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Live Review of Ruthless Season 4 Episode 19 “The Ticking Clock”

Updated: Mar 31

Live Review of Ruthless Season 4 Episode 19 “The Ticking Clock”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

We picked back up with Agent Kal escorting Aaron into the Sheriff’s station. With Aaron not trying to hold back on his accusations against Mack. Mack tried to say that Aaron must still be under the influence of the drugs from the camp. Then in total disbelief everyone watched Mack pull his gun out of his holster and blow his own head off. Mack was like ain’t no way in hell I’m going to allow y’all to see me on the other side of a jail cell. After that, Sherriff Conley with his slow to draw self, was put in handcuffs,

before he could put a bullet in Aaron.

Also, Aaron, who knows exactly what kind of situation he has left his wife in, is terrified that she won’t be alive long enough for them to rescue her. That being the case. The way that Agent Desiree was asking Aaron questions, you would think that they didn’t have a clue to all what’s going on up there.

As for the Sheriff, he was then put into the same cell as Andrew. Andrew was totally confused as to why his boss would want to off himself. On the other hand, he was happy at the same time to find out that Aaron was there with them. Certainly, Andrew believed that with Aaron’s help, he could prove that Andrew was also chained up at the compound. Even so, if that didn’t work in his favor, Andrew was glad that they finally arrested the Sheriff who he knew all along was in on everything. Andrew said, "man, I know everything about you". To which the Sheriff responded, "and I know everything about you as well". Including the fact that you were getting effed up the cornhole by the Highest. LOL Why was Andrew still trying to say that the pictures were fake y'all.


The Highest finally has his safe in his trailer to store his money in. Incidentally though, they couldn’t understand why for some reason the instructions for the safe were missing. LOL the Highest was probably thinking like was the damn safe purchased new. Or did they get it from a local pawn shop. In either case, he was asking Dikhan, "where are the instructions for the safe". So that Dikhan could program the safe. Subsequently, Dikhan also had to go see Joan in the finance trailer to get the Wi-Fi hotspot in order to google some instructions.

As a matter of fact, why do I get the feeling that Joan must really like Dikhan. Hence, every time he approaches her, she’s always taking his words the wrong way. He told her, "I need your hotspot". Joan, gasping, talking about Sir. Then she was like ohhhhh the hotspot to the Wi-Fi. Following up with, "well, the Highest is the one that has the password to the Wi-Fi". Yet, still acting delusional Joan, asked Dikhan, "what does he need it for". Because maybe she can help him with whatever it is that he wants or needs. Dikhan was looking at her as if she was the last thing on earth that he would think about stroking.

Additionally, to needing the password, River was also summoned by the Highest. However, before Dikhan could figure out what was going on with River, Lewis was able to free him from the punishment trailer. What I didn’t quite understand though, was why River was so desperate to report the escapees to the Highest. In the first place, he wasn’t even supposed to be in the trailer. Or delivering any food to Peter. As a result, he was then overpowered by both of men, so that each of them could escape. In consequence, I do believe that Lewis was really looking out for him. Asking him do you want to be beaten. Just take your butt somewhere and find you some damn clothes and chill the hell out. LOL

Accordingly, after hearing of Malcolm and Peter’s escape, Lewis relayed the information to Ruth, who said she already knew. For starters, she had already seen Malcolm slip underneath the fence. Nonetheless, it didn’t matter, since the plans have now slightly changed. Granted that Ruth has become aware of where her daughter and the rest of the children are, she’s prepared to leave the camp. That is as soon as they get the money, and the address to the location of the hotel. So long, as their plans runs smoothly. Because if it does, I’m thinking that they will steal the money during the prophecy when the Highest is speaking to the rest of the camp.

With this in mind, they seem to have their escape plan all figured out. In any event, now Ruth must figure out what she’s going to do with the news that Joan just shared with her. Joan who I’m sure was planning to steal the money with Paula and bounce on all of them, just informed Ruth that she had to use her own name for some of the accounts. Then somehow, found herself running out of names. The names of the accounts are under member names, with one of them being under her own name. But even so, what does she mean she ran out of names. When there are a gazillion names in the world that she could have come up with.

So, I was really confused about that. Even more so, the reason why Joan was so riled up was because the account in her name had 1mil dollars in it. While the other accounts only have 300k in them. Whereas obviously if the Highest was to see her name, he’ll assume that she was trying to steal from him. Ruth said to her, "you greedy bitch". I knew I couldn’t trust your monkey ass". LOL In fact, can we just start calling Ruth, the fixer, or calling her Olivia Pope. In all honesty, I know she be like these people get on my last nerves with all their damn drama. LOL Despite that though, to ensure that Joan doesn’t get herself caught up, she demanded that Ruth help her. Short of cursing her out again, Ruth said, "and what do you expect me to do"?

Mannnn what came out of Joans mouth next had me gagging. She said, "do what you always do, you self-proclaimed street bitch. Fuck that motherfucker and make him think you give a fuck". LOL For that reason, Ruth is now not sure about Joan or Rivers loyalty to her. On the one hand, Joan is stashing millions of dollars behind Ruth’s back. While River had promised Peter that he was going to leave with him. Without even telling Ruth anything about it. Therefore, making Ruth have doubts about trusting River to take her with him, once he steals the money.

Albeit I really hope that Ruth is not giving the other ladies any false hope, by telling them that they are going to escape that night. Because in a similar way, they also, have already been wondering about Ruth’s loyalty to them. Especially after Zane found out from River, their plans to escape, which did not at first include Zane. With that said, now Ruth is asking them to trust her, and not to trust Joan. First, Ruth told Zane, Lacey, and Paula that Joan is trying to burn them all down to the ground. Secondly, she told them also to not trust River either. Then on top of that, she told them that they all needed to cover each other. Meaning to watch each other’s backs.

For this reason, that’s exactly what they are doing. As soon as Bridget started snitching to Elder Merva about how badly she had been beaten by Ruth. When explaining to Merva that she had got upset because Ruth was talking to Lewis, a guy who likes her, Zane and Paula came to Ruth’s defense. Zane and Paula stepped in saying that that was not the truth. Zane even asked could she cut out Bridget tongue, in response to her lying to Merva. And to make it sound even sweeter, Paula said that Bridget was really upset with Ruth because she wants to be the bride of the Highest. Elder Merva was like uhhh uhhh we have to go see what the Highest has to say about this. LOL

Then to wrap things up, let’s not forget that the Highest also needed Dikhan to release Malcolm from the punishment trailer to find out what all the Feds have on them. Specifically, their entry report. The Highest wants to know everything that they have on them. So, after Merva and Bridget headed off to see the Highest, that’s when we see that Dikhan has finally realized that both Malcolm and Peter have escaped from the punishment trailer.

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