in and out your house to d*ck you down while your husband gone, Meech asked her?” Through gritted teeth, she replied, “Cut your lawn.” In response, Meech said, “Wash your sheets”. LOL

But back to Remi. Although Remi believes that it will work more in their favor if they take out Meech and his crew, Claude is absolutely against that idea. He feels as if teaming up with BMF would make them a force to be reckoned with, invincible.

        Trying to convince Remi, to change his mind, Claude said, “We need to make a smart play and cop that pure shit from Meech and charge more. Even if we step on it, that’s still enough green for artillery and foot soldiers.

        Remi, irritated, replied. “Then he’ll have us hooked for life, same as them fiends we sell to”. Plus, he still have some deaths and a follow-you-home to avenge.

Before sitting down to enjoy dinner with his crew, Meech asked about Laz’s whereabouts. Duffy believes that the Red Dogs might have caught up with him. Meech also, told Tina that between the club and the store, they need more clients. And whoever Tina brings in, he needs Duffy to make sure they are vetted before they get down.

Later as Meech and Tina watched on, the Red Dogs hemmed up Duffy as well. Then tried to sick one of the dogs on Meech and Tina. Meech was fortunately able to get away. Now he has to find out what’s going on with Lazuli, Duffy and Greeny.

But come to find out, thanks to Angel’s seduction, she was able to find out that Greeny had been picked up by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Due to Greeny’s dealings with thugs, dealers, killers, etc etc. From what Angel found out Greeny after being picked up implicated Meech for shooting Big Mike. And they just impaneled a secret grand jury. And GBI is now looking for Meech. Then while discussing this with Duffy and Angel, Laz falls in saying that they were trying to get him to flip on Meech on some BS murder. Meaning Meech needs to get low and stay low and stay low. So not only is the Red Dogs coming for them. But the Red Dogs, the DA and the GBI. And let’s not forget Remi and Glock as well. LOL

After making sure his crew had the info for Ty’s old lawyer, Meech packed up and headed to the Lou. St. Louis that is. His boy J-Pusha is already set up out there and ready for Meech to join him. For some reason though, I have the feeling that even though Meech has left, his ATL crew will face some heat in his place.

Charles, Lucille, Dr. Maurice – Seeing that Lucille doesn’t seem to be anywhere closer to forging her thoughts of Dr. Maurice, Charles vows to put his family back together. Which I hope he’ll hurry’s up and do soon. Because their daughter Nicole seems to be having a really hard time adjusting to their separation but not separation. That along with trying to figure out what’s going on with her and her guy friend. And the pressure of her mother trying to force birth control down her throat. So, that something doesn’t come out of her stomach.

Then we still have Lucille meeting up with Dr. Maurice. Charles is still trying to keep the hope alive, despite seeing his wife looking all beautiful preparing for a date with the doctor. But because he appreciates her being honest with him, he agreed to give her all the space she needs. To figure things out. And when he told her that, I just couldn’t help to think will this make him want to step outside of his marriage again.

But while Lucille and the good doctor were out on a date, they were called back to the house. Lawanda was in labor and needed Dr. Maurice. Lucille, of course, was not upset about the interruption. But somebody else was. LOL Markisha was looking at Terry crazy all upside his head. Knowing that any man would want to be there for the birth of their baby, she should have relaxed. Instead, she was pissed because he left her to find another way home from their date.

After seeing her behavior, I must ask myself. Was Markisha in fact the one behind the CPS calls on Tee and Lawanda. I didn’t think so before. Neither did Tee. Meech on the other hand is convinced it was Markisha. So, now I’m wondering with her acting more jealous with each passing day, did she call CPS. Let me know what y’all think about that.

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