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LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 4 “Return of the Prodigal Son”.

Updated: Mar 31

LIVE REVIEW OF BMF: Season 3 Episode 4 “Return of the Prodigal Son”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

Mannnn the Flenory brothers know they were slanging their tails off this past episode. As if their life literally truly depended on it. And it probably did. Along with their reputation and street cred. Considering either a language barrier or maybe even a setup played a part of this equation. Be it as it may, those boys were able to do the impossible. At least for some, it would be damn near impossible to get rid of that many drugs in such a small amount of time.

They did, however, manage to move every last brick, along with the help of the North and the South. Teamwork makes the dream work. LOL But I’m not even going to lie. When that pilot told Meech that they needed to pull over to that diner so that the pilot could use the restroom. I just knew it was about to go down. Not only was Bryant still on their tail. But the two police officers who pulled up after them was looking at them, like they just knew something illegal was in the van.

But wherever or however Loco found Captain Ian the pilot, he found a good one, a loyal one. The pilot was able to get the attention of Meech off their radar. To instead, focus all their attention on Bryant. Thanks again to the pilot. So, for now Meech and their teams are safe, in addition to their connect being pleased. Coupled with everybody getting to live to see another day. To make another dollar.

Now on the other hand Bryant wasn’t as lucky. I don’t know what all they will charging him for, if any. For one, he claimed to be a police officer. Which he is. Although, one who had his badge and gun taken away, since he is under investigation. That of course could be a charge right there for trying to tail, harass, or arrest somebody, when he’s not on active street duty. This on top of Jin already pissed off at him.

As a matter of fact, when he went to check on her, she said, “Well, you must have been transporting something pretty important to need the PA Boys and BMF following you.” And he had the nerves to say, “I came back to save you. I didn’t have to, but I did.” To which Jin replied “Eff you Bryant. What do you want? A thank-you?" LOL

Jin is determined to find out what he has been up to. Or what all he has been involved in. And when she does, she threatened to hand over a full report to Garr. In return Bryant made some threats of his own. If she does hand over information to Garr, he’s going to alert them how she helped him replace two bricks of cocaine with synthetic Benzos. Considering tampering with evidence is still a fireable offense.

However, for that reason alone, Jin, was already one step ahead of him. She done managed to swap out the fake bricks for the real ones, after she found Saints stash next to his body. So, what do you got next Detective Bryant? LOL

Whatever his next move is, he’d better make it a good one. Because a patrol unit found the torched ambulance that was sold at an auction to a guy named Lenny Edwards. Who Jin and Amberson were actually able to catch up to and make an arrest.

More importantly, though what’s next for Bryant when it comes to Henri? At the time that Henri was waiting to hear word back from Bryant, he was being taken in by the police. After hearing that he was not picking up his phone, she said, “I knew I couldn’t trust that bald-headed bastard. End of the day, he’s a cop, just like my pops.”

Also, let's not forget that, earlier in the show Henri had already warned Bryant.

What Henri actually said to him was that “This shit needs to run smoothly. Hate to have to pull your kids protection.”

Given the recent turn of events, I do fear what could be happening. Or what is going to happen to his son Kevin, who is still locked up in Juvie.

Real quick though. Let’s discuss Markisha and Terry and the C to the P to the S. Now how many of y’all really think that Markisha might have had something to do with CPS being called on Terry and Lawanda? How many of you believe that she is innocent. Well despite Terry believing Markisha. Meech, on the other hand thinks that she is in fact the one who called CPS. I had mentioned last week that I think she or Henri might have done it. But y’all tell me your thoughts on that.

Fortunately for Lawanda and Terry, during this episode, Markisha was able to convince Judge Darnell into getting the case closed. Let’s not get it twisted though. She could have caused the situation and resolved the situation at the same time. Resulting in keeping her and Terry close. Close like they were before he heading to his family dinner. LOL

Mrs. Flenory and good ole Dr. Maurice – So last week, we saw that Lucille did end up calling the doctor to meet up. Charles knows what he got at home, and he also knows how attractive his wife is. But so does Maurice. So, I had asked y’all if you thought that Charles was too late in trying to win her affection back. Will Lucille be totally smitten by the good doctor. Smitten enough to do something ungodly, like giving up her goodies.

Then this week, we see that after Charles discovered the check that his wife received from Dr. Maurice, he’s walking around glistening, looking all good. He’s pumping iron with the door open, so Lucille can see him. Heck he’s even trying to fix up the house again by finishing up some drywall. To which Lucille said she thought she would never get to see. You can tell that he feels threatened by the presence of the doctor. Charles said, “Ain’t it interesting that a man who was always feeling you suddenly rolls into town when we separated?”

Is it a coincidence that he just rolled into town? I’m not too sure, but Lucille made her way back down to the doctor again. This time, allegedly for a birth control consultation for Nikki. LOL Anything to see ole Maurice. Now don’t get me wrong. Nikki probably will eventually need some birth control.

Because lil Nikky was doing a lot this episode right. Mannnn my mother would have smacked my butt down right there in front of Breeze. He was talking about next time I’ll show you how to handle that joystick better. LOL Still yet, if Nikki needed some birth control, Lucille could have at least considered seeing another doctor. Especially with the strong attraction and sparks flying between those two. Lucille is just asking for trouble.

As we saw towards the end of the episode when she paid him another visit. This time around, they both caught themselves embracing, and kissing, and grabbing all over each other. I just knew that he was about to throw everything off his desk and have her doing something. Or should I say having her doing so many ungodly things. LOL Lucille, however, caught herself before she went too far. Let’s just see how long that will last.

But let me ask you this. Did y’all get a strange feeling when Roland told the brothers that he was out of the game. Thanks to the recent birth of his new baby. Roland was actually quite surprised to hear that neither Tee nor Meech was upset.

In fact, the brothers said, What the hell are we mad at, man? Look, you got your own family to take care. You go to do what’s best for them. Besides you live across the street. We know where to find you if we need your goofy ass.”

And Roland did promise to still be there for their moms and little sis. So, maybe it’s me though. I could be reaching. But something, something. Something, something just ain’t right. It just ain’t right. LOL

Stacks done hit Meech up asking to be brought back into the fold. Again. Being that he had heard that Meech had put Duffy and Diesel on. So, he wants to be put back in as well. And just what excuse did he use to say why he was tripping. That he has been stressing like a mofo. But is Meech really believing all that crap. Because crap is just what it is. Meech said he’ll put him to work, but not for Stacks. For Ty’s widow and his kids.

With the Haitians sitting right next to Stacks, he relays to them that Meech and Terry will be heading back soon.

        After Stacks hangs up the phone, turning to the Haitians he says, “Meech and his brother coming to town. It’s gone be crazy.” The Haitians replied, “Y’all talk shit, but don’t get shit done. God gets shit done, don’t even need to talk.”

        Stacks in return says, “So we got a deal then.” In response to that, the Haitian replied, “You help me kill Meech….and I’ll help you kill Remi.” But unbeknownst to Stacks, the Haitian then said, “Everything is falling into place. Even though this guy’s an idiot. Like a donkey. They gonna learn.”

The Haitians said, "They gone learn today." LOL

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